Thursday, December 22, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............


1)   Riding the subways has not really changed much over the years.  People never made eye contact but, rather, read newspapers and now they don’t make eye contact and cannot take their eyes from their electronic gadgetry.

2)  What are the odds that a judge will reverse the toll increases by the NYNJ PA?   I am open to wagers for all those who vote in the affirmative so I can collect some Shekels.

3)  I am delighted that the webmaster at WFDU (  changed the picture of me on the website.  So, does one tip a webmaster?

4)   Speaking of WFDU, I do hope you will be tuned in this Sunday for both Sunday Simcha and Traditions since we have a really moving Comedy Corner w/ Sally Fingerett (amongst other great material) and a truly interesting mix of non-traditional seasonal music mixed with our usual features---and an extended “Voices We Should Keep Remembering”---Yes=--that was the consensus for the title of that segment.

5)  Christmas is upon us as well as Hannukah.  A holiday made to compete with the merchants for Holiday business---now we also get Kwanzaa and I do believe merchants had nothing to do with that.  SO---Hannukah and the Miracle of the Oil.  I will not repeat the tired joke I have used on the air many a time---just think about your car, gas prices, and---it is obvious.  Alevai!! As the expression goes.

6)   There is a town in NJ where the stores and the people put signs in windows counting down to Christmas starting in late Aug. or early Sept.   You have to wonder how depressed they must get on Dec. 27.  Dec. 26 has fond memories of their dreams still.  Mostly never up to whatever was expected and who knows what that impossible thing was.

7)   When you were a child I bet you, as I, many times were touched by some of the TV specials---Charlie Brown for one.   Please do check out the annual Family Guy show for the holiday.   It will truly touch your curmudgeon heart and, yet, have an uplifting ending since Santa does survive.  Nuff said there---but be alert for one great and corny joke about a Canadian and his leg given to Stuie and Brian on their trip to the North Pole to assassinate the jolly fat fellow.

8)   I am hanging my stocking where it will not be seen because people might think me a transvestite for having stockings----the bras and corsets are OK.  And, Oh those delightful pumps.

9)  My hat---or, better, my Yamulke (as if I wear one) is off to Zalmen Mlotek for his brilliant “birthing”, if you will, of Shlemiel 1 at The Skirbal Ctr. In NYC.   All in English with a wonderful bit of Yiddishkeit attached to some brilliant dancing and musical numbers.

10)                You have to give credit for ingenuity to the fellow who attached a cable to his license plates and flipped them when going through the GWB  EZ Pass toll plazas so they would read the wrong number.   Makes you  want to recall the early protesters dealing with the British Stamp Act.  

11)                Strange how the Port Authority passed that toll increase and now is not using the money for what they claimed it was for.   I am sure the TBTA is no better---and far more expensive trip is encountered when using their facilities.  Rob’t Moses would be proud.


Monday, December 19, 2011


 Since the request for concert and performance announcements was made I do believe it incumbent to now give you a few links to some local venues (some of which are already on the site) and, also, list a few upcoming gigs in this area---this area being NY NJ CT---
First some links:
The Turning Point
Acoustic Cafe
Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club

Those are some of the local venues that will of interest.  More will be added later.  In the meantime here are some upcoming performances in addition to those you will find on those sites that might be of interest--

Pat Wictor-----Place House Concerts--Livingston NJ    Jan. 8, 2012
Tom Chapin---Turning Point, Piermont, NY          Dec. 28/29 , 2011
Hungrytown---Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club              Jan. 7, 2012

We will let it go at these local events (for this area) but do check the websites for those listed for more dates.   More will be added and local updates will also be added.

As to the misc. updates---I do hope you will be tuned in to WFDU 89.1 FM (or on the web---I still wonder who really sits at a computer for this "nonsense" (honesty there) because on this coming Sunday we have a truly interesting SUNDAY SIMCHA planned (no holiday material there--well, just one piece) and a really fun filled afternoon of TRADITIONS.  Holiday music in all its different incarnations along with our usual fare of some great new musical moments in addition to the features----with a special emphasis on one---AND--we have a winner for the title of that segment---Past but Perfect Voices to Remember.

Here is one of them right now----

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Having attended a truly wonderful performance by the amazingly talented and personable Pat Wictor today I was put in mind, by some attendees, of putting more information on this page regarding upcoming performances by artists in that genre.  Good point!  And so it shall be.  Keep looking here for updates for some of your favorite artists and venues such as the aforementioned Pat Wictor, Brother Sun, and ever so many more along with venues like Acoustic Cafe, The Turning Point, and ever so many more---that is what Bing and Google are for.  A fairly complete list will be here in a day or so.

For those of you who attended today's concert at The Orangeburg Library I am sure you were delighted with Mr. Wictor and when you heard his comments (and mine) about Brother Sun you may well have wondered what we were raving and about---unless, of course, you purchased the CD. Well, here is a sample----

If you find them in your area believe me that they are not to be missed. Individual performers in their on right but together---I cannot describe the feeling. Greg Greenway has a stage presence that is not to be believed, Joe Jencks has a voice and a charisma from heaven, and Pat Wictor you, who read this, know what I cannot properly describe about magnetism---and together---it is a truly powerful magnet.

We will get back to NOBODY ASKED ME BUT.. this Thursday (hopefully). Jimmy Cannon, sadly, is still dead but I will try to carry on the tradition as often as possible--one comment to dwell on---

Nobody Asked Me But---Subway manners have not changed. Years back people avoided eye contact and stared that their newspapers---now they avoid eye contact and are glued to electrcnic devices. Safer, I add, than doing it while driving. Another plus for public transportration---though , as it turns out, is not much less than your own car. Check those tolls today. You need a passport and a visa to go from one side of the Hudson to another---and on to Long Island---or is it a mortgage? Yes. the latter since there are no EZ passes for passports which cost even more. No one wants you to leave this bucolic land of plenty--"plenty" as in plenty of red tape, high costs, and, yet, still the best place to be. Some other time we can talk of when tolls were .25 for the TBTA and .50 on the GWB and, of course, houses were not McMansions and priced as if they were Mansions.

Stay tuned for Concer Updates--and radio updates.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Brief Musical & Misc. Comments for a Rainy Tues.

Going first with the musical comments I just want to say thanks to to folks who have e mailed  to let me know that they like the new feature about the voices that we have lost and want to hear again---and requests for that segment are always welcome.  This is in addition to the other features of the program----The Tops in Pops, The Best in The West, and The Thrills of The Hills (and, as always a tip of the faithful fedora to Dave Miller/WPAT/1950s) and our story segment.

This coming Sunday one of the artists will be John Hartford in the segment about voices we have lost.  Be surprised with the others.

As to the Misc. Thoughts. 

Not wanting to sound like Scrooge I do admit to not reading the NY Times "Neediest Cases" anymore since it seems to me that some of them are truly a bit over the top and hyped by the paper.  Yes,  they do bring a tear to my eye---actually both of them.  Yet, if you read the details you realize that there is more to the story as is the case in most articles in the paper---and, yet,  incomparable to the papers that are best used as wrappers of dead fish---we know who those are.

If you want a really good cry do read this past Sunday's NYTimes magazine about the couple who married in and assisted living place while both were victims of a fatal cancer (she died prior to publication).   I am still drying my eyes.

Finally---good to see protest movements like the OWS and all deciding to take a winter break.  Unlike the protesters with singular causes---Viet Nam, WW1 vets in DC, and other single issue protests these folks know about winter cold and comfort----well, once the spring arrives and their warm winter evenings are over I am sure they will be back with another bundle of banter amidst budding blossoms in various park like settings.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to JIMMY CANNON


1)   If you were observant you noticed there was no issue last week---Thanksgiving Day.  If you were observant you may well be Orthodox Jewish---and who know, then, if you are one of the other 2 people who scan this most deep missive from week to week.   Then again, who knows how many of you 2 like $5 words---for $1.95 I can say—“posting” or “read”---as opposed to “peruse”.  Hell, I do not want this to be the NY Post of today---the NY Times is better.

2)  Does anyone here recall when the NY Post was a truly “good” newspaper and held its own against the NY Times?   Think of some of the writers there and name them if you can.   One must say “shame” to Dorothy Schiff for trading in any ideals she may have had for the dollars of Murdoch and the demise of an historic newspaper.

3)   Speaking of “Fishwrappers”---here are some trivia questions—
a.       What was the subtitle of the NY Daily News in the 1940s and years after that?
b.      What was the name of the paper that had Nick Kenny as a columnist and specialized in racing results?
c.       What newspaper did Steve Allen parody with his “letters to the editor” routine?


4) Herman Cain must believe that when there is smoke it is just some vapor and there is no fire.   A great man who does not believe in cliches---well, maybe a few fabrications.

5)   Pat Wictor will be giving a concert at The Orangeburg Library on Dec. 18 (2 PM).  It is FREE ---BUT you do need to reserve a seat by calling 845 359-2244 (ext. 10) since seating is limited and approx. 50% of seats are now spoken for.
6)   TRADITIONS will be featuring a brand new CD from John Prine on the Dec. 11 program---a recent discovery by him of some early recordings.  You will be amazed how the voice has changed----for the better.

7)  I am still trying to understand the reasons people read the NY Post or The NY Daily News unless they feel that the really big news is all about the “trash” that passes for popular talent or, rather, hyped personalities with no substance.

8)  Newt Gingrich is a great choice if you want a philanderer as opposed to a philanderer or a lobbyist who is not a lobbyist but just a consultant. Oh, the hypocrisy of today’s candidates--if you recall the worry about the mentioning of Adlai Stevenson's divorce and the affairs and Catholicism of JFK.

9)  One does have to wonder about the banks and their wonderful commercials that tell you how friendly and convenient they are.  They also conveniently charge you for a lot of things in the small print one does not know about---or care about.   Does it really cost them anything if you are inactive?   Last person I knew who was inactive had a “headache”===I did not charge her a nickel. Then, I am not a bank.

10)                If someone throws a frozen turkey out of a car and you are not hit does that mean you dodged a pullet? If, on the other hand, you have a bible in your shirt pocket and a ham hits you and you survive does that mean that mean survival because of liberal interpretation of the laws of Kashruth-or the mercy of ---well, you know who? I really thought that entity---if there is one---had more important things to focus on.

11)                  Back to the chicken.   Why did he cross the road?   Truthfully, he thought he was a mountain climber and, I quote the chicken,  “...because it is there...”   Admittedly less risky.  Smart fowl.  And the little bugger talked.  Amazing!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)   Don’t you sometimes wonder why a person would just walk into some other people’s conversation and start talking about what it is they want to talk about?   Seems strange that this could be a grown person who, probably, taught his/her own children years back---do not interrupt people unless it is important and then say “...excuse me...”

2)   Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

3)   In this day of promotion and hype and 24/7 nitpicking news coverage one will overlook a pearl amongst the swine---I give you John Huntsman.   My own preference is still the incumbent but I do respect his knowledge and seeming sincerity.

4)   But I need some understanding on this---if a homeless person sleeps in a park he may well be arrested but unfocused “protesters”(to who knows what) get to encamp for over a month it is OK.   Seems like a conflict of priorities here. 

5)  My problem is I do not get to a punchline rapidly----SO—“..If I have your millions Mister---can I sleep in your park..?”

6)  Chanukah will soon be upon us and since it is the “festival of lights” given the miracle of the oil---that small amount lasted all those days---perhaps we might hope for another miracle of the oil as we fill our tanks with almost $4.00/gal. gas and have it last for weeks on end so it will average---you pick a price you like.

7)   A little heads up for a bargain is always good.  Here is your heads up for a wonderful FREE concert by an amazing talent---PAT WICTOR.  He will be at The Orangeburg Library on Dec.18 at 2 PM---BUT you must call to make a reservation because seating is limited.  There is no charge---merely call 845 359-2244 to reserve your seat.  You want a place to your seat and this will be a good place to put your seat on a reserved seat.  Bet they match and fit well.
8)  Here is an idea from a letter writer to the NY Times---sounds good to me:
Re “Beyond Seizing Parks, New Paths to Influence” (front page, Nov. 16):
Officials should designate an area in a New York City park as a public speaking forum for Occupy Wall Street in the tradition of Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in London. Maybe with a designated forum for ad hoc and prepared speeches, a leader of the movement will emerge.
Who knows? The better speeches could go viral on YouTube.

       9)   On the lighter side let me add this final thought as seen on Stephen Colbert last evening---in wonderful bad taste---there is a fortune to made in bad taste t-shirts with slogans such as “...I’m not squinting---I’m Korean.”  Let’s not do away with ethnic humor---it is in the mix as was Amos N Andy—on which I could I write an essay on their pertinence.  George Carlin understood that as did Lenny Bruce.  Not the shock comics of today with no point.  It is in the context of the presenter and any point he/she might make in that context.   That said---Sarah Silverman is one who I still find offensive and pointless but I will give her points for one good line that only a  Jewish woman could pull off----“...I was raped by a doctor---it was sort of a bittersweet experience...)  I am sure it is a paraphrase but I believe you will get the point.

 10) A round number like 10 is always the best way to go out---so a last thought--do not miss a wonderful program this Sunday on Sunday Simcha.    Wonderful music and interesting conversations.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the proverbial fedora to  JIMMY CANNON


1)   One hears so many comments about “our brave Veterans”, “oh, the sacrifices they have made for the love of this nation..” and they are all true.  It would be nice and proper if comments were also made about how they were suckered into a mistaken and falsely explained war by the former administration---and also that many needed the employment. The risks come with the territory of unemployment.  Of course the miscreants of said administration are now cashing in with books and comments of their correct decisions---as if they were facts

2)  Another sad loss in the music community.  The sad and rapid loss of Terrence Martin who was on the way to a brilliant career---and, more important, raising and enjoying his family.  He passed away so young like many others---famous and not famed folks---but in the “famed” department he joins (sadly) Kate Wolf, Phil Ochs, Townes Van Zandt, and more too numerous to mention.

3) Why do some people have the urge (and follow through on it) to post their every move and thought on Facebook---mostly mundane?  Better yet---why do people respond to this nonsense?  Then again there is Twitter so you can even faster and briefer updates on the above.  Yeats, Shakespeare, Shirer, and other writers and memoirists would be proud.

4)  I am certainly hoping you will be tuned in this Sunday for SUNDAY SIMCHA on WFDU at 10 A M ET (or on the web at where it will be archived for 2 weeks).  A wonderful segment about the new Folksbiene Season---AND---an interview with Neshama Carlbach about her, her music, and her father Shlomo---with some great insights by Neshama. In addition wait for the surprises next week---we are on a roll here now in ---Here is the slogan---WFDU—KEEPING YIDDISHKEIT ON THE AIR.   Anyone wanting to ask the station for a bumper sticker and be a proud supporter---go ahead!!

5)   If you recall Steve Allen and his spoof of the NY Daily News letters to the Editor (which was just great) you have to appreciate the intelligent and succinct ones in the NY Times. 

6)  Mario Battalli, the chef with political opinions, is being pilloried for a fairly true statement in which he was not praising Hitler but, rather, denigrating the denizens of Wall Street---OK---he bit the hand that feeds him.  Good for him!  I am glad that I never re-mortgaged the old homestead to eat in his highly priced (not prized—priced) restaurant(s) even though I agree with him.

7)  Has anyone ever noticed the inverse relationship to quality between a film or a book and the amount of time the people involved appear on talk shows?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)  Recording has really evolved---from shouting into a horn to 78s/LPs/ CDs/ MP3 Downloads and allowing artists to “mail” their segments in and let the engineers create the final product.  The final product was better as a recording than a single song download we now get with no thematic thread. 

2)   99 cents for a song (download)---you used to get a 78 rpm record for that price.  I guess the circle goes around---though that had 2 songs and you could use your steel tipped needle to listen and destroy it.\

3) “Folksbiene”---the National Yiddish Theater has some wonderful presentations planned.  Stay tuned to Sunday Simcha to find out about them----you do not want to miss them

4)  Wouldn’t it be best if people could sympathize with your serious problems rather than saying that things could be worse.  They could be but they are what they are.   On the brighter side one should also consider one’s good fortune when a disaster strikes (storms, illness, etc;) and one’s damage and/or pain is minimal.  

5) From tiny acorns mighty Oaks grow and then the get hit with an out of season snowstorm and crash.

6)  November 9th is the sad anniversary of Krystalnacht and Sunday Simcha & Traditions have commemorated this sad event over the years.  Due to the unseasonal weather problems that will not be the case this year but the event will be in my mind and I hope you, as well, will reflect on it.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)        What is it about Psychologists?  Many came from other areas before settling on re- decorating our minds---be it Interior Decorating, Carpentry, and more (I know of them).  Does that make them competent?

2)          A true story of one I know---a former art dealer now expert (?) in people’s problems.  I was in a social group and was about to say something and she said please do not speak since I know what you are going to say and I am tired of it.  My response---“what do you think I will say?” (which, had it been so, was complimentary to someone in the group) and she picked the wrong statement.  She apologized and allowed me to speak..  Wow—what generosity and insightfulness worthy of a totally incompetent “shrink”.  Any wonder why I cannot abide these self appointed purveyors of healing and logic?

3)          I often wonder if life was simpler and better with fewer media choices.   Forgetting “the good old days” cliche since everyone things of past times as such. It does seem that there was quality in the early days of TV. Children had limited choices on radio and geared only for them (at certain early hours). We spent time communicating with each other.  Now we deal with “apps” and constant streaming of all kinds of material that we do not need immediately or, perhaps, at all.  In addition, the children end up sitting in front of some sort of screen for hours if one allows it.  Does anyone really believe that Sponge Bob is a better companion than some live interaction with friends and parents?

4)          We have to enter “lighter note” time so a brief thought---Going to Church or Synagogue does not make you a Christian or a Jew anymore than going to a garage makes you a car.   Baboom!!

5)          I am hoping to die peacefully in my sleep just like my dear Grandma----unlike those 3 passengers screaming in her back seat.

6)          Since I like Gospel music so much I nominate Mr. Cain to be a lead Gospel singer.  A vocation that may well suit him more than being President of anything larger than a Pizza Company---and please do hold off on the Pepperoni and Bullshit toppings as well as the Gracie Allen inspired malapropisms.

7)          This Sunday you do not want to miss SUNDAY SIMCHA at 10 AM ET (on the web at  when we present the quarterly Capitol Steps in an extended Comedy Corner---make sure you have your girdle on to prevent any explosions of your sides.

8)          On Traditions on that same day at 3 PM we start a new feature---your input is requested.  Tune in and find out and also discover some brilliant new artists.

9)          Having read about the rates charged by one Paul Clement for his legal services you have to realize it is just a smidgeon above minimum wage.  Taking on cases one may or may not agree with is a lawyer’s forte---sort of like the Jewish expression regarding Talmudic arguments---Pil Pul.   I won’t venture to give my definition of that in terms of animals that graze in the meadows and their digestive processes.

10)    Are we all not happy that the missing cat at JFK was finally found?  Are we all not also delighted that the cat’s owner who loves the cat so dearly already got another one---to keep another one she owns company?   All I can add is---Hmmmm?


Friday, October 21, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)       What does it say about the Israeli Prime Minister when he negotiates with terrorists and will not sit down with responsible Palestinian leaders from Fatah?

2)       It’s tough to be a leader and avoid emotion but that is what is required from a true leader and not having his subordinates put a spin on it. One of the subordinates I had the privilege of interviewing some time back---sad to think  really believes what he says, albeit in a most erudite manner.
        On a side note, a word of wisdom from the young---13 yr old Grandson on hearing his dad remark how unfair the prisoner exchange was but if it were his son he might feel differently---the grandson's comment---"every boy is someone's son"

3)       When someone says “death is the great equalizer” they are right---good old Muomar crawled into a hole and quivered like all the others he destroyed while living in his palatial places and not giving a damn about people.  Remains to be seen how the newcomers will do---given the history there “pessimism” is the watchword

4)       Is it me or does TV just get worse and worse and worse since the halcyon days of classic programming?  

5)       “Prime Suspect” is not anywhere near the quality of the British version.  Just another 2d rate Detective story now---featuring 2d rate actors and 1st rate actors (Aiden Quinn) in a second rate role.

6)       Over 25 year old Brit. Sitcoms are still more interesting and quality oriented than today’s pack of pap---think of Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By.

7)       Now that Cablevision has deigned to put BBCA on its line-up why is it that it just a re-hash of old 2d rate American programs and WNET and WLIW (the twins of repeat programming) air the quality material?

8)       I finally figured out the real reason that the Chicken crossed the road----

9)        Politicians don’t really want to get out the vote---they want to get out the vote that will vote for them. 

10)Let’s end with a trivia question---in the early days of this nation the Republican Party begat which other party and the Federalists begat which party---that begat another?  Ever so biblical wording in this query.  It all proves what, I believe, old Bill Shakespeare said (forget this Anonymous business)---What’s In A Name.

11)  One last word of wisdom from the young---a 9 year old says that "Practice Makes Perfect" is incorrect---"Practice Makes for Promise".  Good point--whatever is " perfect"  Out of the mouths of babes.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon:


1)      I am still trying to understand what the 99% demonstrations will accomplish since human nature precludes voting your self interests out of existence. Unfortunately hard ball politics wins the day at most time.

2)      Given all the police overtime costs the demonstrations surely will accomplish a windfall for the police and higher taxes if the tax collections are really off.

3)       It certainly seems that sometimes “...more than you need to know...” is true.  Why does anyone need Twitter---to keep up with instant word on one’s totally unimportant information.

4)      Why do people constantly post such nonsensical things on Facebook?  Do we really need to know that you just came home or just had dinner---then the next day we find how the dinner went with that person’s bowel movements---or lack thereof.

5)      In Algebra class the other day the teacher confiscated a rubber band slingshot---it was a weapon of math disruption.

6)      In the early days of TV you had 7” screens (or smaller) in black and white and now there are giant ones in color; so, why would people want to watch a film (or anything) on a tiny smart phone. Is that known as retro in the guise of progress?

7)      Do TV ad sponsors really believe making people using their products look stupid and inept sells the product?

8)      If endorsements by celebs sell products then those who buy into it are really off-kilter.  All that is accomplished is enriching the endorser and raising the price of the products.  I, for one, have a great bridge to peddle once I find an endorser so that the unwashed masses can line-up to purchase it.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon:


1)       Since Jimmy Cannon is always thanked for this idea at the top it would be nice to recall who he was.  Probably the best sportswriter ever to come down the pike and since I am not a sports fan, for the most part, it has to be added that he could write on so many other topics as well---as evidenced by the title of this column.  He wrote for the NY Post when it was a “newspaper” and, dare I be critical now, and not a repository for the wrapping of dead fish.

2)       The new TV season is one that could do well to just leave a test pattern on the screen since it may well have more interest than the programs.  Specifically, Pan Am.   Why knock off Mad Men (which is a quality show) that captures an era and has a great story line and just walk around parading logos---the logos are better than the show.

3)       As to Pan Am---Pan American World Airways (before we abbreviated everything) was truly a great way to travel when flying was still a great adventure and this airline made it even more adventurous.  Today---welcome to the airborne cattle cars and the loss of class and comfort.

4)       A true story of a Pan American World Airways flight from L A to NY with 3 abreast seating and I am at the window seat, a man is next to me (an opera singer he says) and an lady from India on the aisle with her baby.   The Stewardess (yes, that was what they were called) asked for the meal order and the Indian lady asked for fish since she cannot eat beef since cows are sacred in her land,  the “opera singer” orders meat and says to the lady---“ you know we have sacred fish here as well---did you not hear of Holy Mackerel..”  Diplomacy was his middle name.

5)       I have another airline story of the many I have remembered over the years.   Disliking flying, as I do, I had struck up conversations many a time with the flight attendants and one time I mentioned that I am sure they were well trained in helping us evacuate in case of emergency and her reply was “....damned right---to mine own ass will I be true---I am out of here in an emergency...”   Her quest was for finding an eligible bachelor---probably in 1st class.

6)       You cannot choose the greatest performer in history since it is so subjective but I do believe one is able to choose the greatest newsperson ever.  Only one person fills that slot.  Edward R. Murrow.

7)       Here is a religious thought---Atheism is a non-prophet religion.  No plate passing here.

8)       Debates are not really debates anymore; they more like uninformed arguments and diatribes.  Instead of speaking in headlines would that potential candidates would discuss an issue and focus on the nuances of the matters without overlooking the actual facts of a given matter such as executions in Texas and who does or does not have the power to stay them;  what Mass. Medical care laws were really all about and not the slogans about them; the list goes on.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

NOT THURSDAY BUT---Another Editions of................

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon:


1)       There is only one today since there was supposed to be a 2 week hiatus but this seemed rather pertinent and brought back some thoughts that might benefit you should you be in a position to have to deal with what you will read here.

         Having just finished reading the book     “Wendy & The Lost Boys” a particular part struck me toward the end of the book.  I am not going to review this book about Wendy Wasserstein. Suffice it to say she was brilliant, she died at a young age with much suffering and the author captures her and her family quite well.  Warts and all.  What struck me near the end of the book and the end of Ms. Wasserstein’s short life was her final stay at a particular hospital---Sloan Kettering.

           What struck me was anger.   Let’s start by my saying three things---1) Sloan Kettering does have advanced and excellent Cancer treatment programs and 2) I believe that in our capitalistic society “if you can afford it go for it”, and 3) I truly resent their slogan heard many times in “commercials”—“The Best Cancer Treatment Anywhere”(perhaps a bit of a paraphrase).

          So, let us start with #1.   I agree.
           Now to #2.   According to the book (and verified) there is, I believe, the 18th floor which has rooms—VIP rooms done up as posh hotel suites and the services are commiserate with that.  Medical and otherwise.  Again, “if you can afford it---go for it”.
          Finally we get to #3.   This comes from personal experience and will be the first to say that people’s experience color their anecdotal comments.   I will also add that once you have received a diagnosis treatment depends a lot on the care and interest of the medical staff.   Sloan Kettering has, from my experience, proven to be a cold and unwelcoming place that puts their protocol, arrogance (the best indeed), ahead of patient care and sensitivity.  Not, of course, on the 18th floor.  I have no problem with that.  My problem comes when in my own dealings with them (not for myself, I add) one became a cipher and when treatment was to begin was told coldly by the (then) head of radiology when called to ask when treatment would start—“...when I find a slot.  If that does not suit you then try to find another hospital”.  Sensitivity and caring.  Indeed.   You can also take a number at a supermarket and get more diplomacy.
     This leads me to the positive part of this commentary.   Westchester County Medical Center at Valhalla, NY.   While it is true one has to relate with one’s physicians I found there the most caring physicians, nursing staff, and when they see a problem they schedule accordingly and as rapidly as possible   Are they always successful?  Of course not.  Is the treatment state of the art?  That it is.  With the added bonus of a caring and diplomatic staff.
         I am sure there are other places in this          nation that also have such staffs and do not trumpet their brilliance---but not their insensitivity—as Sloan Kettering. Look at the parking fees you save by avoiding the place---unless you go for the 18th floor and then you have a limo driver anyway.
        As to physicians at Westchester County Medical Center I won’t mention them here but should you want some recommendations (w/ special attention to ENT and Radiation) contact me privately.
         Nobody asked me but....., that page really opened a can of long buried worms.