Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some Sunday Simcha Suggestions

A few suggestions for some wonderful cinema that I thought might be of interest to you all. They are right up the alley of a program devoted to Jewish music and thought---be it serious or be it comedic---or be it cultural. Which, as you know, is Sunday Simcha on WFDU (89.1 FM) in the NY/NJ area and on the web

Let us start with Gloomy Sunday. This magnificent film has been around for quite some years and has travelled around the world and is probably what one might, now, consider a cult film.

It is a brilliant Hungarian film in German. A study of the relationships and the events of a group of people---German, Jewish, male, female and the history that envelopes them from the late 1930s until the near present time. The take is quite different than other films of this genre and also makes it more personal.

Without giving away the plot which is unique let me just say that during the last 10 minutes or so of this film one should not take their eyes off the screen. There is a subtle and interesting event that puts the entire film into perspective---or should I say context. Alfred Hitchcock not withstanding---this is brilliant.

Now here is a truly happy person---Dani Levy. He is accepting the Lola prize for the wonderful film, " Alles Fur Zucker". One of the first films to be able to

poke fun at the Jewish community in Germany. A film that contrasts the East Germans and West Germans, the Orthodox and the Non-Orthodox in the most hilarious and touching ways.

At the awards Henry Hubchen, the lead, said---"I Beat Hitler"---referring to his award ahead of the actor that captured the character of dear old Adolf in "The Downfall" (who's performance was brilliant).

The confrontations between the Orthodox brother and the gambling and alleged neer-do- well brother from the West is truly a must see. For its comedic and its human insights it is a must not miss film.

I hope to be able to mention other things of interest for listeners to Sunday Simcha and I also hope that you will keep listening for a program that I hope fills a void in our cultural fabric in this area---and on the web. You can listen on the web, as you know

Friday, February 9, 2007


You can see that my grandson is smiling. That is because I informed him and his mom how generous your pledging was in week #1. His mood is so changeable and you do not want to see a shot of him in a bad mood.
Trust me!!
So, my suggestion---please keep pledging to Traditions and to Sunday Simcha. Seriously now. I won't go into the whole thing mentioned in the last posting here---paying bills, shows that are in jeopardy, etc; Trust me here----the weekend ones are the ones--Simcha for sure.
Let us face it---the only ratings are the financial ones on this station. That pays the bills. That keeps the equipment current with all this new technology. If a program cannot pull its weight---well, goodbye. You have seen that. I doubt that you want to lose programs that you want. Sunday Simcha is, face it, expendable. It is the only "Yiddishkeit" in this major area. It is up to you to keep it there---for us. For you and for me---I do it for the love of it and you listen because you want that connection.

That goes as well for Traditions. Ron Olesko --who I am proud to call a mentor and friend-- started it some 27 years ago. The longest running show on WFDU. My opinion is, of course, partial---the most interesting and meaningful one as well. What "radio" should be about---New material, Traditional material, and a blend of personalities that keep you listening. WFDU is one of the only stations left in this area---perhaps elsewhere---where that can happen. Trust me---no other station in this area---University or otherwise fits that bill
SO---we do need you to call this Sunday (or e mail us) for either Traditions or Sunday Simcha. We are supporting each other.
I am hoping that this Sunday we will be able to continue some of our usual programming---new material, traditional material, and some thematic things and do less pleading for money---your phone calls and e mails can help us in that effort. Keep the e mails coming and the phones ringing and we shall play the music---such as:

Kate Campbell

Eric Bogle & ?????

They will be singing for us about topics that touch us all---Black History Month, Disabilities, Politics---and, best of all, as always, in the most entertaining and meaningful ways.

In addition I will have the Eric Bogle piece that commemorates Kate Wolf this week---we missed that during the Kate Wolf commemoration.

You also know that if we can reach $1,000 Ron Olesko will air that unique recording---one of a kind---Joni Mitchell and Chuck Mitchell (her first husband and a brilliant entertainer in his own right).

There will be a lot of others---if we can limit the sales talk and concentrate on our usual modus operendi---you know---music and wit.

In addition we did lose a wonderful artist this past week---OK--not really folk but the soundtrack of a generation---mine. Perhaps yours as well. He did Hank Williams covers, They Call The Wind Maria, Green Leaves of Summer, duets with Jo Stafford, Eddie Arnold, and so many other things---Frankie Laine. He lived a long and a fruitful life---we shall play somethings from him this weekend if we can avoid a lot of sales talk.

If you have some Laine favorites let me know and I will try to get them on.

We will, as always, close with something meaningful and---back to the top now---your support ----and your comments are welcome.