Friday, March 16, 2007

Springtime Snowy Night Notes

As you can see it has been quite a day here at the old home place.

It continues.

Spring storms are always the biggest but they also melt rapidly. I hope. Rather than sitting around and plowing or shoveling it is easier to sit here and share a few thoughts and mention some things that I think will be of interest on the upcoming programs---and perhaps a few other things.

This Sunday I hope you tune in to the TABLETALK program (as well as all the others). My chat with Rabbi Jonathan Kligler and our conversation about Reconstructionism will, I believe, be of great interest. Toward the end you will also get a bit of a musical treat.

I also hope that you will tune in later for SUNDAY SIMCHA where you will find some very moving pieces---and a great archival Comedy Corner which will feature the likes of Jack E Leonard, Jackie Vernon, and Don Rickles from a rare Friar's Roast. And it was said it could not be done on the air---check it out.

Let me also urge you to tune in and support (all the shows) TRADITIONS.

Ron Olesko has a wonderful interview with an artist that really should not be missed. If you like good music and great commitment then a chat with
Iian Campbell Smith is something you do not want to miss. Yes---that is how it is spelled.

On some other thoughts now. Good time to tune out unless you want to make a comment and either agree or disagree.

There is so much volunteerism in this world. We volunteer for many things---be it radio (in my case) , heading a library (in my case), or being an "auxiliary policeman" .

Honesty first. I am happy that there are people that volunteer to do this sort of thing. They bear no arms, are not supplied with bulletproof vests, they are supposed to be the eyes and ears of the PD. Yet, they wear a uniform that is identical to the PD uniform--save for the badge.

Happily, until yesterday, no one has been hurt in decades. Years back one was wounded and he had a registered gun---which is not part of the equipment they are allowed to carry. Yesterday, sadly, two perished. Unarmed and pursuing their mission of informing the PD. My heart goes out to their families and to them.

What I am wondering is that if Aux. Police are allowed then a few things have to addressed.

1: What is the psychological make-up that makes them want to do this.

2: If they are mentally equipped and dedicated should they be armed?

3:Is their motive in volunteering a hope for PD appointment or just the thrill of a uniform and a commanding presence?

I have not used the term NYPD because I do think that this situation is prevalent in many communities. Mine included.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A CD Recommendations And Some Other Random Thoughts

The Random Thoughts first. Please do check the side-bar for the quote of the day. Some are quite meaningful. Some---hey, you never know. Al Bundy can be deep in his own way. Einstein is brilliant and yet the quotes of Carlin have meaning as well. As does Lenny Bruce. Of course, Shakespeare covered all the bases---and those he missed I am sure Groucho Marx took care of.
Think about it.

Now to the meaningful material---as related to this "blog". We will speak of "blogging" vis a vis journalism later.

Appleseed Recordings has released an album that is truly a marvel. Peggy Seeger celebrated her 70th birthday in 2005 and a wonderful event was held at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London ("Bravo to the Queen"--Black Adder via Hugh Laurie---now think House --amazing). I digress---and have called my doctor for help about digression.

This album is a wonderful and joyous celebration of her life, her music, and her family . Attending and performing were--Pete, Mike, and Peggy Seeger. Also, Martin Carthy, Billy Bragg, Norma Watetrson, and her children (adults now).

The title--appropriately---Three Score and Ten.

Rather than my adding more to this commentary let me direct you to the Appleseed website. You can read all about the CD and Peggy Seeger there. It was an honor and a privilege to have her as a guest with Ron Olesko on Traditions a while back.

This is a 2 CD set and one that I am sure you would love to hear over and over again---chat, music, and having great company in your home. Better company than some of the slugs on TV.

Now for the comments about "blogs" vs "journalism".

Progress is a wonderful thing. Freedom of speech. Great. Is it something that the founding fathers never envisioned? Internet, TV, and loudmouthed orators?
Tom, George--and Button (you must know Quinnet) did not figure on this I am certain.

"Honest" is the word (as Stephen Colbert says--for "The Word") here. Think about this. The constitution gave us the First Amendment. A wonderful thing. Newspapers gave us people who reported responsibly---we hope. TV gave us reporters who reported responsibly---and sensationally--read--murder and mayhem. The Internet now gives us "Blogs".

Opinions are one thing. News is another. Just some food for thought. Think, as well, about the nonsense in some of the tabloids as opposed to the other papers.

If you ever want a history of what the NY Post was about prior to the Murdoch incarnation I will fill you in. Trust me ---equal to the NY Times. Now--equal to The Star. Go to your local supermarket to see what I mean.

This blog has now become something that I bemoaned earlier. Yet, I hope, a point was made. Trust real journalists and not the pontificating, pompous and personality needing ones that seem to inhabit the Internet to obfuscate what real news is about.