Saturday, March 27, 2010

Something of Interest Elsewhere

Very briefly---cannot drag you away from all that insightful material on Nobody Asked Me But...---HOWEVER---(ooh---I internet shouted---my bad)---Click Here  --Its OK==it is The Almost Daily Rooster (your old pal)---and you will find what I believe to be a truly interesting thing---live, click, and learn---I guess that is a comment for our new tech age---live, click, and learn---not too much depth but what the hell---it opens you up to new ideas.

OH--you say you need a picture---OK

                                            If  you want to know about this pic---well, it is at the Dave Van Ronk street naming in Greenwhich Village---but the picture represents an eerie moment that made me realize what made me go into this "business"===which is in  no way a business.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1) It is a memorable time to be living in. An historical time and a sea change in a truly representative democracy---read: nation.

2) I do feel a bit underwhelmed when elected representatives resort to chanting slogans---pro or con instead of just using proper and civilized debate forms.

3) I never knew that the great Harmonica virtuoso the late Larry Adler w had a brother who was as talented at the instrument as he was---Jerry Adler. Jerry Adler died this week at age 91. His Harmonica work was featured in such films as High Noon, Shane, The Alamo, My Fair Lady---and more. His autobiography has a great title---“Living Hand To Mouth”.

4) Some are surprised that Manhattan lost population in the census. No real surprise there; you have to believe the cost of living there has to be the reason.

5) When did a 700 Sq. Ft. apartment become a 3 bedroom and be on the market in excess of $400,000---see The NY Times Real Estate Section.

6) The Work O The Weavers have truly evolved into the kind of group that they had planned to be---musical, educational, and entertaining. Wonderful, also, that Pete Seeger totally endorses the group and its aims.

7) I always liked the song---There’s Another Train. Perhaps the MTA should listen to it and figure out how make that happen---also—not as musical --There’s Another Bus.

8) I wonder what the next mode of transportation to be invented will and when it will start out as a travel adventure and evolve into the cattle cars the airlines have become---at least the sodas are still free. Not the alleged food---and you cannot bring your own on board. Perhaps Space travel?

9) If Smart Phones are so smart why can’t they clean the house and pick up the check in a restaurant?

10) I have a dumb phone and that dumb phone has a smart user.