Thursday, September 16, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition of.....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)            I am disappointed that when you watch a re-run of something it always ends the same way.  Federer still did not beat Djokovic in the re-run during a rain delay in the finals.

2)            It is always amazing to hear how some blogs have thousands of readers and wonder how that came to be.  If this blog’s group has an annual meeting I hope we can find a phone booth with a nice view.

3)            It is heartening to find that people like to hear some of the older material (that was so new years ago) mixed with the new.  True talent does not go out of fashion.  Be it in the classics, jazz, folk, or any genre.

4)            I am looking forward to being able to present a wonderful new project from the Idelsohn Society on Sunday Simcha----Yiddish/Jewish music as interpreted by great Black (African American—so PC here) artists of yore.

5)            Doesn’t anyone realize that however this “Cordoba House” project (aka Park 51—aka Islamic Cultural Center) is resolved it is now a no win situation for the “anti” group?  If, however, the plan is allowed to proceed it will be years before it is finished and by that time current attitudes will have changed.  It is human nature.

6)            It is sad to find that people you have thought were well informed and open to various arguments just repeat the headlines and, as one so bluntly told me—“ All one needs to know is on FOX News”.   They never even heard of NPR.  Forget having listened to anything there---even great entertainment programming.

7)            Jewish Holidays (other than Yom Kippur) have it right for familial peace and diplomacy---2 nights.  Sure, they blame it on the moon.  At least it is not blamed on Mame.

8)            If Modern Man really had it right about “Jews Don’t Camp” then best not to sleep out in the Succah----unless there is that TV from the Hyatt—do they have Succahs at that chain?

9)            Don’t candidates realize that those “robo” calls really turn people off---especially when they don’t even answer promptly?  I do applaud---I think it was Espada-- who started with---HEY DON’T HANG UP THIS IS---too late I hung up and, thanks to Cablevision, blocked him and all other such calls.  I’ll vote for any opponent that does not use “robo” calls since one has to deal with robotic phone connections enough.

10)      What a delight it was to hear my old friend Ed Koch calling me just a few minutes ago and giving me the pleasure of hanging up on him before I even knew which of many shysters he was supporting this time around----and,  welcome to the blocked call list.