Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Program Notes as the Title Says--And Some Other Items

Let us leave the world of music for a moment and recall the brilliant wit and wisdom of George Carlin. Like Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, and other such artists he advanced comedy to a whole new level. There are those, and I know a few, who could only see the obscenity that he used and hated his work. The same, they say, about Richard Pryor (and Lenny Bruce). The point they all miss is that none of them used obscenity for a shock effect as so many of the alleged "liberated" comics of today do. They made points with it. When it was not called for they did not use it. An example will be below.

Jerry Seinfeld had a piece in today's New York Times which you may have seen. I think it truly encapsulates Richard Pryor. Only one problem with it---the ending--I bet he did not want to beat Jerry Seinfeld to it.

Carlin knew the language and he could make great points---"...cops are crime fighters, firemen are firefighters, what the hell are freedom fighters". "..two planes don't collide---a near miss. Hell no, a collision is a near miss".

The days of the Catskill Shtick have been so wonderfully advanced by a master of the universal humor and he will be sorely missed.

Amazing piece of work---like a musician going through some fast "riffs".

As to the program notes:

SUNDAY SIMCHA: In August "SHLOMO' the musical will once again be appearing at the Museum of The Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan--prior to its Bway. incarnation. In July it is anticipated that the original cast musical will be finished and you will certainly hear it on the program. Not all of it--can't give away the store you know. Where did you hear that before?

JACKIE MORRIS is a singer and songwriter who you will be hearing on TRADITIONS but there is one piece you will hear from her on SUNDAY SIMCHA. A beautiful piece she has composed about her father and his escape from the Holocaust.

TABLETALK: I don't know how many of you have tuned in to TABLETALK over the years. It airs at 8 A M Eastern Time. I have to say that some of my guests have been outstanding writers, artists, and world renowned filmmakers. I am honored.

Let me tell you what is on tap for July:

July 6: The quarterly exclusive airing of The Capitol Steps political musical punditry.

July 13: The author, Susan Quinn, joins me for a talk about her brilliant history of the WPA and WTA. The book--FURIOUS REVOLUTION.

I can tell you that many books come in and many get skimmed---not this one. It is a grabber. If you were around then--you will be happy to recall the times that this book brings to life---FDR, Harry Hopkins, Hallie Flanagan, Orson Welles, John Houseman, and so many more. If you were not around then you will be amazed by how this history is brought to life---better than a TV soap--by this author.

TRADITIONS: This week we will once again visit some of our features--you know if you listen---the novellas under 5 minutes, the tribute to WPAT in the years of Dave Miller, some good ole gospel, and also a few surprises. As always. On JULY 13 I will be joined in the studio by two artists who's latest (and earlier CDs) have really blown me away. Recovering from that incident I returned and they will be joining me. That is HUNGRYTOWN.