Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Happiness--defined and commented on.

While the Grinch is not my hero I do have to say that there has to be some respite from all this forced happiness, gayety, and celebration.    A few thoughts on that subject and, perhaps, some comparisons of the various holidays we insist on celebrating.

The main event, as the boxing folks say, is Christmas.  What a joy.  I, too, as a youngster fell into the mood---and I am not Christian---but, oh those carols, those trees, that shopping (damn, I could have had 8 gifts for Channukah), and all that constant cloying moments of alleged magical musical moments.  Are we not overloaded with Andy Williams and that ilk by now?

To other holidays now--before we return to that miracle in a manger because the hotel was booked--

Channukah---I am killing my image here as host of a Jewish radio program.   We celebrate revolutionaries and the mayhem that encompassed---not peace.   The miracle of the oil ---lots of interpretations there but let us just leave it as so much that all those latkes could be cooked.   Or, in contemporary terms the miracle would be one again gasoline (oil) at .35 /gal.

Kwanzaa---I am no expert to comment on that subject other than to say it is a late entry into the mass that encompasses they cashing in of the Christmas season---not the spirit---the season is for merchandising
Christmas---The basis for all this joy and celebration. is something I should not comment on but, suffice it to say, that Easter is the memorable occasion for the true believers.   Christmas, now that I am not a kid anymore, is truly an artificial holiday created for merchandising.    Snow---only in this area.   Yet, Christmas does happen in the Middle East (and all over the world).   The actual birthday of the baby Jesus is up for grabs.  Though I did hear on a radio program recently a lovely tale about a pregnant lady who was upset about that and a stranger offered to take her to wherever she need to go but they ended up not finding a hotel ---she gave birth and this kind man signed up as the father to the available authorities.

Perhaps some music to celebrate the holiday season now---