Thursday, December 22, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............


1)   Riding the subways has not really changed much over the years.  People never made eye contact but, rather, read newspapers and now they don’t make eye contact and cannot take their eyes from their electronic gadgetry.

2)  What are the odds that a judge will reverse the toll increases by the NYNJ PA?   I am open to wagers for all those who vote in the affirmative so I can collect some Shekels.

3)  I am delighted that the webmaster at WFDU (  changed the picture of me on the website.  So, does one tip a webmaster?

4)   Speaking of WFDU, I do hope you will be tuned in this Sunday for both Sunday Simcha and Traditions since we have a really moving Comedy Corner w/ Sally Fingerett (amongst other great material) and a truly interesting mix of non-traditional seasonal music mixed with our usual features---and an extended “Voices We Should Keep Remembering”---Yes=--that was the consensus for the title of that segment.

5)  Christmas is upon us as well as Hannukah.  A holiday made to compete with the merchants for Holiday business---now we also get Kwanzaa and I do believe merchants had nothing to do with that.  SO---Hannukah and the Miracle of the Oil.  I will not repeat the tired joke I have used on the air many a time---just think about your car, gas prices, and---it is obvious.  Alevai!! As the expression goes.

6)   There is a town in NJ where the stores and the people put signs in windows counting down to Christmas starting in late Aug. or early Sept.   You have to wonder how depressed they must get on Dec. 27.  Dec. 26 has fond memories of their dreams still.  Mostly never up to whatever was expected and who knows what that impossible thing was.

7)   When you were a child I bet you, as I, many times were touched by some of the TV specials---Charlie Brown for one.   Please do check out the annual Family Guy show for the holiday.   It will truly touch your curmudgeon heart and, yet, have an uplifting ending since Santa does survive.  Nuff said there---but be alert for one great and corny joke about a Canadian and his leg given to Stuie and Brian on their trip to the North Pole to assassinate the jolly fat fellow.

8)   I am hanging my stocking where it will not be seen because people might think me a transvestite for having stockings----the bras and corsets are OK.  And, Oh those delightful pumps.

9)  My hat---or, better, my Yamulke (as if I wear one) is off to Zalmen Mlotek for his brilliant “birthing”, if you will, of Shlemiel 1 at The Skirbal Ctr. In NYC.   All in English with a wonderful bit of Yiddishkeit attached to some brilliant dancing and musical numbers.

10)                You have to give credit for ingenuity to the fellow who attached a cable to his license plates and flipped them when going through the GWB  EZ Pass toll plazas so they would read the wrong number.   Makes you  want to recall the early protesters dealing with the British Stamp Act.  

11)                Strange how the Port Authority passed that toll increase and now is not using the money for what they claimed it was for.   I am sure the TBTA is no better---and far more expensive trip is encountered when using their facilities.  Rob’t Moses would be proud.


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Anonymous said...

Corsets are out, Spanxs are in. But there is a market for vintage anything.