Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TABLETALK PROGRAM===week of 9/15/17----

Today's playlist:
ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

ERIC BOGLE Harry's Wife Something of Value Rounder
DAVE VAN RONK He Was Friend of Mine On Air Prestige
JUDy COLLINS Send In The Clowns Judy Collins Disky
JUDY COLLINS / PETE SEEGER Union Maid Personal copy

CARLA SCIAKY There Are Many Roads Awakening Green Linet
MODERN MAN Abdul the Rekuctant Martyr Single Inverted Turtle

KATE CAMPBELL Jerusalem Inn Songs From The Levee Com[ass
MIKE BURSTEIN Rumania Rumania Personal copy

GATHERING TIME Mom's Guitar Keepake ind
HARRY CHAPIN Six String Orchestra Verities & Balderdash Elektra
KATE WOLF Back Roads Backroads Rhino

Monday, September 11, 2017

TABLETALK program for week of 9/8-2017----

This week a few new recordings, some old favorites, a requested Comedy Corner w/ Lenny  Bruce after we start with a weather related topical song---not political===we shall leave Trumpelthinskin for another week.    Here, now, is today's playlist==
ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

NANCI GRIFFITH / CAST Wasn.t That A Mighty Storm Trip To Bounttiful
JACK TEMPCHIN Peaceful Easy Feeling Peaceful Easy Feeling Blue Elan Record
JACK TEMPCHIN Slow Dancing Peaceful Easy Feeling Blue Elan Record
ROBERT K. WOLF Brand New Old Lang Syne The Safest Place I Know Brooding Star Music

NIGHT TREE Survivor's Nign Night Tree Night Tree Records
KATE CAMPBELL Yellow Guitar Monuments

FRED SMITH American Guitar Texas Ind

Bill Hahn

Please send any submissions for air play to Bill H 100 Daly Blvd, Oceanside, NY 11572 SUITE 1509 or via

Comments / requests are always welcome via e  mail to Tabletalk2@ 


Sunday, September 3, 2017

TABLETALK for week of September 1-----

This week an extended comedy corner to remember and commemorate Shelley Berman along with music---topical, old , and new
Here now is the playlist:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

CHRISTINE LAVIN Turn This Ship Around Spaghetification Ind
CHRISTINE LAVIN What The Hell Was That Spaghetification Ind

YOUNG & RUSTY Boats To Build Come Back Soon Motherlotus Records
JIM KWESKIN / GOEFF MULDUAR Fishibg Blues Penny's Farm Kingswood Records
JOAN BAEZ Fishing Gone From Danger Razor & Tie

SHELLEY BERMAN I Am Not A Folk Singer A Personal Appearance Verve
SHELLEY BERMAN Dedicated To Parents Inside Shelley Bernan Verve
SHELLEY BERMAN Father & Son OutsideShelley Berman Verve
BARBARA JO KAMMER Medicine Wheel One Song At A Time Ind
K C GROVES Bluebird HappyLittle Trees Ind

Sunday, August 27, 2017

TABLETALK program for the week of August 25, 2017`

I do believe a topical, nostalgic, and pointed show this wek that will introduce you a few new artists and have you enjoy some old favorites.

On a personal note let  me add this thought---Having done this for over 20 + years (under various titles)  it is a delight to do it here w/ no time constraints and disloyal people, frankly, passing on to the  disloyal  new mgmt.issues that====OK ,yes my ex- co host ==were meant for me --he(who asserts a love for free speech and non-censorship) forwarded to them.   Talk about "shit hitting the fan".   It did.   Shortly  thereafter I resigned and now you can enjoy, hopefully you do. the same program I did (programs) on WFDU (Traditions, Sunday Simcha, Tabletalk).   This program is a blend (amalgam) of all----but, mostly TRADITIONS---so, thanks and, finally, no thanks to Ron Olesko for continuing w/  his long running and (having the experience now) hypocritical and less than clever(on topical matters) program.    

NOW---today's Playlist:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

GATHERING TIME / MARA LEVINE Be My Silence single Triple-g records

GATHERING TIME / MARA LEVINE Too Far To Turn Back Now single Triple-g records
RANDALL KROM When WeRemember When Rough and Polished Stne Ind
RICHARD BERMAN That Old Song Turn Turn Turn Holding Hands Arries
FOLKAPOTAMUS Poor Wayfaring Stranger Middle of Nowhere Ind
AARON NATHAN & MICHAEL G. RONDSTADT The Strength to Not Fight Back Hang On For The Ride Ind

CAST Springtime for Hitler The Producers

CAST Heil Myself The Producers

CAST Springtime for Hitler The Producers part 2

KEN DUNN Crawl on Back Wondrous Beauty Ind
JASON PETTY I Saw The Light Lost Highway Ind
DAVE VAN RONK He Was A Friend of Mine Hear Me Howl Rock Beat
DAVE VAN RONK Green Green Rocky Road Hear Me Howl Rock Beat
JOHN PRINE Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore The Singing Mailman Delivers OhBoy

Sunday, August 20, 2017

TABLETALK program for this week---8/18/17-----

Topicality takes forefront today along w/ some wonderful story songs/  Also, a remembrance of a great comic and thinker-----DICK GREGORY.   Here, now, is this week's playlist and my great respect and fondness for Dick Gregory:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

ROD MACDONALD White Flour Later That Night Blue Flute
FRED SMALL The Heart Of The Apaloosa The Heart of The Apaloosa

RICHARD BERMAN On The Mexican Coast Storied Lives

DICK GREGORY Comedians of thd '60s In Living Black & White Colpix
DICK GREGORY Political Comments In Living Black & White Colpix

MICHAEL SMITH I Brought My Father With Me Such Things Are Finely Done Tales From The Tavern Ind
KINKY FRIEDMAN God Bless John Wayne Kinky Friedman & The Texas Jewboys Fruit of The Tune Ind

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


A day late and many dollars short but it is  here in this fairly awful and tragic week which we evince in a musical way. 

Additionally, a concert mention about a wonderful new performer(s) soon to appear at the Minstrel.

Lastly---keep in mind the wonderful annual FREE concert in Rockland County by the Borderline Folk group----so sorry I cannot attend this year.  The date is August 27 at 12 noon---a brilliant tribute to LEONARD COHEN---and a great finale w/ many of you favorite artists

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tobpical Topics For Today

Knowing that recently I have always posted my weekly TABLETALK program her I though it a cood idea to post a more topical thought today.   Comments, as always, welcome.\

To be as brief as possible.   Donald Trump (explectives and snide comments) deleted.   N. Korea and his response.   I am certain that you remember a time of diplomacy (Kennedys/Cuba, etc)  ad now we have a ego maniacal Pres. who males all things personal and  troubles---dare I say, fragile libido.  

The fact is that it is not personal an diplomacy (something he knows not of---unlike all who came before      (thankfully).

My take is that N. Korea's leader is aiming for something (I know not) and has more insight than the simplistic person now serving as (sadly) Pres.  We have the school bully w/ the big mouth  as opposed to the giants we had----DDE,Marshall, HST,  and more

Honestly, we can only hope that the mouth DT keeps shooting off does not cost millions of innocent lives cares not a whit about---as he cared not for the tenants i his bldgs.

A Topical Topic Today

Topical Topics for This Day

Saturday, August 5, 2017

TAB;ETALK FOR THE WEEK 8/4/17---8/11/17

This week's TABLETALK program is here now.   Topical and traditional.  I hope I have covered all the bases on the topical side---one can never cover all  of the treasure trove on the traditional side.


Friday, July 28, 2017


This week's TABLETALK program is here now.   Topical amd traditional.  I hope I have covered all the bases on the topical side---one can never cover all  of the treasure trove of tradition.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


This week;s program is now here and I do hope upu will enjoy it and appreciate the points made----tell your friends .  You probably have more than I.   My address for requests and comments:  Tabletalk2@yahoo,com

Sunday, July 9, 2017


I think you will find this week's program quite interesting.. We (the royal "WE"---it is just me) touh on Amelia Earhart, John Denver and that perhaps he should have stuck to just his own compositions.  You will see  why when listening to the program.

It is a shortened program tis week--42 min.


Saturday, July 1, 2017


A very special program this week with thanks to THE CAPITOL STEPS.  For many years I have aired their quarterly brilliant comedy specials on my various radio programs==TRADITIONS, TABLETALK, SUNDAY SIMCHA.   My great thanks for the producers and artists for sticking with me in this new venture and allowing to still to the exclusive  presentation of these great specials in this area---or now worldwide on the internet----enjoy the show----

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I hope you enjoy the    show since I thought it quite meaningful---let me know via e is today's playlist:
ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

THE GREENBRIAR BOIYS Amelia Earharts's Last Flight Friends of Old Time Music Smithonian Folkways
ROSALLIE SORRELS Goodby Joe Hill It Could Be The Raim Folk Legacy
ROSALLIE SORRELS Goodnight Loving Trail Strangers InAnother Country Folk Legacy
PHAT Hard Times Come Again No More Phil Henry Acoustic Trio Ind
ARTHUR DAVENPORT Family Reunion Download Ind
RICK DROST Old Player Piano Turning The World Ind
RICHARD PRYOR Bicentennial Prayer Anthology—1968-1992

CURTISS & LORETTA I Will Get Home When There's Goo To Be Done Minnesota State Arts
THE MCARRIGLES Baltimore Fire The McGarrigle Hour Rhino
THE MCARRIGLES Green Green Rocky Road The McGarrigle Hour Rhino

Bill Hahn

Please send any submissions for air play to Bill H 100 Daly Blvd, Oceanside, NY 11572 SUITE 1509 or via

Sunday, June 11, 2017

TABLETALK Program Week of 6/9/17----

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

TOM PAXTON The First Thing I Think Of Boat In The Water

TOM PAXTON It's Too Soon Boat In The Water

LOREETTA HAGEN Ladders Lucky Stars Trespass Music
JACKIE MORRIS Sailing Away Periscope Heart ButtonBox Records
DAVE RUDOLF This Thorny Thing Called Life This Thorny Thing Called Life Fire Eyes
RICK DROST Don't Remember Train Turning The World Trespass Music
HOMER & jETHRO Moving On #2 The Weird World of Homer & Jethro RCA
HOMER & jETHRO Jam Bowl Liar The Weird World of Homer & Jethro RCA
HANK SNOW The Golden Rocket RCA Country Legends RCA
HANK WILLIAMS Hey Good Lookin' 40 Greatest Hits RCA
THE CARTER FAMILY Will The Circle Be Unbroken 78 Single

MISSISSIPPI jOHN HURT Avalon Blues The Okeh Recordings Okeh
MISSISSIPPI jOHN HURT Candy Man Blues The Okeh Recordings Okeh
KATE WOLF Both Sidws Now Carry It On Owl

 Some truly meaningful music that is new from the likes of Tom Paxton, Loretta Hagen, Jackie Morris and more.  In addition the usual features and a nice nostalgic step in the second half.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


 very interesting and enjoyable show today----hi\opoe you are Steve Goodman fans---listen and see why---

Sunday, May 14, 2017


The playlist will follow tomorrow:    This week's program---music, topical comments and a tip o the fedora to a belated and schmaltzy Mothers Day

Friday, May 5, 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017


The playlist is here:  
ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

KATE WOLF Who Knows Where The Time Goes Give Yourself To Love
TIM GRIMM FAMILY BAND Darling Cory A Stranger In This Time Vault Records
GALAX BOG TROTTERS Year of Jubilo Old Time Jubilations Dittyville
PAT WICTOR Lincoln Park This Is Absolutely Real—Visions and Versions of Phil Ochs Risky Disc
STEVE GOODMAN Lincoln Park Pirates Somebody Else's Troubles Budha
STEVE GOODMAN Between The Lines No Big Surprise Red Pajamas
BOB & RAY Biff Burns & Buffy Bob & Ray The Two and Only Sony
BOB & RAY Encores Bob & Ray The Two and Only Sony
WILLIE NELSON Pancho & Lefty The Essential Merle Haggard//The Epic Years Legacy
PETE SEEGER Guantanamera Pete &Arlo Together

MERLIN SNIDER Abraham's Light One Light Many Windows Barking Dog Music
GATHERING TIME Tanglewood Tree Tanglewood Tree TripleG Records

Thursday, April 20, 2017


 Today's playlist will follow----and here it is---
ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

MICHAEL SMITH I Brought My Father With Me Such Things are Finely Done

BETH DE SOMBRE Slide Guitar I Was Here Ind
HANK WILLIAMS I'm S Lonesome I Could Cry HANK Time/Life
ADLER & HEARNE River of Peace Simpatico Spring Hollow Records
GREG BROWN Let The Mystery Be Freak Flag Yep Rock Records
IRIS DE MENT Let The Mystery Be Infamous Angel Warner Bros/
MEL BROOKS / CARL REINER The 2000 Year Old Man in 2000 The 2000 Year Old Man in 2000 Shout
DON RICKLES Sinatra Don Rickles Speaks Rhino
CALYPSO ROSE Rum & Coca Cola Calypso Gold World Music
KING RADIO Man Smart Woman Smarter Calypso Gold World Music
THE TALBOT BROTHERS Jane Jane Jane The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda personal copy
THE TALBOT BROTHERS Too Much of That Rock & Roll Bermuda's Famous Talbot Brothers personal copy

THE TALBOT BROTHERS Last Train Bermuda's Famous Talbot Brothers personal copy

Saturday, April 8, 2017


 Here is the program for this week---enjoy!    Now--the playlist

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

BYRD & STREET I'm Gonna Swim Words & Music Ind
EDDIE CANTOR When My Ship Comes In Single

GRAHAM RODGER When My Ship Comes In The Colours of Australia
COST SHERIDAN My Fence & My Neighbor Single Download
THE LUCKY SISTERS Let The Mystery Be Let The Mystery Be
KATE CAMPBELL Joe Louis' Furniture Monuments Large River Music

RHIANON GIBBONS,DIRK POWELL,JASON SYPHER Shake Sugaree State of Music 2 High Wind Audio
ZOE & CLOYD Let's All Go Down To The River Eyes Brand New Ind
MERLIN SNIDER Abraham's Light One Light Many Windows Barking Dog Music
CURTIS & LORETTA When There's Good To Be Done When There's Good To Be Done Ind
DAVE VAN RONK Green Green Rocky Road The Tin Pan Bended and The Story Ended Smithsonian Folkways

Friday, March 10, 2017


Featuring a 90th  bday commemoration of Harry Belafonte, a riotous  Comedy Corner, and some new and topical material.    The playlist is below:


ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

HARRY BELAFONTE Island In The Sun Calypso Jackpot
HARRY BELAFONTE Man Smart (Woman Smarter) Calypso Jackpot
JOHN FLYNN She Persisted Single

HANK WILLIAMS Jambalaya HANK Time/Life
BOB WILLS San Antonio Rose Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys

BOB WILLS Take Me Back To Tulsa Bob Wills & Tommy Duncan

MODERN MAN God Loves The Irish The Wide Album Inverted Turtle
ALLAN SHERMAN Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max My Son The Folk Singer

PAT WICTOR Lincoln Park This is Absolutely Real Risky Disc
JULIE SNOW Relax Your Mind No Ordinary Love Julie Snow Music
KATE WOLF Both Sides Now (Clouds) Carry It On
GATHERING TIME Tanglewood Tree Single Triple G Records

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Here is this weeks program. The playlist will follow in the next day or so.   Why not scoot over to Facebook and like the Tabletalk page?   Also  drop me a note at when you can to let me know what you think and and requests you may have,

Sunday, February 19, 2017


I do believe that a few things have to be addressed re: WFDU, Ron Olesko and Traditions.

I have not tuned in to WFDU for quite some time since all their format changes into total nonsense for listening when there are so many other options in talk (WNYC),music(WQXR) or Sirtius. I did tune in today for a brief 29 or so minutes (other than for a short time to the only 1 of 2 listenable programs---Vintage Rock/Pop Shop---Lise Avery). I tuned in to Ron Olesko and Traditions. I truly despise hypocrisy. He truly presented it ins perfect form. Aside from the fact that he sounded like he never had a co-host for over 20 some odd years on HIS(his term) show he made a comment about how many times he has aired music that was controversial and got complaints from listeners. TRUE! Yet when such a complaint came to him by mistake he forwarded to mgmt. And all the fecal matter hit the fan and that is one of a few reasons I am no longer there.

Don't misunderstand me. I left. Tired of criticism about content and tired of looking at a pouting puss during fund raising time because the money was not coming in.

OK—bottom line---I thank all for my start there and things do change and I truly abhor their hypocrisy and could not abide the new Mgmt and Ron Olesko(and his hypocrisy) anymore

Thursday, February 16, 2017

TABLETALK PROGRAM 2/17---2/25/17

Hopefully that this is up your alley---some wonderful new artists, some old favorites, and some comedy that can only be played    here====and with a great point. Here is today's playlist---0

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)


DAVE VAN RONK Green Green Rocky Road And The Tin Pan Bended... Smtsonian Folkways
ANNIE MOSCOW Someday Passing Trains 11 Blocks Records
ZOE MULFORD February Thunder Small Brown Birds Azalea City
NOEL PAUL STOOKEY Impeachable Single Download
ELAINE MAHON Rolling Home Reach For The Stars Ind
KEVIN ROTH Love Is Reawakening Newworld Multimedia
KEVIN ROTH The Potter's Wheel Reawakening Newworld Multimedia
CAROL ELLIOT Rex Rob Lowenstein The People I Meet Heart Song Records
CHAIM TANNENBAUM Brooklyn, 1955 Chaim Tannenbaum Story Sound Records
FREEBO Old Blue Dog People Poppabo Records
JUNIOR BROWN Sugarfoot Rag Greatest Hits Curb
RED FOLEY Sugarfoot Rag 78 Single Decca

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Some old favorites , a few requests, and a rare unedited Comedy Corner among other things.     The e mail address is

And the playlist:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

KATE WOLF Give Yourself To Love Weaver of Dreams Rhino
STEVEN BLANE Old Soul I Confess Ind
ROGER SALLOOM Playboys & Playgirls Download Promo Ind
PETE SEEGER Waist deep In The Big Muddy A Link In The Chain Sony
LYDIA SYLVIA MARTIN Cherry River Line Chasing The Ghost Dryad record
JOHN PRINE Paradise In Person & On Stage Oh Boy
JACK E LEONARD & VARIOUS Friars Club Roast Don Rickles Private copy

ROSEANNNE CASH Fair & Tender Ladies Songcatchedr Vangaurd
DEANA CARTER The Cuckoo Bird Songcatchedr Vangaurd
MEG BRAUN The Storms Are On The Ocean Restless Moon Ind

Friday, February 3, 2017


It will be mentioned on the program that if you(and 10 others) write to request a 2d hour dedicated to Sunday Simcha (Yiddish) I will do it.    E mail===

Now--today's playlist

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

JACK WILLIAMS John Henry Far Away,Long Ago Wind River
DC BLOOM Mean People Suck Just Another Song & Dance Man Sunnysky Days
NAMING THE TWINS You're Right Everything's Wrong Turnstyles Duet Right
THE BARTON BROTHERS Joe & Paul Music From The Yiddish Radio Project Shanachie
BRUCE ADLER Rumania An Evening At The Yiddish Theater Ind
PETER COOK Interesting Things Various tracks personal copy
ISABEL TAYLOR Gimme Some Good News Awake Again Ind
CATHY FINK , MARCY MARXER Song of Joy Get Up & DoRight Community Music
IRIS DEMENT Easy's Gettin' Harder Everyday My Life Warner
TOM PAXTON Outward Bound Boat In The Water Pax Music

Monday, January 30, 2017


So many postings recently about WFDU---both pro and con but mostly con.
Not to belabor the comments about WFDU, mgmt, hosts, and such I do ask your indulgence for a few final points---positive to start with and you can guess where this is going.

Many years back Ron Olesko asked me to come aboard on Traditions because he needed help and I thank him to this day for the opportunity. He did say I would have to be approved by the Program Director (Barry Sheffield)---great story there---briefly now: I am trying to be impressive in a sport jacket and slacks and in comes a guy in torn jeans(you get the pic).Barry Sheffield, PD. His comment was... “just fill out the forms so we know who to contact in case you drop dead in the studio...”. See—I am overqualified after this test---I am alive. The next 20 or so years were truly enjoyable and a great learning experience thanks to Ron and Barry and so many others at what was once a great station thanks to great management by Carl Kraus . He knew how to deal with leadership---stay distanced and be loyal and fair and not be everyone's “buddy” and then screw them (for want of a better statement).

Well. The years have gone by and like everything times and relationships change.

Over the years Ron had become increasingly sorry to have to share what he considered HIS program. I had now invested many years in it and I urged the “boss”(Carl K) to honor Ron's longevity in a major way. He tried to do that at a famed venue to no avail and no help from Ron.

The years move on and increasingly Ron and I move further apart and his anger with me and sharing the program increases in less than subtle ways---and now here we are. Me on internet radio and Ron delighted on doing HIS show again. In all its pedantic presentations .

Let me not leave out Barry Sheffield who as the new head honcho (replacing Carl Kraus) lead us into this morass by , for whatever reason, deciding that Ron Olesko's time could not be cut back and we return to the old arrangement which I suggested. I disagreed and now you see why I had to leave the place of nepotism, backstabbing , and other well, more than slights. Strange for me to pursue this since no pay was involved and now the place that claims to be a volunteer effort has a paid staff. Many of whom have substantial incomes from retirement benefits, pensions,etc;

SO, now in a bit of self serving posting let me urge you to “like” TABLETALK” --the page==on Facebook and tune in to the very same program plus more I did on WFDU. It will be up there weekly on Fridays. Also on Soundcloud andmy blog--

As to fundraising--- none here on the internet and as to WFDU/Traditions===well, let your conscience be your guide. Surely you can guess my thoughts on that matter

Saturday, January 28, 2017

TABLETALK program 1/27/17 ---2/8/17

Any requests and comments always welcomed via e Like us on Facebook/Tabletalk----no money or pledging required.  

This the playlist for this program:

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

JOHN FLYNN Big Boat Coming Dragon

JOHN PRINE Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone Bruised Orange
TOM PAXTON Hitch In My Gitalong Boat In The Water Pax Records
CATHY FINK / MARCY MARXER Well May The World Go Get Up& Do Right Community Music
PETE SEEGER My Rainbow Race Pete Livimg Music
PETE SEEGER Penny's Farm The BoudinCollege Concert

MEL BROOK CARL REINER 7 Wonders of The World 2000 Year Old Man in 3,000 Shout
MEL BROOK CARL REINER Famous People 2000 Year Old Man in 3,000 Shout
JOSH JOFFEN Shechechayanu Postcard from Antigua Ind
JOE JENCKS Tikun Olam The Candle & The Flame Ind

SHLOMO CARLEBACH L'Chai Dodi Shlomo the Musical Personal Copy
NINA SIMONE Eretz Halav Chabash Folksy Nina Personal Copy
EARTHA KITT Shalom Black Sabbath Idelsohn Society

Sunday, January 22, 2017

TABETALK for this week---1/20/17---1/27/17

One of the more topical ones andn, hopefully , meaingful ones along with some really  enjoyable and wonderful artists on a lighter vein

ALEX KARAS The Third Man (theme)

ZOE MULFORD The President Sang Amazing Grace
PRES. OBAMA Amazing Grace

TURN STYLES Why Can't We Naming The Twins Ind
MEG BRAUN The Storms Are On The Ocean Restless Moon Ind
PHIL OCHS The Power & The Glory All The Newa That's Fit to Print Elektra
PhIL OCHS Days of Decision I A”int Marching Anymore Elektra
VAUGHN MEADER Impressions of Modern Politicians Personal copy

JIM KWESKIN / GEOFF MULDAUR Fishing Blues Penny's Farm KingswooD
LINDA MCRAE Flowers of Appalachia Shadow Trails Borealis
THE PIEDMONT MELODY MAKERS Six More Miles Wonderful World Outside Vigortone
IRIS DEMENT Let The Mystery Be Infamous Angel

THE LUCKY SISTERS Let The Mystery Be So Lucky Patio Records
KATE WOLF An Unfinished Life Close To You