Thursday, February 17, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.................

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)          I just figured out why dentistry upsets me more than medical procedures-----Insurance.

2)          Why are award programs so highly touted and viewed?   The real talent and meaningful material is always relegated to the off-camera moments and one can find those artists at local venues rather than what is celebrated by---as the novel of years back said---“The Great Unwashed”.

3)          Why is it that the meaningful moments at award ceremonies are usually not in “prime time”?   While award ceremonies, to me, are meaningless---just hype comparing apples to oranges   (I vote for Oranges) ---they seem to  draw an audience that feels a kinship to folks who don’t know of them or care about them---I believe the word is idol worship---or, possibly, penis envy.   You know what the good lord said about worshiping idols---as to the rest---have I offended enough folks now?

4)          It does seem that while some people can cause hard feelings for many years when “hard times” come to them they apologize for the bad deeds that they performed that caused the hard feelings.  While it is hard to apologize (and credit should be given) are they really doing it to please some super being that might help them through the hard times?

5)          What a great idea to pit a computer against the humans on Jeopardy.   The results are in---- but the interesting thing is how a computer can pick a category and a price----answering questions is another matter.

6)          Do you remember when people and nations were able to think logically about things before making instant judgments and decisions? Did not always work out properly but it was, at least, a considered matter and not a Tweet or Twitter or Chirp or whatever.

7)          Faith and Ritual can be a wonderful thing for people in distress. It is easier for someone who trusts in those things to cope with life’s many vicissitudes.

8)          With all the budgetary problems around the nation and individual states does the pittance of funding to NEA or CPB that is important to maintaining an oasis on that wasteland called TV matter to when all that pork is out there waiting for some reduction and might just help the budget?   After all---the fat cats could use a diet that does not include pork---great weight loss idea.

9)          When it comes to eclectic radio programming it is true that the “right place on the left side of the dial” is still WFDU---eclectic, volunteer, and given the partial results (the fund-raising goes on for only 1 more week) of the fund-raising efforts the audience seems to agree.  My admiration for all the fellow staff members for their expertise in the formats they present---not what other stations give you---let’s play the same songs but in a different order now.

10)  Why not have “Watson” try some other TV game shows---Dancing With The Stars, American Idol come to mind---after all even Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein could dance.