Friday, March 10, 2017


Featuring a 90th  bday commemoration of Harry Belafonte, a riotous  Comedy Corner, and some new and topical material.    The playlist is below:


ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

HARRY BELAFONTE Island In The Sun Calypso Jackpot
HARRY BELAFONTE Man Smart (Woman Smarter) Calypso Jackpot
JOHN FLYNN She Persisted Single

HANK WILLIAMS Jambalaya HANK Time/Life
BOB WILLS San Antonio Rose Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys

BOB WILLS Take Me Back To Tulsa Bob Wills & Tommy Duncan

MODERN MAN God Loves The Irish The Wide Album Inverted Turtle
ALLAN SHERMAN Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max My Son The Folk Singer

PAT WICTOR Lincoln Park This is Absolutely Real Risky Disc
JULIE SNOW Relax Your Mind No Ordinary Love Julie Snow Music
KATE WOLF Both Sides Now (Clouds) Carry It On
GATHERING TIME Tanglewood Tree Single Triple G Records

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Here is this weeks program. The playlist will follow in the next day or so.   Why not scoot over to Facebook and like the Tabletalk page?   Also  drop me a note at when you can to let me know what you think and and requests you may have,

Sunday, February 19, 2017


I do believe that a few things have to be addressed re: WFDU, Ron Olesko and Traditions.

I have not tuned in to WFDU for quite some time since all their format changes into total nonsense for listening when there are so many other options in talk (WNYC),music(WQXR) or Sirtius. I did tune in today for a brief 29 or so minutes (other than for a short time to the only 1 of 2 listenable programs---Vintage Rock/Pop Shop---Lise Avery). I tuned in to Ron Olesko and Traditions. I truly despise hypocrisy. He truly presented it ins perfect form. Aside from the fact that he sounded like he never had a co-host for over 20 some odd years on HIS(his term) show he made a comment about how many times he has aired music that was controversial and got complaints from listeners. TRUE! Yet when such a complaint came to him by mistake he forwarded to mgmt. And all the fecal matter hit the fan and that is one of a few reasons I am no longer there.

Don't misunderstand me. I left. Tired of criticism about content and tired of looking at a pouting puss during fund raising time because the money was not coming in.

OK—bottom line---I thank all for my start there and things do change and I truly abhor their hypocrisy and could not abide the new Mgmt and Ron Olesko(and his hypocrisy) anymore

Thursday, February 16, 2017

TABLETALK PROGRAM 2/17---2/25/17

Hopefully that this is up your alley---some wonderful new artists, some old favorites, and some comedy that can only be played    here====and with a great point. Here is today's playlist---0

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)


DAVE VAN RONK Green Green Rocky Road And The Tin Pan Bended... Smtsonian Folkways
ANNIE MOSCOW Someday Passing Trains 11 Blocks Records
ZOE MULFORD February Thunder Small Brown Birds Azalea City
NOEL PAUL STOOKEY Impeachable Single Download
ELAINE MAHON Rolling Home Reach For The Stars Ind
KEVIN ROTH Love Is Reawakening Newworld Multimedia
KEVIN ROTH The Potter's Wheel Reawakening Newworld Multimedia
CAROL ELLIOT Rex Rob Lowenstein The People I Meet Heart Song Records
CHAIM TANNENBAUM Brooklyn, 1955 Chaim Tannenbaum Story Sound Records
FREEBO Old Blue Dog People Poppabo Records
JUNIOR BROWN Sugarfoot Rag Greatest Hits Curb
RED FOLEY Sugarfoot Rag 78 Single Decca

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Some old favorites , a few requests, and a rare unedited Comedy Corner among other things.     The e mail address is

And the playlist:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

KATE WOLF Give Yourself To Love Weaver of Dreams Rhino
STEVEN BLANE Old Soul I Confess Ind
ROGER SALLOOM Playboys & Playgirls Download Promo Ind
PETE SEEGER Waist deep In The Big Muddy A Link In The Chain Sony
LYDIA SYLVIA MARTIN Cherry River Line Chasing The Ghost Dryad record
JOHN PRINE Paradise In Person & On Stage Oh Boy
JACK E LEONARD & VARIOUS Friars Club Roast Don Rickles Private copy

ROSEANNNE CASH Fair & Tender Ladies Songcatchedr Vangaurd
DEANA CARTER The Cuckoo Bird Songcatchedr Vangaurd
MEG BRAUN The Storms Are On The Ocean Restless Moon Ind

Friday, February 3, 2017


It will be mentioned on the program that if you(and 10 others) write to request a 2d hour dedicated to Sunday Simcha (Yiddish) I will do it.    E mail===

Now--today's playlist

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

JACK WILLIAMS John Henry Far Away,Long Ago Wind River
DC BLOOM Mean People Suck Just Another Song & Dance Man Sunnysky Days
NAMING THE TWINS You're Right Everything's Wrong Turnstyles Duet Right
THE BARTON BROTHERS Joe & Paul Music From The Yiddish Radio Project Shanachie
BRUCE ADLER Rumania An Evening At The Yiddish Theater Ind
PETER COOK Interesting Things Various tracks personal copy
ISABEL TAYLOR Gimme Some Good News Awake Again Ind
CATHY FINK , MARCY MARXER Song of Joy Get Up & DoRight Community Music
IRIS DEMENT Easy's Gettin' Harder Everyday My Life Warner
TOM PAXTON Outward Bound Boat In The Water Pax Music