Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blending in to the new neighborhood

A few comments I have to write about that might be of interest should you be thinking about joining a community discussion group wherever you are.   I recently moved to Oceanside NY (as you may know)and in hoping to find some social contact that I missed from my old stomping (I never really stomped) ground and joined the local JCC and their weekly discussion group.  It started so well w/a wonderful intern who ran the group (OK she was also gorgeous) but her internship ended and now we have this elderly bright gentlemen---oh, yes, the intern never had a mic. (a gavel) and our new "moderator has a mic..

The above is mentioned only as background.   Doing 2 radio shows on WFDU (89.1 fm) and    I can telll you that when there are guests we all have mics and I can also tell you that if one party has a mic and others do not you are surely able to surmise who commands the conversation.    Which brings me to the point of all this.  The local JCC and the alleged discussion group.

When the very nice intern left she was replaced by a very intelligent elderly man (and another rather pompous putz (I like alliteration) and gave them mics.   Now, the discussion group has turned into a monologue and comments  by the holders of a mic---just as in life.   

Just today I politely raised my hand after a 15 min monologue of "news"(some 10 yrs old) and said---"..."Respectfully I thought this was a discussion group and not a reading of the news we have heard on radio/TV"     The reply---true reply---""Just sit down".

The nice part many of the people there came over to me and complimented me on my comments.   Frankly, it just seemed proper.

I left shortly thereafter and discussed w/the office staff and their response was that they see my point and will contact the person who handles these things and, " would you like to start a group?"   I think they missed the point but I am flattered.   

Bottom line----never give one person a mic and denying the rest----the result is self inflicted show biz pain or dictatorship  ala Charlie Chaplin 

Honesty required here---I just finished writing this in my home studio after recording this wknd's WFDU TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA radio programs---1 mic/no guests.   W/a guest I would have used a 2d mic---equality is the watchword

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Return From An Extended Hiatus With Some Random Thoughts

Those of you who have followed my radio programs (WFDU---TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA) may recall that I have had some computer issues that precluded my broadcasts for a few weeks.  All is now resolved and I am certain is a load off of your minds---well, 1 or 2, perhaps.   I don't deal well w/ popularity.

Let's move on  to some things of more import.   Perhaps the upcoming Pres. elections.   Over a year away and everyone is acting like it isi tomorrow.   Nothing like 24/7 new and instant insight--alleged.   Takes time for insight.   But, the bit I take away is one thoughtful and idealistic candidate,  one candidate from the old establishment (forget gender for a moment) and a bunch of Yahoos crowding a field that has, perhaps, one possible contender w/some background who, thanks to his inept brother, is a no no to me.   Then there is the ever popular Pinata ---Donald Trump--waiting to be smashed to well deserved pieces in the tradition of his idyllic place.  By the way---has anyone recalled his borderline criminal acts in trying to get tenants out of some rent controlled bldgs on Central Park S. a number of years back.   Seems like some of the people he now criticizes were in his employ.   Surprise?

I have not been surprised by the outcry and arguments about the Confederate Flag. Unlike tabloid rags there are nuances to this matter and while I support its removal for its symbolism it does open up a few matters of  history and of dealing with an in(s)ane  person who committed this act of terror and violence.   

First---that flag did not go up there until the 1960s in opposition to integration.  It may have been a battle flag for some but it was a symbol of defiance to the Fed. Gov',t in the 1960s.      The flag may have been, as said, a battle flag for some, but, the Civil War (technically the war between the states) was not about slavery.  It was deeper than that.   So, let's not use this symbol as a flash point for insane bigots who know not more.   And, let us not make this in(s)ane nutso believe he had any effect on anything.  That is the worst thing we can do.

Finally, let's get back to some cheerful radio moments.   I have been off TRADITIONS for a few weeks due to computer glitches---as you know.  All resolved.  It all started when a listener generously sent me a cassette of an interview from years back w/Ronnie Gilbert (she was also the photog at the event) and managed to screw it up on the computer (which does not seem to like cassettes----wow, technology really tries to destroy its predecessors) (no 8  TRACKS for me).   I just discarded my Edison wax cylinders and since I believe I know my audience demographics I will stick to downloads/vinyl--for the time being--CD--and,hopefully new technology will take a brief break.  I have not the head or the money to keep up with it


Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Since I will be sharing  this on Facebook let me start by saying that Sloan Kettering Hospital spends dollars in advertising on Facebook to present their alleged "good side" and interject themselves into your time on Facebook. I do give them credit for having a paid staff that checks on any responses to their that disagree with any differing opinion(s).   That may well be good PR and has nothing to do with medicine and the practices at SK.   

I know that personal experience has a lot to do with encounters with medical facilities and mine with SK were horrendous----a non caring and arrogant facility.  Forget the details of arrogant.  I had  written elsewhere about having my late wife (it was her decision---and she was in the med. field)  transferred to Westchester Cty Med Ctr and be cared for by a truly caring and brilliant MD.   (His name--Augustine Moscatello) and to this day we are still in touch)

SO---to bring it to the current time.   Having some medical issues of my own I am delighted to report that there is a hospital and the med. practices contained within it that I find the most efficient and, unlike SK,will spend time with a patient to get to the problem----and---show a lot of empathy.   OH--I did not mention--WINTHROP HOSPITAL in Nassau County.  Unlike SK this is not a paid promotion.  It is an honest endorsement for quality and caring

As to the Miscellany that was in the header----let's keep it short since the medical issue(s) are what  I wanted to focus on BUT---I have had some computer issues with posting the playlists for SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS on certain sites.   In keeping with "M" I guess you might say thatg some had memorable moments.    You can, if you are a listener check them here onthe blog where they do appear.

Any ideas how to reslve that issue are welcome.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Random and Ill Advised Brain Doppings

Having just come back from seeing an amazing talent on the stage performing a one person (OK woman) show she created, performs in, and does it in one hour (no intermission), creates all the characters, the dialects I am just blown away by it.  It comes to us just in time for Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day).  Suffice it to say it is more than just sadness---there is also wonderful humor to go along with the tragedy and the familial problems that occur over the years----just a chair, lighting, incidental music and Jane Elias creates a whole world for us to savor and recall.   The show runs through most of May 2015   at 312 W 3 st NYC---the TBG Theater.

A moment on the subject of hypocrisy.   It see,s that the NRA is having a convention (bless those peace loving people that misinterpret the Constitution and lobby to underline the point).  They are allowing guns in---BUT---no gun w/ a firing pin that works (activated?)   They don't seem to worry or care about anywhere else.  I wonder if they are being hypocritical or just cowardly--given their comments of gun control (which they seem to be doing for themselves) .

On a brighter and more personal note.. Going into NYC today I used the LIRR.  I had not used public transport in years having lived in the bucolic Rockland County---and now Nassau Cty.   LIRR smart move given   the horrible traffic on LI roads as opposed to the wonderful
 scenic, fairly traffic free PALISADES PKWAY.

By the way---interesting aside.   Tolls would have been some 15.00 RT.   This is the part that gets me--street parking at Muni Meter in that area--2 hrs----15.00       SO===toll s/parking--30.00.   You know what===NYC is a millionaires paradise and a disaster for all others.  Montana and other places are looking good

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fairly Random Thoughts on Recent Moments

It has been a while but there are a number of things I wanted to comment on and share with you (and copy to Facebook ,in all honesty).   Let's start by talking of the radio programs I host (and co-host) on WFDU,   The support for both of them is sincerely appreciated and has been, to say the  least, overwhelming given the public type radio we are in.   I am happy to also report that the station had a raffle amongst pledgers for some premium prizes and one  of our loyal listeners and  supporters for many years was one of the winners===congratulations, Vic and thanks for all the years of support and, on a personal note, those recordings you have sent me.

Now, before more political comments, a tale of a JCC weekly discussion group here in my new place of residence (to which I am still trying hard to find comfortable) . We have a lovely (and I mean that in the mature and physical sense) moderator and an interesting group of attendees.  Of the entire group there are two truly well spoken and erudite men. I use the term "men" appropriately since the ladies (honestly) never stay on topic and just "yowl"(well chosen word).  The moderator chooses the topics. and no one seems to stick to that as they drift into discussing (spouting) their personal grievances .   A brief example:   The topic was Racism===more prevalent  now or earlier---the twp gentlemen I mentioned voiced their thoughts  in a rational way and the ladies (and some of the men , lest you think I am chauvinistic.) just rambled on about their personal lives and how many times they have moved so as to stay in a neighborhood where they feel comfortable.  I guess racism takes many forms but it did seem to drift off topic and more int the area of--"enough about your topic and let me tell you about me".

The other topic (which is when I left) was Iran and one woman screamed---yes, screamed---damned Obama , you don't talk w/ your enemies' you bomb them to hell.  I did try to make a comment and that did not work out very well.    You cannot enter the mind very narrow people because there is no room left for thought====and when one says"...what do know anyway.  I watch FOX news and they know \what the facts are  (whatever that means))  I asked if she ever listened to radio and NPR---damned bunch Commies (OK she lives in the past) That is when I left   and felt this was not rational discussion.  Best I stick to non confrontational tennis

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It certainly has been some time since my last comments on this page and, certainly, a lot has happened in the world, the nation, and in my not so humble existence.  Let me start with a few recent events that I am noting here and not on Facebook since that place seems overloaded with people who vanity problems and want to publicize their last bowel movement---kind word for was funny on "Married w/ Children "on TV.    So, recent events.   Recently moved to L I . More on that lush island later.    I joined the local JCC since I have heard, and rightfully so, how good it is for your health to be involved with social events.   Today I was invited to join in a discussion group.   There was a time when I had discussions that had results.   Being on my library board,  meetings at my radio station etc;.  Here,  it was a discussion that went nowhere with people bloviating to hear their own voices at great volume.   Well. the good part is I met some folks that I probably won't see again---except for one person who I knew before and who commented "..does  no one ever get to a point..."   Right on!

To be brief I will just add one more thought to this missive that has not been published in while.   Allow me to mention my 2 radio programs (there were 3 but TABLETALK is gone at my request---too much work and no staff) .SUNDAY SIMCHA and TRADITIONS.   It is a joy to be able to keep doing them and my thanks to WFDU for allowing such wonderful "free form" rado to still exist in this wasteland of mediocrity and sameness