Wednesday, December 3, 2008


But I'll tell you anyway.

TRADITIONS: I am planning on returning to the program for our year end program wherein Ron and I present the recordings of the past year that we found very meaningful. While we will also recall the people we lost this year I will offer my thanks for not being among them and also offer thanks to all of you have kept me in your thoughts and prayers. The letters and cards more were touching and meaningful. I do notice that with the poor auto sales none of you rushed out to buy a bargain gift for me.
In all honesty; your thoughts and cards were more meaningful. I was not able to drive for a time in any case.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: All of the above. You may have noted that since the end of Oct. the programs have been "encores"---fancy word for "repeats". Starting Dec. 14 the shows will once again be new. Don 't forget we have to have a Hannukah (spell it anyway you like) party. So get out the dreydls and lets place a few large wagers.

Finally, please look at the new videos on the right. My sincere sense of loss with the passing of Odetta. A few nice videos of Junior Brown brought to mind by one of our listeners to whom I promised more of him last time I was on in October