Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Well, its been a while but I hope you will find this interesting.  You may know that I have hosted a few radio programs on WFDU (  and have a page on Facebook  (BRUNCH WITH BILL). .   Now for a bit of history that will fill in some of the items I left out of my comments on the Facebook posting for the privacy of some of characters not mentioned by name there.

SUNDAY SIMCHA started over 12 years ago at the request of the management of WFDU due to the exit if the producer of the prior program (not named Simcha) .His exit was ordered by station mgmt for breaking all the rules about political guests. The exact date eludes me but I want to thank the  loyal listeners wh0 have welcomed the program into their mornings each Sunday and let me know that---e mail. In honesty---not financially(that did create a problem since listener keeps non commercial radio viable).    If you think back a bit to this program  we have had some amazing talents on the show----not the things you might have yearned for in a traditional sense.   We played Cantors, Liturgical pieces,Holiday celebrations, and tried to widen the interest of  my audience.
Some of the guests---Zalman Mlotec, Fyvush Finkel ,

 Mike Burstyn, and many more.They were all a joy to meet and get to know.

Unfortunately, while there many letters of love for the program, there was not much financial support.( listeners --the word "schnorers) I give credit to the management of FDU (its current Program Director) for suggesting a change of format and not a cancellation---which he would have  been justified in doing.(stick with me the nasty parts are coming)

I'll just list the programs I have done for historical continuity :   TABLE TALK  ---interviews with authors, artists, and performers of note
                                                                                                       SUNDAY SIMCHA--noted above and, basically, insisted by mgmt.that I take over from the previous host who was disliked by the current mgmt.  That host was also guilty of not following station policy regarding comments and  guests
                                                                                                       TRADITIONS--I'll spend a bit of time on this. It was founded by Ron Olesko some 41 yrs ago and , at his request, I came  on board in 1994.Not much more to say on that subject other than in later years I do believe Ron felt like Dr. Frankenstein who created the monster .  Perhaps that is why he now never mentions my involvement in the program just  says he has done this alone for 41 yrs (except for someone named Susan years ago).  It's an interesting self promotion every 3 songs or so---I'm Ron Olesko----this the longest running whow on WFDU----true.   Annoying self promotion---true (but better than a commercial)
                                                                                                         BRUNCH WITH BILL--Finally the Finale.   Now we get to the name of the current Honcho.  Barry Sheffield.  The show I created after he suggested to do away with Sunday Simcha. As said earlier--"suggested".   We had a recent fund raiser and we did not do well( to say the least) and  allowing for  the newness of the program Barry Sheffield ( how you feel) decided on cancellation.   Sadly, it had nothing to do w/ numbers.  It did have to do  with his perception of disloyalty when I concurred w/ someone w/ a different opinion.    Two days earlier (in e mail I was a saint)   Next day---you figure that out.  My answer--Vanity   &  hypocrisy on the part of (as I now like to  call him) THE BARRY (right along in truth deptmt) w/ THE DONALD 

I hope to be back with you shortly in this new world of electronic wizardry via a podcast. Stay tuned.