Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Recently one of my colleagues at WFDU who has a wonderful program at that nice place on the left side of the long gone dial(s)----The Vintage Rock & Pop Shop posted a note on Facebook regarding wrestlers.   One in particular.  It brought to mind my very first TV and why the family acquired it.  So, some nostalgia follows,

I guess it was around 1950 (give or take) and wrestling was a big deal then.  I know that it is a staged piece of fraud with some good physical actors but there were those (including an older relative of mine) who really believed it a sport.  Me--I loved 2 of the stars of this.   Gene Stanlee (Mr. America) and Antonin Rocca (The Argentine Backbreaker).  As actors or comics of today they each had a "shtick".   Stanlee---wiping his brow and throwing his sweat into the crowd.  Rocca---spinning his opponent in the air in preparation for breaking his back (well, not really).  

Time to tell of the first TV and how things do not change with your offspring.   My father could not care less about TV and I truly wanted to see these to alleged gladiators in fake combat.  My father agreed to go with me to purchase a set.  Talk about giving in and spoiling a kid.  Now, I suppose, my grand kids are in the same situation---you know--"..;.whatever Lola wants (fill in your favorite name) Lola gets.."   I digress and need to see a professional about my digressions.

We went to purchase the set.  In those days everyone sold them.  That includes barber shops, shoe stores, and you name it.   Being the techno Luddite that I was and still am I pointed out to my dad that we should buy one that has a dial that works like a radio dial and not those that click into a channel.   Brilliant.   Unfortunately that was not the wave of the future.   We sure did a lot of adjusting on our U S Television.   Bet  you never heard of that wonderful console that was great furniture and  lousy TV.   I did get to see the two protagonists in the "championship" "match".  Stanlee relieved himself of his sweat and Rocca did not break anyone's back.

Thinking of the past days of early TV and how it has evolved.  We did get some exercise in days of  yore by having to arise from the couch to change channels, to change the antenna settings for the higher or lower channels (there were only 7---and a few UHF ones later).   Now we have hundreds and it takes some time to find even one that has anything on it that is not equal to the defecation of some producer's idea of a quality bowel movement.   

Technology has advanced so rapidly that we all have to be truly impressed by the picture quality of today's TVs.  Think back to the days of CRT sets and changing tubes.  We have come along way technically.   Now we have to think if the case before the Supreme Court about the Aero case and the possibility of not being saddled w/ cable bills for channels we do not watch. I know that I am not a sports fan and resent the surcharge on my cable bill for sports.   I won't editorialize on why only sports fans should pay that.  I will just rest on the nostalgic comments and recall when life and technology was simpler.