Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Web and Program Suggestions and Notes

Not a very interest grabbing headline but, perhaps, this will get some of your attention. After all, I have found that mistakes and misunderstandings garner more interest and calls than straightforward programming and comments. Yesterday's TRADITIONS program proved that. So many calls and all of them quite flattering and complimentary along with requests that could not be filled. A wrong website address garnered another call.

In truth, I appreciate them all and also the loyal support of so many listeners to both TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA.

One of the things that I am delighted to mention is that my interview with Clement Talbot about Calypso in Bermuda and his family got quite a few people to go on line and order the book with the CDs and one person won a copy of the interview (I had it on CD) with the music.

It seems apparent that many of you are quite taken by Calypso and the earlier incarnation of it--say, back in the 1950s or 1960s. Some of the listeners also requested some Steel Drum Music. More about that after you watch this:

Steel Drums. A while back The Mighty Sparrow (Calypso Singer) was interviewed (not by me) and at the end was asked to say the first thing that came to his mind when he heard these names---Lord Invader, Lord Necktie, and, finally, Belafonte---for that one he said "Commercial".

Not to denigrate Harry Belafonte in any way given his popularizing the music, his involvement in Civil Rights, and so much more it was a true statement.

The other side of that coin is that without the aid of the commercial artists in popularizing things many would be consigned to the dustbin of musical history. It is a dichotomy. We want the music recognized but we don't want it commercialized. That also includes the "folkies" (which I mean in very complimentary terms). To be brutally frank---Pete Seeger has created a legacy of good will, good works, and wonderful achievements. He is now 90 and, frankly, they used the likes of John Melancamp and Bruce Springsteen to fill MSG for a benefit for Clearwater. I assume with his blessings and underwritten by Live Nation===pure commercialism. Theodore Bikel (85) used Carnegie Hall for a smaller benefit with people that really connected with him.

That led us off the track a bit and as I say on the program---I digress and am seeing a doctor about it. Digression is such an insidious disease.

I am hoping you will click on some of the new videos that I have put on this site---some on the right side of this page. I don't think they need any explanation since they are related to the Calypso I was speaking (writing) of.

If you will follow this site to Playlists(top of the page) and then to The Almost Daily Rooster which you can also get from the link or the right side of the page or on Playlists you will find some more interesting videos. I do hope you find them interesting. On the Playlists page you will find things oriented to the Yiddishkeit (sort of ) from Sunday Simcha. Right now a wonderful video of Leonard Bernstein creation---MASS. I saw it when it was originally presented at Lincoln Center--circa 1960s. Brilliant--encompasses all the music from the various religions and in their language as it follows the Christian Mass in its form. It also includes a folk section. Brilliant.

On the Almost Daily Rooster page you will find some work by the brilliant Tom Lehrer.. Work not to be missed and if you listen to Sunday Simcha you will hear a piece by the Budapest Orpheum Society (they did Dancing Under a Volcano--and have a brand new album out) entitled--Poisoning Pigeons. One has to wonder, as I say on the program, if Tom Lehrer got his idea for Poisoning Pigeons In The Park from that.

So, give it a listen and see what you think.

Since this page is devoted to things "folk" and the various programs I would urge you to click on the Almost Daily Rooster in the next day or so for some opinions on the hearings about the potential new Supreme Court Justice. One quick thought here---more there---along with the videos I have spoken of---she is proud of her involvement in Affirmative Action. Contrast that with Judge Thomas---he took advantage of it and now denies it to others. Strange. More on that other page.

A few personal thoughts now about the July 12 TRADITIONS program. My thanks for all the nice calls and also my congratulations to the ticket winner for Falcon Ridge. I know the feeling of excitement myself when I win something---enjoy the weekend. I am also sorry that I forgot to tell the story about my riding on a steam train back in the 1940s. That is what made me do the segment about disappearing passenger trains. The Almost Daily Rooster has comments on it about my sojourn at Summer Camp in those long gone years.

Finally, I thank you for your calls and notes about the final piece---Eric Bogle. Check the playlist. A song of truth of what we all do.