Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TABLETALK PROGRAM===week of 9/15/17----

Today's playlist:
ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

ERIC BOGLE Harry's Wife Something of Value Rounder
DAVE VAN RONK He Was Friend of Mine On Air Prestige
JUDy COLLINS Send In The Clowns Judy Collins Disky
JUDY COLLINS / PETE SEEGER Union Maid Personal copy

CARLA SCIAKY There Are Many Roads Awakening Green Linet
MODERN MAN Abdul the Rekuctant Martyr Single Inverted Turtle

KATE CAMPBELL Jerusalem Inn Songs From The Levee Com[ass
MIKE BURSTEIN Rumania Rumania Personal copy

GATHERING TIME Mom's Guitar Keepake ind
HARRY CHAPIN Six String Orchestra Verities & Balderdash Elektra
KATE WOLF Back Roads Backroads Rhino

Monday, September 11, 2017

TABLETALK program for week of 9/8-2017----

This week a few new recordings, some old favorites, a requested Comedy Corner w/ Lenny  Bruce after we start with a weather related topical song---not political===we shall leave Trumpelthinskin for another week.    Here, now, is today's playlist==
ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

NANCI GRIFFITH / CAST Wasn.t That A Mighty Storm Trip To Bounttiful
JACK TEMPCHIN Peaceful Easy Feeling Peaceful Easy Feeling Blue Elan Record
JACK TEMPCHIN Slow Dancing Peaceful Easy Feeling Blue Elan Record
ROBERT K. WOLF Brand New Old Lang Syne The Safest Place I Know Brooding Star Music

NIGHT TREE Survivor's Nign Night Tree Night Tree Records
KATE CAMPBELL Yellow Guitar Monuments

FRED SMITH American Guitar Texas Ind

Bill Hahn

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

TABLETALK for week of September 1-----

This week an extended comedy corner to remember and commemorate Shelley Berman along with music---topical, old , and new
Here now is the playlist:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

CHRISTINE LAVIN Turn This Ship Around Spaghetification Ind
CHRISTINE LAVIN What The Hell Was That Spaghetification Ind

YOUNG & RUSTY Boats To Build Come Back Soon Motherlotus Records
JIM KWESKIN / GOEFF MULDUAR Fishibg Blues Penny's Farm Kingswood Records
JOAN BAEZ Fishing Gone From Danger Razor & Tie

SHELLEY BERMAN I Am Not A Folk Singer A Personal Appearance Verve
SHELLEY BERMAN Dedicated To Parents Inside Shelley Bernan Verve
SHELLEY BERMAN Father & Son OutsideShelley Berman Verve
BARBARA JO KAMMER Medicine Wheel One Song At A Time Ind
K C GROVES Bluebird HappyLittle Trees Ind

Sunday, August 27, 2017

TABLETALK program for the week of August 25, 2017`

I do believe a topical, nostalgic, and pointed show this wek that will introduce you a few new artists and have you enjoy some old favorites.

On a personal note let  me add this thought---Having done this for over 20 + years (under various titles)  it is a delight to do it here w/ no time constraints and disloyal people, frankly, passing on to the  disloyal  new mgmt.issues that====OK ,yes my ex- co host ==were meant for me --he(who asserts a love for free speech and non-censorship) forwarded to them.   Talk about "shit hitting the fan".   It did.   Shortly  thereafter I resigned and now you can enjoy, hopefully you do. the same program I did (programs) on WFDU (Traditions, Sunday Simcha, Tabletalk).   This program is a blend (amalgam) of all----but, mostly TRADITIONS---so, thanks and, finally, no thanks to Ron Olesko for continuing w/  his long running and (having the experience now) hypocritical and less than clever(on topical matters) program.    

NOW---today's Playlist:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

GATHERING TIME / MARA LEVINE Be My Silence single Triple-g records

GATHERING TIME / MARA LEVINE Too Far To Turn Back Now single Triple-g records
RANDALL KROM When WeRemember When Rough and Polished Stne Ind
RICHARD BERMAN That Old Song Turn Turn Turn Holding Hands Arries
FOLKAPOTAMUS Poor Wayfaring Stranger Middle of Nowhere Ind
AARON NATHAN & MICHAEL G. RONDSTADT The Strength to Not Fight Back Hang On For The Ride Ind

CAST Springtime for Hitler The Producers

CAST Heil Myself The Producers

CAST Springtime for Hitler The Producers part 2

KEN DUNN Crawl on Back Wondrous Beauty Ind
JASON PETTY I Saw The Light Lost Highway Ind
DAVE VAN RONK He Was A Friend of Mine Hear Me Howl Rock Beat
DAVE VAN RONK Green Green Rocky Road Hear Me Howl Rock Beat
JOHN PRINE Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore The Singing Mailman Delivers OhBoy

Sunday, August 20, 2017

TABLETALK program for this week---8/18/17-----

Topicality takes forefront today along w/ some wonderful story songs/  Also, a remembrance of a great comic and thinker-----DICK GREGORY.   Here, now, is this week's playlist and my great respect and fondness for Dick Gregory:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

ROD MACDONALD White Flour Later That Night Blue Flute
FRED SMALL The Heart Of The Apaloosa The Heart of The Apaloosa

RICHARD BERMAN On The Mexican Coast Storied Lives

DICK GREGORY Comedians of thd '60s In Living Black & White Colpix
DICK GREGORY Political Comments In Living Black & White Colpix

MICHAEL SMITH I Brought My Father With Me Such Things Are Finely Done Tales From The Tavern Ind
KINKY FRIEDMAN God Bless John Wayne Kinky Friedman & The Texas Jewboys Fruit of The Tune Ind

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


A day late and many dollars short but it is  here in this fairly awful and tragic week which we evince in a musical way. 

Additionally, a concert mention about a wonderful new performer(s) soon to appear at the Minstrel.

Lastly---keep in mind the wonderful annual FREE concert in Rockland County by the Borderline Folk group----so sorry I cannot attend this year.  The date is August 27 at 12 noon---a brilliant tribute to LEONARD COHEN---and a great finale w/ many of you favorite artists