Sunday, November 9, 2014


I do admit that this blog is on an irregular basis but the playlists are, hopefully, fairly current.  Many bloggers feel the need to post their daily thoughts, their constant activity (even, I suppose, their bowl regularity or irregularity), and much else.   Seems Facebook has such people as well and I approve since that activity keeps their interests and time well occupied.  For them.

Today, not to he guilty of my last paragraph's comment, I just want to mentions a few items.  Most are quite positive.

My Co-host on Traditions presented a truly wonderful tribute and memorial to a wonderful artist we have lost (as so many others) at a tender age---Danny Quinn.   Truly a warm, sensitive and talented artist.  My compliments to Ron Olesko and my condolences to the family and friends of Danny Quinn---and my own sadness in losing such a warm and wonderful talent.

In that same mode may I also mourn the loss of a loyal listener to so many programs on WFDU and a loyal supporter of so many of them in financial ways.  But, more important to me, in her personal contact, about the programs.  She never made requests (though infrequently in correspondence) and had some wonderful insights and suggestions about performers in her correspondence with me.   I will make mention and honor her at the start of TRADITIONS on 11/16---along with a few of her favorite artists that I gleaned from here rare requests.

In a more positive mode now I have to say that I have some truly interesting people of late.   Perhaps things are, as it is said, generational.   If I had been at a function---some people say "affair" but that sounds like an immoral assignation---and met people who jus love Rap the conversation would have been over.  Generational, I suppose.  Yesterday my table companions at a "function"---still no "affair"--sorry---were Phil Ochs fans and also Bela Fleck.   I was told of their birthdates.   Perhaps it is, as I said, generational.

I do not know if any of you recall the original title of this Blog (which was stolen and accredited to Jimmy Cannon (sports columnist for the NY Post before it became a rag to wrap dead fish) Nobody Asked Me But.....   So --
....Do we need 24/7 coverage of Ebola over just the brief, sad facts?
...Why are there hundreds of channels on TV and nothing to watch that is new.
...Why is it that the older TV programs had more substance (OK forget the likes of FatherKnows BEst and that ilk)
 ....Norman Lear created quality programming and Carrol Oconner --talented as he was---should have known that when the show ended it ended and not tried his disaster.  In fairness, he did create or perform a whole new character in has later series.  He was a great actor.

I end by hoping that you will be tuned in this coming Sunday to WFDU for all the eclectic programming that will be offered---Sunday Simcha, Vintage Rock & Pop Shop, and at 2 PM I will be with you again with TRADTIONS and have, hopefully, a program worthy of your interest---you radio afficianodos (as myself)