Thursday, June 23, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon :



1)   In thinking of the horrible (where did horrific come from anyway?) news of the tragedy in Long Island at that pharmacy one has to wonder why we have to constantly cater to obviously guilty parties and protect their dignity and rights.  Did they ever think of that for the victims?   The rule of law is of great importance and it has evolved well---but there are exceptional circumstances.   This miscreant is one and is truly of a “rush to judgement” and incarcaration---or worse.

2)                  Sorry that I never met the late Huguette Clark.  I might have charmed her whilst she was living at Beth Israel Medical Center in good health and shared some of the bounty of her large estate.  The people who guide one at Newport, Rhode Island talk of the creators of fortunes and the inheritors---she was that perfect definition---and lived to 104. 

3)                  Wimbledon is on and the volume is ever so loud.  Why oh why do female players have to shriek at every shot they make?  Forget the inane excuse by one of the participants that it is her form of breath control.   Trying to upset her opponent and annoy the public sounds a lot more logical.

4)                  There are so many choices for diversion. Broadway musicals (unlike the “classic era” of them) costing in the range of over 150.00,  Movies over 10.00 and then there is radio (the theater of the mind) that has programs like “Moth Radio Hour”, “Prairie Home Companion”, and always think of the left side of the dial and WFDU.  The cost---nothing except a voluntary donation annually.

5)                  Given today’s comments I would have to add a line that I wish I could attribute to John McCain but cannot----“...get off my lawn..”.   We codgers like that even though, admittedly, some younger folks have more interest in lawns than I.