Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Comments and a Profile of a Wonderful Artist

Quite a number of years ago NINA GERBER released her first solo CD, "Not Before Noon".

Those of you who have been long time listeners to TRADITIONS when I am hosting know that one of the artists I admire and play quite frequently---and have had many requests for--is KATE WOLF. This brings me to the reason for this little commentary and also what jumped out at me in Nina's first CD. In it there is a song---sung by GREG BROWN--"Kate's Guitar".

If you go to Nina's website (linked above) you will find her bio., but, briefly, Nina, as many of you know who listen to TRADITIONS was a student of Kate's, then later performed with her, and the friendship and bonds became stronger. Upon Kate's untimely passing and at such a young age she willed her guitar to Nina.

Some years later Nina was instrumental in the founding of the Kate Wolf Memorial Festival held each year in the beautiful countryside of Sebastapool, California. Some of our listeners have attended and have raved about it to me.

Recently I have been in touch with Nina and, if you have checked my playlists, you will find works from her on both TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA.. She has 2 CDs she kindly sent me. "Sweet Dreams" , a beautiful album of lullabies for guitar and lovely Jewish ones along with music in the American and World Tradition. The other album, "Nina Gerber Live" , is an album of music recorded live at the Kate Wolf Memorial Festival and features some wonderful artists.

Nina is one of those people you don't know much of because she has been a back-up musician for so many people. People we all know ---Laurie Lewis, Nanci Griffith, Bob Franke, Kristina Olsen, and of course Kate Wolf. To name just a few.

Please click on the right side of the screen under Memorable Moving Moments and enjoy a few minutes with her and Kate Wolf from some videos from an Austin City Limits show so many years back.

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