Thursday, July 21, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.

1) Before there was Medicare and before there was big Pharma pharmacists mixed their Rxs and MD talked with you. Now, medicine is supplied by the large Corps. –better, surely, but overpriced---as well. MDs, who are caring and good still speak to and diagnose their patients---but given the pressures on them from the bureaucracy one is lucky to find such caring MDs. Happily I have. Not to generalize but most are Not In Rockland County.

2) Here is a wee lesson I learned in High School---a broadsheet ( NY Times is all that is left in this area) covers full stories and the lead is in the 1st paragraph (and a synop. In the headline). The Tabloids make sure everything is on one page. The broadsheets (in general) give an objective overview and the Tabloids---well, you have seen the headlines---they tell you what you should think in the most bizarre terms.

3) Does anyone remember when the Daily News was a rag and the NY Post was an intelligent paper? Bless Rupert Murdoch to bringing everything down to the lowest possible common denominator and enriching himself and, in NY, making the Daily News seem almost intellectual.

4) Wait for the dive into the sewer of the Wall St. Journal. Midas touched things and they turned to gold---Murdoch touches things and he turns his acquisitions into----how does one cleanly say fecal matter?

5) Lighter note time brings us to some great new material that has been sent to me from some wonderful and creative artists---I do hope you will be tuned in to TRADITIONS on 7/24 to meet them (via their recordings). You will meet some of them live on air over the next few weeks after that.

6) Someone has informed me that there are still some summer camps that hew to the ideal of rusticity and social involvement rather than being posh sports academies hoping for future reservations like posh hotels. Thank heavens! Read the NYT Business of 7/10 to see what I mean. They only speak of the “posh” business models---look around you will find alternatives.

7) In thinking of life’s journey one realizes there are landmark moments that change a life and open a door to another road. I suspect many of you have had that insight.

8) While I am a true aficionado of Phil Ochs Song Nights intellectually (so wonderfully put together by Sonny Ochs and a bevy of brilliant people) I am attracted, viscerally, to the music of Harry Chapin and bless those who keep that in the fore to this day.

9) But think of this---Citizen Rupert Murdoch=Citizen Kane. May they both end the same way.

10) In Tel Aviv there are now tent cities protesting the disparity of wealth between the citizenry of Israel. Gee, how come NYC never seems to have that problem---probably because everything is so reasonable and accessible in the Big Apple. Folks pay over $1200 for a 400 sq.ft. studio (walk-up) and consider it a bargain. See what hype, image, and the Style Section of the NY Times can do for you---beats reality.