Friday, February 12, 2010

A Rarity and a Remembrance ---and a TRADITIONS Thought

Both Ron Olesko and I will be in attendance this Sunday on the program since our annual fundraiser is still under way. I will be making a few comments about what and who we play on the program over time and how it something that you will not hear elsewhere on the radio dial----in this area and on commercial radio. Wait for the comments on Sunday; but, an example would be that WQXR will play newer artists performing newer classical music along with newer artists interpretation of the older classics---and the conductors and orchestras of the here and now as well as the past. You get the idea as it relates to TRADITIONS.

So---the rarity. One of the artists that has been played (and much requested) over the years and who's family I had the pleasure of having on the program a number of years back is KATE WOLF. This coming Sunday her music will be a part of the show---including some others that you might not hear elsewhere or, perhaps, only one or two pieces that are commercially well known. Stay tuned.

Now we get to the rarity---which would not work on radio but YouTube has proven to be a boon to letting us always revisit the past while also viewing the present---perhaps too much amateurish "present", but no editorializing now. While there is just so much there and so much more coming down the proverbial Pike every second one has to search and find the rarities---and this is one. Kate Wolf---not as a performer (there are plenty of great videos there---Austin City Limits) but her doing what I try to do---and, hopefully, in her league---Kate, if you read her bio, was also a radio host---DJ if you will---I like host. This video captures ever so briefly her warmth and charming voice and features an interesting performance by---well,you can see that:

I hope you will be joining us this Sunday on the air or on the web---we will have a few other artists that you will not be hearing in other places too frequently. Ron, as well, will have a few interesting and unexpected things to present----AND--we certainly hope you will call and pledge to the program---any amount is appreciated in the same way as any other pledge amount. You can also pledge by e mail to and if you call this Sunday---the number is 201 692-2012.

Check a previous blog---below---for the schedule of premiums which are our way of saying thanks to you and for you to thank yourselves for keeping a program you feel at home with on the air for another year---as you have done for over 30 now.

Finally let me just offer a personal thought about large and small venues and , as the term used "the great unwashed"(a term that comes from a novel from the "50s - or "60s" about radio). The government is looking into the possible merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation and the monopolistic aspects of this. "the great unwashed" ---they work hard and throw money at these behemoths to within shouting distance of a stage that features the name and hyped performers---be the smart (I guess "washed and showered") ones that realize that you will have a better and more meaningful time visiting your local venue where you interact with artist for a fraction of the cost---and the artist is, usually, more relevant and intriguing. You can also join TDF and get show tix for a fraction of the box office charges.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of........

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) Why is everyone so upset about Toyota when the U S automakers managed to manufacture exploding and defective clunkers for years and tried to avoid any publicity about them and Toyota has admitted a problem and the corporate execs actually take responsibility?

2) Speaking of cars—why don’t manufacturer’s follow the good old rule---“..if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”---or improve it until it is so sophisticated electronically the user does not have any control. Which goes for many other items as well.

3) Do you think that violent criminals have a criminal version of Miranda Rights they read to their victims?

4) I liked it better when the only Miranda was the one with the fruit garden on her head.

5) I wonder if Sarah Palin has a script writer to write crib notes on her hands—and how do you squeeze “my fee is $100,000—you betcha” in such a small area?

6) Whatever happened since Harry Truman famously declared he would not accept fees because the Presidency is not for sale?

7) With all the talk of Ticketmaster and Live Nation merging it might be nice for people to realize that some of the finest entertainment costs a fraction that their venues charge---local coffeehouses (and, yes, they actually do serve coffee), local theater companies, and the like. People running to grab up the overpriced tickets for the sake of being in the proximity of the latest fad in entertainers really needed to have a Shelty dog nearby---he controls the sheep herds.

8) I surely hope that when the Hudson River cleanup continues after all the foot dragging by GE people will remember who started everyone thinking about the river and its pollution. You fill in the name---you should know it.

9) Most songwriters write one song that becomes their trade-mark—their logo, if you will. Rick Nestler has done many memorable songs but one he will never top---his classic---You fill in the name—you should know it.

10) It certainly is nice to see a Vice President acting Vice Presidential as opposed to an imitation of Iago.

11) Sometimes the most interesting companies to invest in are the least dramatic---Darling International has little competition because it is a nationwide company that picks up the grease in grease traps and re-cycles it into other products. The places the grease comes from are more dramatic investments but the clever investor will single this one out.

12) Summer is a ways off still but this summer portends to be a very special one in NYC with the appearance of the Royal Shakespeare Company in a number of plays in a totally redesigned Armory that will be a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. I am pressing my pantaloons at this very moment.

13) Do you remember when Valentines Day was just a nice day to give someone a card (the greeting card companies were delighted), some flowers or candy (the florists and candy folks delighted) and the recipients were equally delighted and not a day that turned totally commercial so that restaurants (in many places) take reservations weeks in advance for overpriced dining specials, the alleged Valentines were disappointed if they were not properly wined & dined and recognized by this commercialism. By the way—who the hell was St. Valentine and should we care? He was celibate---right?