Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Program Notes for Future Reference


I am delighted to confirm that on September 23 Sharon Katz will be my guest prior to her appearances in the New Jersey area. We shall also be able to air some new tracks from her upcoming CD as well as pay tribute to one of her idols and mentors. Tune in for who that is.

One other thing ---an occasional new feature. The music of Steve Goodman. While I had hoped to do a whole tribute to him at the annual NERFA get to-gether (which I am not attending for various reasons) I thought it a good idea to present his music on TRADITIONS. It is hoped that his daughter will be my guest(on TRADITIONS in the near future)---as I had hoped that she, his manager, and some truly surprising guests might have been at NERFA.

If you have any Steve Goodman favorites please feel free to e mail them to and they shall be honored.

Now for another upcoming great talent---on October 5
BEPPE GAMBETTA. This world class guitarist and talent will be my guest on the program that day while he tours the good old USA.

Beppe is recognized as a leading talent in his field and, besides performing, teaches guitar to people who have the drive and desire to also become world class musicians

The program is honored by his presence.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: We feature Rabbi Jonathan Kligler--who, I add, had a wonderful article about himself and the congregation in the NY Times just prior to Rosh Hashonah---along with a postYom Kippur segment featuring Robin Helzner. A wonderful surprise by Joe Jencks is also presented. He is a singer/songwriter focusing on social issues and has a wonderful piece you shall hear--Tikun Olam.

TABLETALK: TBA. You know---To be announced. There are some wonderful authors that are going to be with us in October but I am not able, at this time, to divulge who they are. Suffice it to say---Mr. Greenspan is not one of them but you can still invest.