Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Some Upcoming Appearances and A Few Other Bits of Minutae

First, my thanks to those of you who visited the The Almost Daily Rooster site recently. The last entry was something I feel strongly about and is better published there than here. Hopefully you agreed. If not it is perfectly understandable. Leave any comments you like.

The May 6 SUNDAY SIMCHA program has a surprise or two. One is a piece you were not, I think, expecting. We will have a contest to see if you can recognize the person doing the piece. Tune in to hear it. The rules are (for a randomly selected CD) an e mail with the performer's name must be rcvd. prior to posting the playlist on this website. Basically, that means prior to the end or Sunday May 6.

Thanks to you who wrote some e mails supporting my stand on not playing Jackie Mason on the program. There are just some things that are too far over the top in bad taste to warrant such artists air-time. It is not censorship. It is merely a host's decision on what is good taste and what is not.

TRADITIONS on May 6 will also have a few interesting artifacts as always. While I do not plan on any guests this Sunday---lots of music that will present some new material and also re-visit some people who, while they were played plentifully when the CDs were new have not been played in a while.

If you have any requests just e mail me in advance.

A brief update now on some future guests---- Toward the end of May Modern Man plans to visit us on the occasion of a brand new CD to be released. Their 3d. The former Testostertones are in rare firm. This CD mixes their brilliant comedy material with some nice balladry.

The picture is from their appearance on April 28 at Bodles Opera House. That is Deborah Holland with them for the finale. She was with us on April 22.

I also have to thank them for the kind birthday wishes and cake there and I did make my wish. While I did not reveal it I have to say the George Wurzbach was wrong when he said " did not get it---David is still here".

At the beginning of June A visit by Laurie Lewis is anticipated along with some live music by her and some of her band.

Laurie's latest CD is a great mix of Bluegrass and some "folk" oriented material that blends it all. She is also a person that you will find of great interest ---not in the Police sense--with her varied interests and activities.

Finally, if you click on the right side of the screen check out some of the new photos that have been added to the Rogues Gallery.