Saturday, October 12, 2013


Let's start with a book review.   You may or may not have heard of Adrian Schoolcraft.  He was a former NYPD patrolman.   He carried a tape recorder and he was upset (an understatement) about the illegal instructions he and his compatriots were given.   Suffice it to say that the book is Kafkaesque detailed description of what happened to him in the NYPD hiarchy and other such officers---it comes (according to the author---factually documented) from the top---read Commissioner and Mayor.   When it comes to to topicality just think of the recent arraignment of an officer who is now charged with being part of the attack on a motorist while he was part of a motorcycle gang---granted he was an undercover agent (so we await that explanation).   Seems that an officer should have aided the victim and not rushed in with the gang.  That is exactly what the book speaks of in different areas.   

SOUL DOCTOR is closing.   Most Bway shows do not recoup their investments and this one was, to  me, the most ridiculously name piece of work yet.   Think about it.  What did you expect when you read the title?   Due to my affiliation with WFDU and the show I produce--Sunday Simcha--I was able to see a wonderful presentation of SHLOMO--THE MUSICAL  I do not know if this had anything to do with the above but I was disappointed that the original never got to Bway.  It was authentic, well done, and the title was not misleading.   You did not expect a Rap or Blues singer who was formerly a doctor---you expected Shlomo and he was a delight to witness along with his music and his musical relationship with Nina Simone.

Since this blog is introduced as one about my radio programs and folk music I should mention that this coming Sunday (10/13/13) I have some wonderful guests in the studio---who later will be performing in New City, NY at the Borderline Folk Music Club.  In addition a Comedy Corner that does push the envelope and will have you laughing quite a bit---as the nostalgic one on SUNDAY SIMCHA  will as well.

Finally, on a local note here in Rockland County, NY.   The Nanuet Mall is now "The Shops in Nanuet".  Whoopee.   An open air mall---how original is that?   Only up scale stores now---granted the place looks like that it should have that as opposed to the totally tacky (to me---hey, its my blog) Palisades Mall.   They do have a wonderful FAIRWAY market---great place if you like paying much more than your local Shoprite, A&P, etc;  It makes Stop& Shop look like a bargain---which it is not.

So--back to a broader picture.    Do try WFDU on weekends---it is, as I say there, "the eclectic weekend sound of WFDU"  You surely do not want to miss the the fellow who follows me after SUNDAY SIMCHA---The Vintage Rock & Pop Shop.