Thursday, December 22, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............


1)   Riding the subways has not really changed much over the years.  People never made eye contact but, rather, read newspapers and now they don’t make eye contact and cannot take their eyes from their electronic gadgetry.

2)  What are the odds that a judge will reverse the toll increases by the NYNJ PA?   I am open to wagers for all those who vote in the affirmative so I can collect some Shekels.

3)  I am delighted that the webmaster at WFDU (  changed the picture of me on the website.  So, does one tip a webmaster?

4)   Speaking of WFDU, I do hope you will be tuned in this Sunday for both Sunday Simcha and Traditions since we have a really moving Comedy Corner w/ Sally Fingerett (amongst other great material) and a truly interesting mix of non-traditional seasonal music mixed with our usual features---and an extended “Voices We Should Keep Remembering”---Yes=--that was the consensus for the title of that segment.

5)  Christmas is upon us as well as Hannukah.  A holiday made to compete with the merchants for Holiday business---now we also get Kwanzaa and I do believe merchants had nothing to do with that.  SO---Hannukah and the Miracle of the Oil.  I will not repeat the tired joke I have used on the air many a time---just think about your car, gas prices, and---it is obvious.  Alevai!! As the expression goes.

6)   There is a town in NJ where the stores and the people put signs in windows counting down to Christmas starting in late Aug. or early Sept.   You have to wonder how depressed they must get on Dec. 27.  Dec. 26 has fond memories of their dreams still.  Mostly never up to whatever was expected and who knows what that impossible thing was.

7)   When you were a child I bet you, as I, many times were touched by some of the TV specials---Charlie Brown for one.   Please do check out the annual Family Guy show for the holiday.   It will truly touch your curmudgeon heart and, yet, have an uplifting ending since Santa does survive.  Nuff said there---but be alert for one great and corny joke about a Canadian and his leg given to Stuie and Brian on their trip to the North Pole to assassinate the jolly fat fellow.

8)   I am hanging my stocking where it will not be seen because people might think me a transvestite for having stockings----the bras and corsets are OK.  And, Oh those delightful pumps.

9)  My hat---or, better, my Yamulke (as if I wear one) is off to Zalmen Mlotek for his brilliant “birthing”, if you will, of Shlemiel 1 at The Skirbal Ctr. In NYC.   All in English with a wonderful bit of Yiddishkeit attached to some brilliant dancing and musical numbers.

10)                You have to give credit for ingenuity to the fellow who attached a cable to his license plates and flipped them when going through the GWB  EZ Pass toll plazas so they would read the wrong number.   Makes you  want to recall the early protesters dealing with the British Stamp Act.  

11)                Strange how the Port Authority passed that toll increase and now is not using the money for what they claimed it was for.   I am sure the TBTA is no better---and far more expensive trip is encountered when using their facilities.  Rob’t Moses would be proud.


Monday, December 19, 2011


 Since the request for concert and performance announcements was made I do believe it incumbent to now give you a few links to some local venues (some of which are already on the site) and, also, list a few upcoming gigs in this area---this area being NY NJ CT---
First some links:
The Turning Point
Acoustic Cafe
Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club

Those are some of the local venues that will of interest.  More will be added later.  In the meantime here are some upcoming performances in addition to those you will find on those sites that might be of interest--

Pat Wictor-----Place House Concerts--Livingston NJ    Jan. 8, 2012
Tom Chapin---Turning Point, Piermont, NY          Dec. 28/29 , 2011
Hungrytown---Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club              Jan. 7, 2012

We will let it go at these local events (for this area) but do check the websites for those listed for more dates.   More will be added and local updates will also be added.

As to the misc. updates---I do hope you will be tuned in to WFDU 89.1 FM (or on the web---I still wonder who really sits at a computer for this "nonsense" (honesty there) because on this coming Sunday we have a truly interesting SUNDAY SIMCHA planned (no holiday material there--well, just one piece) and a really fun filled afternoon of TRADITIONS.  Holiday music in all its different incarnations along with our usual fare of some great new musical moments in addition to the features----with a special emphasis on one---AND--we have a winner for the title of that segment---Past but Perfect Voices to Remember.

Here is one of them right now----

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Having attended a truly wonderful performance by the amazingly talented and personable Pat Wictor today I was put in mind, by some attendees, of putting more information on this page regarding upcoming performances by artists in that genre.  Good point!  And so it shall be.  Keep looking here for updates for some of your favorite artists and venues such as the aforementioned Pat Wictor, Brother Sun, and ever so many more along with venues like Acoustic Cafe, The Turning Point, and ever so many more---that is what Bing and Google are for.  A fairly complete list will be here in a day or so.

For those of you who attended today's concert at The Orangeburg Library I am sure you were delighted with Mr. Wictor and when you heard his comments (and mine) about Brother Sun you may well have wondered what we were raving and about---unless, of course, you purchased the CD. Well, here is a sample----

If you find them in your area believe me that they are not to be missed. Individual performers in their on right but together---I cannot describe the feeling. Greg Greenway has a stage presence that is not to be believed, Joe Jencks has a voice and a charisma from heaven, and Pat Wictor you, who read this, know what I cannot properly describe about magnetism---and together---it is a truly powerful magnet.

We will get back to NOBODY ASKED ME BUT.. this Thursday (hopefully). Jimmy Cannon, sadly, is still dead but I will try to carry on the tradition as often as possible--one comment to dwell on---

Nobody Asked Me But---Subway manners have not changed. Years back people avoided eye contact and stared that their newspapers---now they avoid eye contact and are glued to electrcnic devices. Safer, I add, than doing it while driving. Another plus for public transportration---though , as it turns out, is not much less than your own car. Check those tolls today. You need a passport and a visa to go from one side of the Hudson to another---and on to Long Island---or is it a mortgage? Yes. the latter since there are no EZ passes for passports which cost even more. No one wants you to leave this bucolic land of plenty--"plenty" as in plenty of red tape, high costs, and, yet, still the best place to be. Some other time we can talk of when tolls were .25 for the TBTA and .50 on the GWB and, of course, houses were not McMansions and priced as if they were Mansions.

Stay tuned for Concer Updates--and radio updates.