Saturday, January 23, 2010


If you checked the playlist page you were re-directed to come here to see some of the premiums that will be offered for SUNDAY SIMCHA during our fund-raising time in February---the only time in the year we come to you to ask for much needed support for the station and also to support the programming you want on the airwaves.

While we will have premiums for both programs---SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS this posting will list only the ones for SUNDAY SIMCHA along with the guidelines for them:

1) A pledge of $36.00 receives a CD. Each additional $18.00 receives another until a total of 5 CDs is reached.

2) Every pledger over $10.00 receives a station bumper sticker---you supply your own bumper

3) You can call me on Sundays in February between 10-11 AM (202 692-2012) or you may e mail me at any time at and include your name, address (mailing) phone #(in case of a problem). Also, your choice of premium.

Be assured that no information will be kept once the premiums and pledges are fulfilled.

The list of premiums for your information:




FRAIDY KATZ Die Alte Kashe


SUSAN COLIN Prayer of the Heart

SUSAN COLIN Shabat Favorites

MARGOT LEVERETT The Klezmer Mtn. Boys


JOY KATZEN GUTHRIE How Good & How Pleasant

JOY KATZEN GUTHRIE The Heart of Ancient Promise



The quantities in all categories is limited but plentiful and at this time I want to thank the artists who have so generously supported the program with their gifts, their talent, and their hope that "Yiddishkeit" will be able to continue as it has for over30 years on WFDU---it really is part of making it the "Right Place On The Left Side Of The Dial" I realize that premiums/gifts are a nice thing but I am sure you realize the important thing is your support no matter what you feel you can afford----it is all appreciated and something that will be doing as "mitzvah" for us and also for yourself.

Let also urge you to click over to the playlists if you have not been there and see a wonderful clip of Bruce Adler and Mike Burstyn together in a few favorite numbers.


I can only repeat what was said above about premiums/gifts and the pledging of what can be afforded and it is all appreciated. Sincerely. TRADITIONS, started by Ron Olesko some 30 years or so ago now and joined by yours truly some 16 years ago will also be hoping you find this kind of programming important in this world of homogenized programming up and down the dial except for that oasis on a Sunday afternoon where you can hear insightful commentary about meaningful music from meaningful musicians from two hosts ---one of which, apparently, likes alliteration.

Should you care to pledge via e mail you can e mail and now let me give you the premium schedule---a list will follow later--

$40 1 CD
80 3 CD
100 5 CD

All pledges over $10.00 will receive a bumper sticker (if you want it)---and as above---supply your own bumper and give me the car.

My thanks, again, to the artists that have supported us with their talent and generosity---too numerous to mention here but you will see it when the list is published----people we all know and love and are generously sharing their talent and support with you and us.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition of.....

And the weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) Count the times people on interview programs say “ the end of the day”. Cliches abound---or as Shakespeare said ---“...signifying nothing”.

2) Many times I am asked about the radio programs and, frankly, At The End Of The Day I hope they were appreciated and if not---well---it is still the end of the day.

3) Whatever happened to the start of the day, or at high noon (when it was time for Kate Smith---and her mooning could have destroyed an entire mountain), or just plain old sunset?

4) A delight to find so many elders---they are now called senior citizens,-- enjoying a trip back to an earlier time with my presentation at the JCC in Washington Township NJ

5) My feelings of sadness are mingled with my joy at having been able to experience The McGarrigles at some point in time---farewell Kate who has brought so much musical joy and feeling to myself and to so many others.

6) I like the quote of the day from an unknown source: “ spend over 53 hours a week on electronic media---and when they are finished they still say--"what now—I am bored”.

7) I had a epiphany the other day---Dave & Busters in various malls is a horror but, frankly, when I was a wee one Coney Island was probably the same horror that my parents thought it. Different generations/ different media/ same results. I worry about the adults without kids there.

8) Avatar is a film I have not seen nor intend to see. I still like character and story driven films as opposed to effects. That noted, perhaps Cameron does make parables and meaningful moments ala Shakespeare. Perhaps it is generational and I will stick with Will having been born in his time---I beat good old Abraham for age then.

9) Erich Segal, the author of Love Story died this week. I bet he never had to say he was sorry.

10) Google’s slogan---“Do No Evil” is a wonderful aim but you have to wonder how two “naive” tech nerds made billions---yes, billions (going higher) without a small bit of business acumen and pragmatism. So they say whilst cruising the corporate jet. Bill Gates is re-born and somewhere down the line---given the speed of innovation now; very soon---the next heir will be upon us.

11) But what is all the fuss about Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and such? They started out (well, Oscar did) as industry awards---hype will get you everywhere.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The sad news we heard today was of the death of the uniquely talented Kate McGarrigle. For many years I have admired her and her family and seen them those many moons ago at venues like "Speakeasy" in NYC, Carnegie Hall, and loved their recordings----with particular partiality to "The McGarrigle Hour" that is, many times on my record player (surely dates me---CD Player).

This Sunday on TRADITIONS I will commemorate---or, better, remember, that wonderful talent and now---for your own reminiscence of remembrance---or discovery---a video of the sisters courtesy of You Tube and the screen named kk9911--for want of a real name :

This Sunday we shall be, as said, having a remembrance of this amazing and unique talent that I, and I hope you, have appreciated lo these many years.

Along with that a profile of someone I consider an amazing talent that encompasses so many genres---Susan Werner. Honestly now; I have come to appreciate her great talent after many years of not realizing how great it is.

We shall also welcome a guest---Larry Seigal. Surprise await you there.

Do join me this Sunday on TRADITIONS --3 PM ET and on the web at elsewhere in the wonderful world of sports---OOPS--that is ABC---skip sports and stick to this---and also---remember a wonderful talent who left us too soon.