Thursday, March 22, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon---


1)            It is hard to take time out from reading the wonderful book “Lunatics” by Dave Barry & Alan Zweibel.  Time is available because one cannot laugh after 2 or 3 sentences and keep breathing.  So this is a time of breath catching.

2)            When did Broadway “musicals” become tourist attractions that stay on forever and ever as “destination” sites (think Lion King, Phantom---unbelievable for, basically, expletive deleted) as opposed to such wonders as South Pacific or A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Forum---and I might mention my favorite (never revived) New Girl In Town.

3)            Shamefully Broadway shows have gotten so expensive that unless you are either on an expense account (a forgiving one) or very wealthy it is out of reach.   Of course if you own a condo purchased in the 1960s on the Upper West Side of NYC you unwittingly became one of that blessed group.  Who knew.

4)            There are some people who’s voices and presentation are memorable and unforgettable.  Peggy Seeger has a new recording out---LIVE.  I dare you to have a dry eye in your head after hearing it.

5)            There are a lot of complaints about the NYPD and their surveillance tactics.  Ask yourself this question---the French gendarmes had surveillance on the shooter of the children and soldiers prior to the acts.  Why, then, did they not stop it?  The NYPD (which has many faults for sure) has prevented such acts by folks that have been watched.

6)            I do hope you will be tuning in to my program Sunday Simcha on April 8 when I am delighted to be able to present on WFDU “The Witches of Lublin”---a Passover special starring Tovah Feldshuh.   My thanks to the producers for letting us put this on and I am sorry, if you have visited the WFDU website for not seeing it there.  I also hope you will join me the prior week when I will present the current Passover program.

7)            It would be nice to know if you believe that having instant streaming on your computer (or other app) of what song is being played is of any importance to you.  In other words---do you truly give a damn?   Let me know.  Just write to me

8)            Do you not sometimes wonder why some folks always seem to be appreciated by people and others not?   I know of one person who, I do believe, has the secret.  He says, as he is being nice to everyone---even the local ^#^*@ ---it does not cost anything to be nice.  Good for him---I prefer honesty.

9)            Technology seems to be changing at a much more rapid pace these days than it has in all previous times.   Just think of these things:
a.Major labels are discontinuing production of CDs
b.DVR unties one from the network (whatever of them still remain) schedules.
c.Telephones actually let you speak on them but more and more that seems like a secondary function.

10)    The wheel was a great invention---and look what has evolved .

11)    I still like reading a book and not a “tablet”, a newspaper and not the on-line version.   Any tablet I use is by prescription.