Thursday, May 6, 2010


The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)   In thinking of the children of Dr. M L King one has to wonder why one generation creates and the next destroys the legacy with inane squabbles.  Happens a lot.

2)   The Tony awards are limited only to “Broadway Houses” so I guess nothing good ever happens elsewhere even though the Broadway houses now keep shows on that are nothing more than tourist attractions. And keep them on for decades.  Like Television—repeats ad nauseum.

3)   Hard to remember a time when a Broadway ticket price was affordable without the benefit of some air-line pricing and deals.

4)   Since there is a law on the books preventing the parking and idling of vehicles in the Times Square area  and there is a huge police presence (presumably) how is it that it took a street vendor to alert a horseback patrol man (now considered a hero) to the vehicle?   I get a parking ticket after 5 minutes even when legally parked by the dreaded Brownies (well, now they wear blue---big deal).  Maybe we should have the parking enforcement people do security---they love writing tickets---perhaps, though, not danger.

5)   Since there are so few Video/DVD rental stores that carry anything but the latest films—good or bad---would it not serve a great good if libraries stuck to circulating the great and classic films and leave the rest to the commercial outlets?

6)   It seems that with all the internet social networks (Facebook, My Space, etc;) people are losing, not only their privacy(by their own doing),but any semblence of good manners that are left because of the anonymity and distance from a physical contact.

7)   Here is a great DVD tip---Here Comes Tomorrow (1939) just released on DVD.  A classic with a great story to tell---forget special effects---this has only one effect---it affects you.

8)   The Yiddish version of Kisses Sweeter Than Wine by Theresa Tova and Loren Sklamberg are just delightful---and if you tune in to Sunday Simcha (WFDU 10 AM ET---or on the web )on May 16 you will be able to hear it.

9)   Why not click on Facebook and become a fan of WFDU Sunday Simcha---there is a page there.  Updates on the program and also for Traditions from time to time.

10)                    It seems just as thrilling to invest in the stock market as riding a real roller coaster---but more expensive.