Sunday, May 18, 2014


 The Blog does state that Folk music was the main topic. So it shall be.  But, given my disease of regression I do move into other topics since Folk Music can not be the entirety of one's being.  We'll get to that "main" topic in a moment.

On Sunday, May 18 I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful concert at the Borderline Folk Music Club (New City NY) and the honor of introducing GATHERING TIME who do not need an introduction given their climb --rightly deserved--in popularity.   I have mentioned this before.  You find the mos talented artists and material at local venues at a fraction of what you will find in the arenas and at a fraction of the price.   This is not to denigrate major Bway. productions.  That is a whole different can of worms (well, venues) than arenas and over the top shows at fantastic prices for music you cannot really hear given the mega sound.

Let's now talk of some philosophical items regarding music and air-play.   I hope you tune in to SUNDAY SIMCHA on May 25 (well, I hope you always tune in).  A perfect example what was gentle humor in years back and what upsets people today---Comedy Corner will feature Allan Sherman (on the subject of the Draft) and Phil Ochs (same subject) in a whole different mode that might be offensive in our new overly sensitive listenership, society, and  random-listeners who tune in and do not wait for commentary.  They really should stick to Sirius---no comments, just bland music.   Way to go.

Since these are random brain droppings let me throw out a few non-musical thoughts--
1)  Gay Marriage.    A semantic issue nothing else.   Why do females call their partners Wives and the males call their partners Husbands?   Call me old fashioned but there are two terms. There is  a great compromise that works for all---Hetrosexuals, etc;----"Spouse".  Nice neutral term that even Hetro folks can use.
       Let me add a nice "folk" note to this now---Eric Bogle's "Silly Slang Song".   Check out the lyrics of this brilliant satirical song.  You have heard it when I am on TRADITIONS.

2)  Speaking of lyrics.   A talented musician gave me a wonderful idea about bleeping out the word that might have offended an irate listener a few weeks ago.  It would have been a good idea had there been offensive words.  There were none.  Just in the mind of a mindless letter writer who seems to be listened to by "the powers that be" ala the McCarthy days that I thought were behind us.   In all honesty I cannot blame the "the powers that be" since they were following a communication addressed to me that was forwarded to them by the erronious receiver of said communication and knew not what the item was about.  They never heard the piece in question.  Yet, ala the McCarthy era, jumped to fearful comnclusions.
     The wonderful thing about Folk Music, aside from the "traditional" is the topicality that it engenders.  We put protest songs (ala Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger, etc:) in the "folk basket" so to speak.  Well, there are current singers who also are in the mix.   

     I am always surprised ( in this day and age and the looseness of morals on media) that ONE irate listener gets his annoyance with an ignorant interpretation of something played taken seriously to my detriment.  My detriment is not even the issue.  It seems we have not really left that time when one irate person can hurt many from his rumors and interpretations of events.

    On a brighter note let me add that I will be back at the old stand (as Henry Morgan ---1940s --used to say) on June 8.  Trust me there will be no slack in topical songs, traditional music, the features, and in our Remembrance section I shall remember for us some protest singers---and starting w/ Phil Ochs.  Afix your seat-belts.

3)  The final item has to do with a truly light and slight subject.   A few days ago there was a wonderful film on TCM.  "The Subject Was Roses".   Just wonderful.   What surprised me after not seeing it all these many years was that Judy Collins sang the background music (Where Does The Time Go).  The film is now over 50 years old and her voice sounds the same today.  Hard to believe and yet wonderful to enjoy. 

4)   SUNDAY SIMCHA is ongoing and as far as TRADITIONS is concerned you will have me back at that old stand on June 8---as said we shall do a segment in our Remembrance segment on protest singers.   As you may, or may not, know Mr. Worthy died this week and Phil Ochs has a song about this journalist---you will hear this rarely played piece amongst others.   One last thought--Do not let fear or people who have developed fear change your point of view.