Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I would ask you to click on the highlighted portion so you can see it. It is truly amazing and it will lead you to The Almost Daily Rooster. Since this page is for matters of folk music and program updates might I seduce you to the other page---truly worthwhile and please do feel seduced.

I would also urge you to tune in to SUNDAY SIMCHA this week when we commemorate Yad Hashoa (Holocaust Rembrance Day) at length. You will be moved. I truly believe that.



you will be regaled by our usual features, new material and a visit by some truly wonderful artists---MARA LEVINE and PAT WICTOR.

Since Earth Day is coming up this coming week have I ever let you go without a commemoration of a holiday or an event? No! We will spend some 10 minutes with some music for Earth Day from my dusty old archives--all upbeat, rhythmic, and thought inducing. From a few different genres.

One piece also for us to recall Holocaust Remembrance Day for those who do not listen to Sunday Simcha---and for those that do as well. Let us face it pomp and circumstance has been ably covered by the media this week, the tragedies around the world go on so it is proper to recall and remember an event such as this with the hope it never occurs again. Yet, sadly, it does.

For your remembrance we will only play one piece---a memorable voice which you instantly recognize. This voice shows us the sensitivity and humanity we are all capable of if we leave political promulgaters out of our affairs.

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