Thursday, March 14, 2013


I do hope you navigated over from the Playlists---which were non-existent for Sunday Simcha this week.  Since I realize that the Playlists page gets more viewers I hope to get you here since I did not have a play list to offer---and, frankly,  playlists make no sense.  They are out of context of what was talked about---on both programs.  That is honesty.   You do, however, get to know what was played if that is of interest to you.   You do not, however, get the context.  That said, I do appreciate that you view them and see what was presented.  You  may, however, listen to the archived program for 2 weeks--- go here.

Now for a couple of the "brain droppings" that certainly are more sanitary that the bird droppings we  have heard of.

The world---or more certainly the Catholic world has a new  Pope.   The question to me that arises is why does this make it the most newsworthy item of the moment for various media.   Would the world or the media be this concerned by a new leader in the Muslim(well, a disclaimer there--leader or terrorist?) world, in who was the Chief Rebbe in Israel, etc;   I doubt it.   The Catholics of the world have a new Pope.  The rest of the world is still going along its merry way.   The media, as usual, is creating "hype" that is truly , as it is said, "over the top".    My hopes, certainly, for his success as Pope and leader of the Catholics.   

Is it not amazing how seriously we have all taken this.  So, on a lighter note, let me refer you to some other thoughts-- 

This coming Sunday is St. Patrick's Day and on that day we are all honorary (at least) Irish---well, at least most of us.  If you tune in to TRADITIONS this Sunday during the 4 PM hour you will have  the opportunity of hearing a truly funny bit of music from some old favorites which will explain the "some of us" line---equal opportunity skewering for many nationalities is in store.  On SUNDAY SIMCHA I will presenting  a Comedy Corner segment that, I do believe, will have you splitting your sides laughing (sent any bills for torn pants or shirts somewhere else).  The comic you will be hearing was an acquaintance of mine who died at a tragically young age.  He was just on the cusp of true fame after having won so annual "stand-up" awards and appearances of quite a few of the late night talk shows of the time.

The National Yiddish Theater (Folksbiene) is still continuing presenting wonderful programs in Yiddish (w/ English super titles) as it has done for almost 100 years now.   SUNDAY SIMCHA will keep you posted on what they are doing and when.  Just last Sunday some of our listeners and I (seperately) attended a wonderful afternoon of music put on by the creator of GHETTO TANGO.  Zalmen Mlotek is the musical director and guiding force of Folksbiene.

Here is a video of a discussion and some scenes of an earlier production---both Mike Burstyn and Zalmen Mlotek have been guests on SUNDAY SIMCHA.   If they ever present this again it is not to be missed---it has already been brought back 2 times by popular demand.