Wednesday, January 13, 2016


OK===not the greatest lead in with the header but a true tale and a great disappointment. 
The local JCC has a discussion group and I have attended as  I did today.   After spending some 20 min, of discussing what the people would do should they win Powerball   I asked if we could not change the subject from this inanity.   I make friends wherever I go.      Anyway, our ineffective moderator went on to the State of the Union Message  by Pres. Obama.  We did and I have never heard such shrill shrieking (mostly by 1 lady with an attitude and a harsh annoying voice that hates most things---not sure what she likes).  This was followed by comments of similar thopughts by others (which surprised me) but this was the winner===a man who is a member of the TeaParty spoke of that---who knows why.    I could not resist  commenting on that and said (paraphrase).."... I am versed on the Tea Party and recall being at a few events there---fun times----the Mad Hatter was there , Alice, and so  many people from this Neverland====           

I loved the response from the Tea Party Member----"what the hell has a mad hatter to do with a serious comment like mine.."    My response---"Is the word "humor" in you greatly abridged dictionary?

I believe it is time to stick to my blog and avoid the truly narrow and bigoted ( not all but most) attendees at the Oceanside JCC