Thursday, May 16, 2013


Starting with the programs and the music a few updates and comments.   On Mother's Day (with the apostrophe) as opposed to Mothers Day---surely we think of our own---I interspersed some material throughout the program.  I am delighted to have rcvd a note from a listener how moved she was by the Joe Heukerrott piece (MOTHER). Unfortunately he never released that CD (his last one to date).  It contained some other wonderful pieces including "SARATOGA SPRINGS", which was a perfect description of a weekend we all spent there back in the 1990s when he performed at Cafe Lena.

That is age for you.   I said--"..back in the 1990s..".   The millenium seemed beyond the horizon and we all were not going to get any older.   Well, not to be too morbid, we did but one of our group did not.  Nuff said there.

So, I was delighted with the audience reception of the Mothers Day (no apostrophe) program for all the other material as well.   Memorial Day will soon be upon us and I hope you will enjoy the offerings on TRADITIONS that day---one piece is a perennial and think about what that will be.

This might be a good point to offer some thoughts about WFDU and the fact that you will find nothing like it anywhere else on the radio dial---of which are none.  No dials.  Just buttons.  Think about it. What station do you know that is like WFDU that allows knowledgeable people ( in their genre of material) to do a program of their own creation?   No censorhip, no input, no criticism.  Merely acceptance of creativity.  The closest I can come to this is WNYC ---very programmed but variatal, WQXR---very programmed but within a given genre.  Other than WFMU can you think of another station that offers you Jewish (Yiddish) programming and some intense Gospel as well?   Why that is I know not.  Why I do it I do know and appreciate the support of the management of  WFDU.

One last programming thought.   As much as I do love TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA there is now a program that follows SUNDAY SIMCHA that I urge you to tune  in for.  THE VINTAGE ROCK &POP SHOP.  I even said to the host--Ghosty---you are a great lead in to TRADITIONS.  You will not only love the program you will adore the host.

So now for a few varied brain droppings of no particular significance----

  1) Have you noticed that PBS (Channel 13) keeps putting up pop-up about 50 YRS.   There is more history than that---when it was the local WNET (NY/NJ) it did some truly classic programming including "The Play of The Week" that introduced us to some great works of drama
2) If you are watching a program on the boob tube--especially a serious one---are you not annoyed with the constant pop-ups for the next program? 
3)  The wheel was a great invention---the DVR as well.   Woe to the advertisers who are truly wasting the big bucks.   What would Don Draper do?   Probably shtup another encounter.
4)  What started as a really good program has now evolved into a truly annoying 2d rate Soap----Mad Men
5) The recently published book "FDR & THE JEWS" is a really terrific piece of writing that opens up a whole new view of FDR---and Eleanor.  Eleanor truly surprised me.  No spoiler alert--just read the tome.
6)Summertime is almost around the corner so I think that a bit of music by Kate Campbell is called for