Saturday, July 28, 2007


That comes after DATING. Ours has been tested so let me fill you in on a few things.

While it is always nice to give you updates on the various programs I am involved in at WFDU, the upcoming shows of various artists, and on The Almost Daily Rooster (see right side for link) some topical and non-musical items it is also of import to offer some entertainment. Whew--what a long sentence. Catching my literary breath now.

So to get you to visit the Playlist Page (link on the right side) I offer you there--at this time---step right in--the person who not only is our signature sign-off for SUNDAY SIMCHA (right after the wondrous Margot Leverett and The Klezmer Mountain Boys) but a comedian who I think was just brilliant. If you view the videos it would be interesting to see which ones you think were obvious "shtick" and which were his classic put-ons. Specifically his "engagement" announcement to a Christian Gospel Singer.

So there it is--Groucho on The Almost Daily Rooster, Andy Kaufman on Sunday Simcha and---if you scroll down you will see the announcement---Modern Man on both Sunday Simcha and Program Notes (this page) .

Where else are you going to get this service along with what most people who write "blogs" do--as Rob Carlson confided in me---and the radio audience--find out if people are as interested in the writers as the writers are in themselves. Unfortunately, David Buskin wants to steal my article on Bowel Movements I have had and make it his lead piece. Never give away your ideas---they get stolen.

Seriously some upcoming shows you might want to see:

August 4 DAVID WILCOX at The Turning Point in Piermont NY 845 359-1089

MARGOT LEVERETT at Zingenhaus in Switzerland--grab a plane as fast as you can.. How does one grab a plane? Sounds dangerous.

August 5 MODERN MAN Lincoln Center Out of Doors 2 PM and FREE. The only cost will be the medical bills to stop your laughter. Hope you have coverage.

August 13 CLAY EALS, DAVID AMRAM and more for a book signing at the BITTER END in NYC at 2PM FREE. I hope to see you there---and, please, no "Play Misty For Me". I am a very frightened person when I think of that film. Admittedly I am flattering myself.

Now for a trivia question that will be presented ---this is a preview---on the August 12 edition of SUNDAY SIMCHA. What film had Molly Picon as a supporting lead and Lee J. Cobb as her husband?

An e mail to gets you a CD. There are only two and the first two e mailers get it. No Googling---I trust your honesty. Oich--such a naif.

For Traditions listeners---A CD awaits if you mail to the answer to this: Before Bill Hahn (14 yrs ago) arrived on the program---can you name any other co-host? Something that can not be---new verb---Googled.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


NO---not about getting a date---merely to tell you that there is an addition to yesterday's post that I think you should know about----you need the laugh. Trust me.

Let me add that while it is not about getting dates you can get dates off trees in the area this brilliant group sings about---if there were peace.

Most of the "Yiddishkeit" is usually on Page 2 ( Playlists). This seemed important to post on both pages. Try page 3 too--I grant not the crap of Page 6 of the latter day New York Post.

Now the final note that should be mentioned---the piece you can view is part of a great new CD by the group--MODERN MAN--ASSISTED LIVING. Check it out---not at the super market at the record store.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Hopefully, you are also entertained on this page with the changing videos of artists that are presented on the various radio programs. I urge you to click on the PLAYLISTS page for more videos--a mix of the current and also classic Jewish material ---and THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER for a variety of different genres. You will find all this on the right side of this page.

Hopefully, you are fans of Groucho--first name only required---to see some videos there. Captain Spaulding recommends it.

DOC WATSON has joined this page for the time---and you will also be hearing him this Sunday on TRADITIONS as part of an "Old Timey" and "Gospel" segment. DOC WATSON encompasses ever so much more than these two genres and spans so many generations.

A few updates now on some of the artists that I have featured and some up-coming shows which---perhaps---are in your area:

MODERN MAN July 28 Sunset Music Series Bklyn 718 624-7419 (See below re: video)

DAVID WILCOX Aug. 4 Turning Point Piermont NY 845 359-1089

MARGOT LEVERETT July 27 Central Queens Y 10 AM Children's Klezmer program


BUTCH HANCOCK July 25 Turning Point Piermont NY 845 359-1089

I also hope that on AUGUST 13 to see you at the Bitter End in NYC for the book signing of Clay Eal's book about Steve Goodman. That will take place at 2 PM and will feature music by David Amram and many other artists---and it is FREE. It will be a nice opportunity to meet some of the listeners and also talk about this ever so readable book.

Shakespeare said--"..brevity is the soul of wit". Hell, I was not brief or witty here so I hope you don't tell the bard about this---his bones might rattle a bit.

I see, already, he is looking a bit shifty---seems he
suspects something---forsooth!!!

NOW----PAY ATTENTION--Check on the right side of this page and prepare to laugh a bit.

A video from Modern Man has been added---The Simpsons have competition this weekend. If you click on PLAYLISTS you can also see this great piece along with Margo Leverett and her great group.

Spread the word to your friends that this site is trying to give you that laugh a day that will keep the doctor away----not that he makes house calls anyway.

Laughs with a point. They are the best. We already know why the chicken crossed the road---to get away from Frank Perdue and his family.