Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Suggestion

This is a really brief note to request a click on the right to The Almost Daily Rooster. Such a grand fellow---right up there with Brian of Family Guy. Today he has some insights for you idealists.

Since this page is really devoted to the programs and to artists that appear on them I refer you to that other spot. I do not think you will he disappointed. If you believe in idealism and you know a bit of Candide (Voltaire and Bernstein) you will appreciate the comments.

For program updates I can tell you that on

Sunday Simcha for 10/21 we will be having an interesting debut of a CD one of our listeners graciously sent over by Oscar Brand---that versatile fellow of many years who is so knowledgeable in so many genres.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some Time Out From My Vast Nigerian Correspondence

Tearing myself away from the network of Nigerian business opportunities that seem to come to me so many times is hard to do. So many grand opportunities from so many important entrepreneurs from this hub of commerce but time to update some Program Notes.

First of all I was thinking about the very gracious and talented guest that was on TRADITIONS this past Sunday---Beppe Gambetta. Besides his talent and his lilting Neapolitan dialect his sense of humor blows me away---I still recall this exchange:

Q: Can you tell us what Flat Picking is?

A: (in that great dialect) Eh--could be looking for an apartment.

I would suggest you go the website for BODLES OPERA HOUSE to check the schedule and make some reservations to meet Beppe on October 14. The rest of their schedule is also of great interest:


October 13--SONiA and Disappear Fear



November 10-- MODERN MAN

A very special reminder---MODERN MAN in a FREE CONCERT at ORANGEBURG LIBRARY on Sunday December 16 at 2 PM It would be good to call the library soon since seating is limited and you surely want to make sure you have one---after all you have to have a seat to put your own seat on. The number is 845-359-2244.

The calls this past Sunday for requests for Steve Goodman encourage me to keep up this feature. Either comment here or e mail for any requests in that area.

As said last Sunday--in --as the expression goes--"the day" people (including this avid radio fan) would mail in postcards with requests. The postcards were 1 cent. They are more now but e mail is free----for now. Why not try that approach and let us revisit that land of yesteryear with request correspondence.

On your way to that land of yesteryear do say hello to The Lone Ranger and Tonto if you happen to bump into them. If you don't it is probably because The Shadow knows where you are---and what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

Now I have to be excused to get back to some major financial dealings with Mr. Mjube and his late wife's estate that has to be disposed of by transferring her 10 cows, 5 sheep, and 10 million dollars to me.