Sunday, August 20, 2017

TABLETALK program for this week---8/18/17-----

Topicality takes forefront today along w/ some wonderful story songs/  Also, a remembrance of a great comic and thinker-----DICK GREGORY

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


A day late and many dollars short but it is  here in this fairly awful and tragic week which we evince in a musical way. 

Additionally, a concert mention about a wonderful new performer(s) soon to appear at the Minstrel.

Lastly---keep in mind the wonderful annual FREE concert in Rockland County by the Borderline Folk group----so sorry I cannot attend this year.  The date is August 27 at 12 noon---a brilliant tribute to LEONARD COHEN---and a great finale w/ many of you favorite artists

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tobpical Topics For Today

Knowing that recently I have always posted my weekly TABLETALK program her I though it a cood idea to post a more topical thought today.   Comments, as always, welcome.\

To be as brief as possible.   Donald Trump (explectives and snide comments) deleted.   N. Korea and his response.   I am certain that you remember a time of diplomacy (Kennedys/Cuba, etc)  ad now we have a ego maniacal Pres. who males all things personal and  troubles---dare I say, fragile libido.  

The fact is that it is not personal an diplomacy (something he knows not of---unlike all who came before      (thankfully).

My take is that N. Korea's leader is aiming for something (I know not) and has more insight than the simplistic person now serving as (sadly) Pres.  We have the school bully w/ the big mouth  as opposed to the giants we had----DDE,Marshall, HST,  and more

Honestly, we can only hope that the mouth DT keeps shooting off does not cost millions of innocent lives cares not a whit about---as he cared not for the tenants i his bldgs.

A Topical Topic Today

Topical Topics for This Day

Saturday, August 5, 2017

TAB;ETALK FOR THE WEEK 8/4/17---8/11/17

This week's TABLETALK program is here now.   Topical and traditional.  I hope I have covered all the bases on the topical side---one can never cover all  of the treasure trove on the traditional side.