Thursday, October 14, 2010

THURSDAY ---Another Edition of.....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)         Some more time is getting to be needed to keep Traditions able to keep adding features like Comedy Corner, Story Songs, The Thrills of The Hills—The Best in The West---The Tops in Pops (well, nostalgia), and keep those wonderful guests coming.  But, given the financial situation of your host in this type of employment best we leave it where it is.  Volunteerism is great so why don’t those great believers in causes that are on radio/tv volunteer?  Or when they make speeches at their own rallies?  

2)         Didn’t you hate that mini-essay and diatribe?  Truth will out though.

3)         I am always wondering why people post things on Facebook that are either too personal, too nonsensical (gee, the trees in my back yard have changed color) or their personal health issues (tough bowel movement and dental appointments that are painful).  Perhaps people should only join virtual communities like this where they have something in common professionally and discuss it----of course people with troubling bowel movements and dental issues should find each other.

4)         Great article on Yahoo News about a couple who paid down and 88,000 dollar credit card debt---think if this---the interest was probably 50% of that figure---and let us never forget the banks urge people to pay off their mortgages (no matter what) while they walk away from debt, receive bail-outs, and now stop foreclosures because they screwed the mortgagees.  So---know what--- do to the credit card companies what they do to you.   That’s the golden rule, folks.

5)         Has anyone figured out yet why the Credit Card Companies (Citi—was the first) are incorporated where they are?   There is a great book on the subject and it explains how they then got to charge rates that define the word “usury”.

6)         It’s always a treat when you rummage through an old photo album and see friends and relatives in earlier days.  Too bad the coming generations are not going to be able to do that on a whim since everything seems to be on some hard drive or disc somewhere in cyberspace.

7)          John Lennon’s 90th and it is a delight to see 91 year old Pete Seeger involved in a commemoration---BUT---Give Peace A Chance is a great anthem and I suppose this shows us that music does not change basic human nature since there are more wars and more hatred than ever.  At least Adolf was only one hater that everyone agreed upon.

8)         I surely hope those in this NY NJ area will be at The Acoustic Cafe (Park Ridge, NJ) on Sat. evening to see some great talents---Buskin & Batteau  and great opening performer for this festive and insightful evening---Chris Brown.   As to “insightful”  ---I am certain that the politically influential Mr. Buskin will regale us with his new song about Don’t Ask Don’t  Tell---and he never does and Mr. Batteau will not be far behind in such goings on---and Chris Brown is a late discovery for me and it is my loss I knew not earlier of him---but his introduction will be appropriate for the great talent I recently discovered.  My fault for not “discovering” it sooner----hope to see you there and let us share a piece of cake---I cannot afford to buy the whole slice but I am germ free. It will be OK---I spoke to the ghost of Dr. Lister.

9)          If you ever wonder where so many great clich├ęs come from just read Polonius’ farewell speech to his son in Hamlet as he leaves for England.  Remember---to thine own self be true, neither borrower or a lender be, brevity is the soul of wit---Henny Youngman sure got that right.  

10)    Why do people say—“ have to count your blessings”?   Just enjoy them. Counting the amount never works out and then you are also assuming some great being bestowed them on you and then find others got bestowed more and you are once again pissed off.