Thursday, February 2, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)   I have to say---(that’s redundant since I am saying it)—that the late THEODORE (Brother Theodore for latecomers to his talent) had it right when he said (in an interview with me)” do you think I feel when the 25 year old Theodore looks into the mirror and sees the 92 year old Theodore?...) I now know what he meant.  He died about 2 years after that and was still performing.

2)  That was when I was still doing my “Tabletalk” program (on WFDU) so I have no place to re-broadcast it unless someone can tell me how to podcast it on Facebook (perhaps).   Certainly had myriad interesting people on that program but 3 programs were a bit much to do and still maintain quality that I wanted to continue for the program.

3)  This is a good time to mention, once again, WFDU.  The right place on the left side of the dial---when dials had left and right sides.  I know of no other station that still reflects what radio is supposed to be about when it comes to “free form” and eclectic programming that allows hosts to present programs that attract a real mix of listeners who appreciate knowledgeable and personable personalities that are expert in their genres of programming.

4)  To end the not too subtle point about WFDU let me just say the following:
a.This is the annual fund-raising month and your support is needed to keep what YOU want on the air.  That’s the only rating system the station has.
b.Fund raising comes just one month a year.   Can you think of any other station that does that?  Don’t think too hard---the answer is---0
c.My two programs SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS will be offering you gifts (CDs) for your financial help and you may also go to  and securely pledge on line and mention the program you are supporting.  You can also get some station bumper stickers (no charge) and---if you are really a braggart---and you have a Yiddish Bumper  (say a Mitzvahmobile) you can get one that has the SUNDAY SIMCHA slogan on it---you know what it is.

5)       Time now for a TV recommendation as an oasis in the phrase coined by Newton Minnow---“That Wasteland”.   Try “Family Guy” since it makes some valid topical points and many go over children’s and people’s heads.  Their opening episode this season (Jan 29) took on Medicine, Religion, Police Corruption in the most hilarious manner and made some great points.  Great way to get a message across---humor with no preaching.

6)   If you did not know why the chicken crossed the road I will tell you---escaping a crazed Shochet.  Hey,  I host SUNDAY SIMCHA =---I should know. 

7)    In this age of so much multi media nothing is ever past.   With You Tube people that you are missing still live on in eternity with no decomposition just some beautiful music and memories.  Bless all those people who, for whatever reason, post music that was way before their time.

8) With all the talk about Pres. Obama and the economy has everyone forgotten the nailbiting scenes he viewed in his most risky order to capture or kill Bin Laden?  Coolness and fidelity to truth seem like virtues no remembered by the GOP wannabees.

9) Has anyone noticed that the GOP hopeful wannabees never say Pres. or Pres. Obama---just Obama.   That has to tell you something of what they think of the office.

10)                David Letterman had a 30th Anniv. on his program and no fanfare.  Good for him.  EXCEPT his guest---Howard Stern.   One of the reasons I don’t really watch Letterman---his taste leaves much to be desired if he is comfortable with the sultan of sleaze.  Howard Stern.   I wouldn’t spend a nickel on Sirius / XM since he is, not only a star there, but the single entity bringing them down financially from the stupid pandering the mgmt. did to get this arbiter of anal acumen on the station.  OK—I would not subscribe to that nonsense known as Sirius/XM anyway---see above for a better choice.

11)                I am not a Mitt Romney fan but I will say that when some of his comments are truncated or taken out of context there is no debate just some very uncivil dialogue.