Thursday, July 8, 2010

THURSDAY and Another Edition Of.....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)         I have not seen the Shakespeare in The Park version of Merchant of Venice but the film with Al Pacino as Shylock was, to me, brilliant.   This must be awesome---a nuanced and tortured Shylock rather than the cartoon figure of Anti-Semitic lore from previous incarnations.

2)         Lebron James has not yet made a decision where he will make his fortune---should we really care?

3)         Gout is supposed to be the disease of the rich and the very expensive foods they eat. So how come I have the disease and not the positive parts?

4)         Does anyone remember when a presidential candidate lost credibility if he (there no ‘she’s then) was divorced? Now we take seriously sleazy folks like the Palins and her upstanding family.

5)         Little Italy in the Bronx is slowly becoming Little Mexico and it just shows us all the evolution of NYC.  It is all to the good as time moves on and life changes---I will, however, still miss Calavolpe Brothers Bakery---well, I have missed it for some 15 years now.  You had to love the Pastachiotti and the espresso.

6)         Has anyone here ever wondered why you can find out the most interesting artifacts about people, places, and things in the NY Times and find nothing but **** in the last remaining alleged newspapers in NY?

7)         Since everyone seems to be “texting” these days it would seem appropriate for people at a dinner table to “text” each other rather than converse.  After all, they text others so why not the dinner companions since conversation seems to be a lost art.

8)         I would not ban smoking on public beaches since the price in NYC is now some $11.00 a pack it is a good place to kick the habit after finishing last of the smokes and walking into the waves ala A Star Is Born.

9)         Andrew Cuomo just announced that he found people “gaming” the pension system with overtime in the last year or so of employment to receive pensions---some over $100,000.  Gee—there is a surprise---try looking at the suburban police forces who retire from a fairly risk free environment by gaming their systems with even more---paid for by the home owners who can ill afford the tax burden.

10)   Do you remember when people had 7” B/W TV sets with 7 channels?   Then came hundreds of High Def channels on super size flat screens.  So, I have to wonder what the intrigue is in watching TV on a 3” (or less) cell phone screen?  Considering the nothingness that is offered on TV NPR might well be a better choice.  You do not need a screen.   As to “Nothingness”—The Fugs have a very good definition of it in one of their songs  “Nothing”

11)   The World Cup is almost over and while I cannot truly understand it being called “the world’s game” it surely is closer than the U S constant barrage of terms like---World Series, World Championship, etc—for things that are only germane to the U S.   Just last evening I heard a commentator on a TV Special about Baseball claim that “it” was the only real and pure game in the world.   Bottom line---all honest games are pure and meaningful and Xenophobia is not a very positive thing 
       to witness.