Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holidays and Circulation Issues

We will fore go the folk and program content for the moment but return to it in a moment. As you probably know that newspapers are having circulation problems and many are closing or publishing on line. The circulation on this page can use a boost and here is the plan: Below you will find a link which, I believe, you will find clever and apropos for the season we are entering. Why not send the link to this page-- to your contacts and they too can enjoy this commemoration of Passover---trust me on this---they will enjoy it. So, the link--

Now that the circulation is larger let us talk of the radio programs:

TRADITIONS: This Sunday---April 5 I welcome Phillip Bimstein to the program and we feature much music from his brilliant creation---RED ROCK RONDO In addition we have the usual features and some wonderful new material and a look back at some people we have not heard in a while and also some of the people who graced the stage at TRADITIONSFEST this past weekend. Let's see--who were some of them---



SUNDAY SIMCHA: The Pre-Pesach Program---don't you love alliteration. It was one of the commandments but lost in the transport from Mt Sinai along with the other 4 of the original 15 commandments. This one was "Thou Shalt Always Alliterate". I believe another was "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife---Just Go For Her Discretely".

The program has some really great versions of music for Seder in different genres and also, at the final half, some wonderful ecumenical offerings by Rabbi J. Kligler, Kim and Reggie Harris and more. That, by the way, comes from the Appleseed CD "Let My People Go" and is something you should really own.

Hopefully you checked (and passed on to your friends this page) the item I mentioned at the start. In keeping with that let me tell you two quick stories-

When the Red Sea parted the Jews said--and I quote (sort of)---"Hey Moishe, there are not enough graves in Egypt---we need to die in the desert?" .

Moses spoke unto his people and urged them to put on hip boots because-as he said---"I have never tried this trick before".

So, in conclusion, a photo of the elders who debated if we should celebrate the days--or the nights --or the days and the nights---you know what----Let's Eat!

In all seriousness now---A Joyous and Sweet Passover to you all. The Manischewitz wine this year is a really good vintage---we have cleaned the bathtub and the taste is Zoi Shmecklich---if you are diabetic make sure you take insulin before drinking.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kudos, Bravos, and All Other Compliments

My heartfelt thanks to all of the people who turned out today for TRADITIONSFEST. Since the NY Times will not be reviewing this program it is incumbent upon The Almost Daily Rooster to do so--on this more visited page.

You made it an SRO show (but no standees were allowed) and you also got a bargain in the entertainment by a group of dedicated and talented artists.

A tip of the proverbial hat to my co-host (I don't wear a hat so it is a "virtual" one I am tipping) Ron Olesko for his efforts in putting this together, to the board of the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Club for authorizing it, and, not least the artists who honored us with their presence and talent.

The artists in the order of appearance:
Pat Wictor Gave his usual brilliant performance and had the audience wishing there was more time for him to remain on stage. Whisky Vacation (from his latest CD) was a real show stopper.

ABBIE GARDNER/ ANTHONY DA COSTA: Abbie brought here great musical talent that she so generously shares with so many people to stage with the brilliant young Anthony DaCosta. Her musical talents and his ability in songwriting at his young age is truly inspiring.

What can one say about a group of individuals who's harmonies bring to mind the great trios of yesterday and today and claim territory of their own. One of the members is aptly named--Hillary Foxsong. True--that is her very apropo name. Their appearance on the stage underlines and emphasizes what wonderful new musicians are coming down the pike---or as some movie star said "...I just got discovered---it took 20 years". Well, we have discovered them earlier than that time-frame.

ZOE LEWIS We thank Zoe for filling in at the last minute for the ill Julie Gold. Her performance was remarkable from start to end; and her start was one of the cleverest things. The audience having been told that Julie Gold was ill and that Zoe will be filling in at the last minute started by saying how sorry she was Julie could not be there---"..but not to disappoint this is what Julie might have sounded like--(hoarse voice now) From a distance, god is watching us". It was all great material after that quick start. The big finish after the story--and she is a great teller of stories---The Day Snowhite Said the "F" Word.

CHRISTINE LAVIN What can I say other than what I said when I introduced her---a truly renaissance person. She writes, she sings, she knows science, she has books published, and now, in her 25th year of her career, is learning sign language. An amazing person and a truly amazing persona on stage. As always she captured the audience with her stories, insights, and music.

All of us new age sensitive guys got up to add to the festivities with her.

TOM CHAPIN and BAND The perfect ending to a perfect program. On a personal note I have to add I had De Ja Vu. Back in 1983 I had produced some benefit concerts in which he was the prominent act after the Hudson River Sloop Singers. Talented as they were he brought the program to a whole new level His ---if one can call them that--sidemen Michael Mark and Jon Cobert lifted it all to a newer level as well. An anecdote now---Michael Mark asked me for the names of all the performers and I asked him why. Jon Cobert said it is because he has an anal impulse for retention---WELL!---during the finale of the program Tom asked us all to come on stage for "Circle" (what a thrill--yes, I too am in awe at that) and one of the verses was led by Michael Mark who had rhymed every name in the cast along with WFDU.

Finally, my thanks, once again for the great talents who donated their time and talent to this event. My thanks to Ron Olesko and the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club for sponsoring and supporting WFDU in this way . I, also, am delighted and honored to be a party to all this.