Monday, January 28, 2013


Those of you  who are listeners to TRADITIONS know that quite frequently I play the music of the late----and great---KATE WOLF.  She would have been 71 years of age on Jan. 27 this year.  I say "of age" because, sadly, she and her wonderful talent left us when she was just 44 years old.   I often wonder why people post things saying "happy birthday" on social media in tribute to those who are gone---no more "happy" birthdays for them.  Just for us to recall them and their great talent.

Let me tell you how I came to know of and love the music of KATE WOLF.  Back in about 1983 I was introduced to her music by a talented songwriter in his own right and realized that he had handed me a gem.  A rare gem.   Since then I have loved her work.  When I started doing some radio broadcasting I always wanted to feature some of her artistry.  Some years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing her children on the program.  It was a delight and also a wonderful moment to hear about her history and how they are keeping her music alive and remembered.  You can find out more about her and her amazing story on the following website   .

Aside from all the wonderful  recordings and live music she gave us here are a few little sidelights:
      Give Yourself To Love---a song written for a wedding of a friend of hers but, frankly, is also quite appropriate for funerals.  I know some friends you have used it for that sad moment.
       Emma Rose----A wonderful story that is based, according to Kate Wolf, on a true incident.  Makes sense to me.
           Peaceful Easy Feeling----This is a Jack Tempchin composition that was a huge hit for The Eagles.  Me;  Just listen to Kate Wolf do it and there is no other.
        Cornflower Blue---Just a beautiful piece of work and after her sad passing a wonderful tribute to her using the title of that song by Eric Bogle.   If you are a listener to TRADITIONS on the weeks I am on you will have heard that many times.

 We could continue with an entire ---as it is said in aYiddishkeit--Megillah of her great work.  We won't.  Just let us sample a few thanks to modern technology where where everything lives forever---would that Kate Wolf had.     Afterwards check out some other notes of interest.



Granted these are not the songs mentioned above but they are some moving samples of that great plaintive voice and talent.   As to Weaver of Visions---the line in that last song---do go get that album of her music.  A wonderful 2 disc set of her most memorable music.

Some other notes now:

Since I was not on TRADITIONS on Jan. 27 I was not able to do this commemoration.  I do hope you will allow this to be my commemoration and learn more about this great talent and remember and appreciate it.   

OK.  More practical matters now.  You may know that the annual fundraising event---surely not a gala for yours truly---for WFDU arrives on 2/1.  Honestly now---3 weeks is not all that long on an annual basis.  Think about the other alleged "community" stations.  Is it ever that short--No.   Is it ever that infrequent---No.   Truly---this is the right place on the left side of the now defunct dial.   Eclectic programming that is what radio used to be about is still alive and well on WFDU---your support is  needed for this very brief time.  Take a break from the incessant pledge drives currently in progress and just enjoy some music and comments from people who devote their time to this station---and support them.

A few other items----SUNDAY SIMCHA.  Yes, it is fund raising time. I will still be having a conversation with the filmmaker of KOCH---all about the mayor.   A fascinating film.  Later this month I will have the filmmaker of HAVA NAGILA, THE MOVIE on the program.   As the slogan says---WFDU---Keeping Yiddishkeit on The Air 

As to TRADITIONS---some wonderful guests and, more importantly, some great music and commentary follow after our fundraising month.   The joke there is that the commentary during fundraising is not all that witty---though, it could be. Let us know.