Sunday, January 12, 2014


It has been awhile since I dropped of these from this ever brain.   Let's start locally with an event that is of no interest to anyone outside this NE area.  It is being called Bridgegate--NJ Gov. Christie ( not be confused w./ another more idealistic Gov of NJ who's first name was Christie) has managed to put himself into a truly awkward position. No jokes now about how hard that must be for him in a doctor's office or elsewhere.  Here is a person who claims he is on top of every situation (and he usually is) and nothing gets by him.  His claim now that he was not advised or informed the problem in Ft. Lee and the GWB does not seem plausible.  He claims that his closest assistant started this fiasco and he immediately (well almost immediately) fired her.  Besides wondering how she allegedly did not inform him one has to ask why he fired her and not try to get to the bottom of what he claims he knew nothing of.  Does  not sound like great Presidential timber to me.   I don't know if Rachel Maddow is correct in her views but they sure make a lot of sense.   Think about it.   Why would the Gov. want to alienate (punish) a mayor he claims to not know when the Port Authority(the NJ half) could, at the Gov. behest, punish an opponent of his not directly involved with Ft.Lee.  It ill behooves one who claims to be on top of everything too now say how contrite he is and to not know what is going on around him via his own appointees.

I know that no one in the rest of the nation will care about this---what they will care about is his persona when makes appearances.   Nixon famously said--",,,I am not a crook.."  The good Gov. has said "...I am not a bully.."   Wait till the rest of the country gets a load of him.  That won't do well in Iowa--among other places.  

Perhaps I should give him the benefit of the doubt and blame it all on his hearing while in his office and he told his loyal (now fired appointee) to "close the Frig"---an easy mistake to think he meant Bridge.   Well,  positive side, for NJ politcos it is not another corruption or fraud scandal.  Better that they endangered lives and inconvenienced the public.  

Here is a bumper sticker I would like to sell you--reasonable prices----CHRISTIE FOR NEVER PRESIDENT.

Since this site is supposed to be for "program notes" let me just add that on Jan. 19  I welcome 'GATHERING TIME" into the studio and we will, certainly, have a great blend of music and conversation.   My thoughts on the film Inside Llewen Davis are well know by now but do let me recommend NEBRASKA--what a winner this is. 

Finally, for those who cannot rcve. the programs (SUNDAY SIMCHA  --  TRADITIONS) over the air at 89.1fm  we are streaming on the web where they are archived for 2 weeks--