Thursday, April 7, 2011

THURSDAY --Another Edition of...............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.

1)       Societies are different and one has to wonder how it is that the Japanese have so much more caring for the elderly than we do. We had “founding fathers”---bet we would have put them into a “home” and avoided them.  Ben could really be a pain in the ass.

2)       There is a convention celebrating typewriters---bless them. Frankly, I love being able to type this, overwrite, delete, and move on.  I had typewriters---and correction fluid and, like Jerry Steinfeld says in his routine---The Chinese had Chopsticks and they knew of forks and knives---so.  Bottom line---I like this---and now to save the ecology I am able to delete and not erase with rubber on pristine paper when I can distribute this over the truly magical internet for my reader---there is only one I guess.  Anyway rubber has better uses now given the AIDS situation.

3)       As the song said---“ many roads must a man walk down, etc;...” which makes me wonder how many roads he must walk down before getting old and redundant.

4)       If the government shuts down (and the animals in the Zoo do get fed) how is it that the IRS refund checks are held up but not the electronic collection process? Or the late filing penalties?

5)       History sure does repeat itself.  Think back to the strife between David Ben Gurion (Hagannah) and Begin (Irgun).  Now think of PLO and Hammas---there will be a result---but more splintered than the Israeli one was those many moons ago.

6)       Whatever happened to people wanting to assimilate into the nation of their choice---their dream of being in that place?

7)        Always the proper and pragmatic thing to back those who are underdogs---the only thing is how do we know who they are. 

8)       Whether or not you agree with Capitol Punishment you do have to wonder why, when it is the law, there is this great concern about the drug(s) used when the killers did not think of the pain and suffering they caused. 

9)       Sad that Manning Marable died on the eve of the publication of his greatest work about Malcolm X.

10) Whatever happened to “appointment TV”?  Quality programs that had some resemblance to intellect as opposed to the “reality”, the “coupon” and the weight loss programs.  Not to mention all the other---dare I say it “crap”---- from Dancing With The Stars to Idol?

11)  On a positive note it has to be said that PBS will be airing the latest version of Upstairs/Downstairs starting this Sunday---and there are always the re-runs of the best Police drama ever---Homicide on Centric

12)    Speaking of Television---all those chef shows---why?   Does anyone really care?
 Rhetorical question---of course people do which is why they watch and then go to Wendys.

13)  If Al Capone was sent to jail for tax evasion how is it that the government cannot find a reason to prosecute Pastor Jones for something that does not interfere with his Freedom of Speech rights---in his case Freedom of Hate and Freedom to Garner Publicity rights?  How about littering---he has polluted the airwaves (certainly with the help of media)?

14)   Artificial Intelligence is still something that is being worked on.  How is it that my computer does what it wants when it wants and I sit around watching paint dry while it does whatever it does?   Only good thing---it does not need to be walked and does not need house-breaking since I was not going to clean up if it messed up around here.