Wednesday, November 14, 2012

THURSDAY---Another Edition of NOBODY ASKED ME BUT....

A flip of the fedora as always to JIMMY CANNON\


1)                You really have to go to see THE GOLDEN LAND now playing at The Baruch Ctr. For The Performing Arts under the auspices of The National Yiddish Theater.  You do not have to know Yiddish to truly enjoy this wonderful celebration with 6 performers playing myriad parts with wonderful music to boot.  It ends in December.  Best to catch it now.

2)                How great is it that Costco and other  retailers are now offering financial arrangements---mortgages, loans, etc; and do not have government oversight as the banking industry does (for all that good that has ever done)?    I suppose a Costco mortgage would require you to own at least 6 properties ===just like the cordless phones or toilet paper rolls the purvey.

3)                Hurricane Sandy is done but the damage remains.  We, who have power and amenities, should count our blessings and empathize with those unfortunate ones who are now without homes, heat, and shelter.   Do contribute to legitimate places that offer help to those in need.  We, who are not in need, should count our blessings and not curse a few days of, basically, inconvenience.

4)                A tip of the hat and a great thank you to the MTA.  I disagree, totally, with their insane fare and toll hikes but I commend them for restoring the services as quickly as they did.  Kudos!!

5)                The expenses in certain areas are truly out of line----this will take a moment—   I attended a local Town Board meeting on this subject as a Library Board Member (ex Pres.) yesterday
               a)The gist of many complaints was that why are not municipal employees contributing to their pension funs, their medical insurance, etc;  Why are they not taking pay cuts like so many?  I offer no opinion on that. I do offer the presentation of it.
6)  My interest and appearance there was for local Library purposes ( I am on the local board).   The Library has been cut 10% in its fund request for 2013.   Without going into lengthy detail let me just say, and the Town knows this, that it will not add even ONE CENT to the town budget since the Libraries of this town have naught to do with the Town Budget---they are a contractual agency separate from the Town.

7) But going back to The GOLDEN LAND---There was a scene wherein I thought that I bet they do not know the old joke about Sean Ferguson (that is the punchline) ---they did..   A whole segment about Ellis Island and, finally, the immigrant says (when asked his name) Shoyn Fergesen---hence, Sean Ferguson---I heard it years back about a golf game. 

8)  Do join me on SUNDAY  SIMCHA  next week when you will hear some more wonderful music for the upcoming holidays from the Idelsohn Society.  Some real surprises there--- do join me on TRADITIONS on Thanksgiving weekend for a special treat and also on Dec 9 and Dec 16 when we do some pre-holiday magic and some most memorable recordings of the year .

9)  May you all have a season of joy and not make it one of dashed expectations.  Take it the way it comes---like LIFE.