Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Like the movie theaters of old the marquees change from time to time and so do the a the presentations. Dear Brother Theodore has now left this stage but his memory is still pressed for eternity in an interview I did with him. THEODORE is more than my humble interview and shortly a film commemorating his life will be released. The filmmaker will be my guest on TABLETALK at that time. As to my interview---it was available on Ebay for a time but was removed by edict from a person purporting to represent BROTHER THEODORE. Since he had claimed to be THEODORE then I can only assume that it a true cosmic THEODORE experience.

The marquee, as said, has changed. Check on the right side for some videos of the late and surely great Steve Goodman.

Clay Eals has now written a most complete and very readable biography of a performer that has been under the radar for so long and yet his music has inspired us. It has also inspired other writers and performers. Not the least of which is John Prine who was a great friend of Steve's. The picture you see here is from recently released CD which I have played on TRADITIONS a bit. It shows this consummate artist in all his glory captivating the audience.

FACING THE MUSIC is the title of the Clay Eals bio of Steve Goodman. It weighs in at some 800 pages. 800 pages of really good writing that makes you feel you have gotten to know Steve Goodman. You read about his childhood in Chicago and those of a certain age will surely relate to the stories there. His loving family, his singing in "shul"--his family practiced Reformed Judaism. As the author quotes Steve---and I paraphrase--Jewish music sure has rhythm. One of his later songs paid tribute to that.
Steve, as we know, had been diagnosed with cancer at an early age. Yet, he battled for years---raised a family, performed, and always hoped for the best outcome. Yet, he knew of his mortality. As the author states, at one point, he {Steve} never liked the word "Terminal" at the airports he flew from. Sounded, to him, so ominous.

You cannot make a synopsis of a book this large and this informative in the few short paragraphs I offer. Suffice it to say that there are over 1,000 interviews from friends, artists, relatives, and more in this book. Pictures abound. Some never before seen in public.

Steve Goodman wrote with and performed with some of the most brilliant people we have in this and in many other genres. Think of Harry Chapin, Pete Seeger, Michael Smith, Bonnie Raitt, and so many more.

To read Clay Eals book is to really delve into what made Steve Goodman --Steve Goodman.

Clay Eals will be my guest on TRADITIONS near the end of June. We will talk of his wonderful work and intersperse it with some of the Steve Goodman songbook as we go along.

Knowing that there are so many Steve Goodman fans, aficionados, or whatever word once chooses, this is an event not to be missed. The book can be purchased or ordered at any of your favored book stores. This semi review and appreciation is of a figure finally commemorated in a truly detailed, interesting, readable work. The cover of the book is below---open it and enter the world of one of "folk" and eclectic music's great writers and performers.

Leaving this late and great consummate artist let me now urge you to tune in to TRADITIONS---besides every week---on June 3 you will hear a live performance by the Grammy award winning artist Laurie Lewis. She will be joined by Tom Rozum--a wonderful artist in his own right. We will be talking of their varied interests. From music to river rafting. With lots of live music, I am sure.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: As we always do there will be much traditional Jewish music. On June 3 I will be featuring that alongside with many Jewish performers that do not necessarily do "Jewish" music. Performers like George Burns, Don Rickles, Mike Burstyn, and, yes, Steve Goodman (if you read above), and more.

Comedy Corner will not be neglected.

TABLETALK: Those of you in the Rockland County area--and beyond. I will be featuring an interview with the founder and director of the most brilliant and outreaching drama group in the area. Namely, The Penguin Rep. Broadway quality performers with Broadway like settings in a suburban venue. Hard to come by. We will find out more about it then. Stay tuned.

WFDU offers the variety not found elsewhere.