Thursday, March 8, 2007

Program Notes and Food for Thought and Tummy

TABLETALK: I am honored and delighted to announce that Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, will be my guest on the program of March 18. This will air at 8 AM Eastern Time and will, as always, stream on the web.
Rabbi Kligler is a Rabbi in the "Reconstructionist" area of the various "sections" of Judaism and we speak of what that means and how it is influencing, not only, Judaism but how it compares to Unitarianism, Ethical Culture, and various other interesting insights and thoughts he shares with us. Rabbi Kligler is also a musician and we are able to offer a sample of his music at the end of the program. Something that, truly, fits our dialogue.

TRADITIONS AND SUNDAY SIMCHA: For these see the previous posts. The RR picture is great so why repeat it---scroll down for it.
Kim And Reggie Harris and Rabbi Kligler who is also on Appleseed Recordings are all set for our PASSOVER program on Sunday Simcha. Get your Matzos and favorite Pesach snacks and do not miss this one----April 1--10 AM. Me---I have a nice piece of sponge cake and a few macaroons and will be listening as well. By the way---if anybody has some Pesach recipes they would like to share why not make note of them for our other visitors. I bet there are some great chicken soup recipes and tzimis recipes out there.

OK-- I will start---not Pesach, though.

Tomato/Onion Soup---1 can of Crushed Tomatoes added to some boiling Onion Soup mix with a dash of pepper----that simple. Delicious!

Bill's SuisseKraut---(my mother's recipe)-- 1 head of cabbage (real bargain at St. Patrick;s Day)
Some caraway seeds,
Some Pepper
1 cup Vinegar
1 cup Sugar
1 Potato
Shred Cabbage in a slicer and put into an oiled Wok. Add the Pepper/Caraway seeds.. Cook till tender and then add Vinegar and Sugar. Put Potato in blender w/a small amount of water. Add to Wok after other ingredients have cooked. This is for thickness.
Cook for another 3 or 4 minutes and there you have it-

--Oh how I waited for this along with wiener schnitzel from my mother---and had it at the now, sadly, gone restaurant in NYC---Moccas. Many great meals there.
OK--so Moccas is gone, Mom is gone, but the memories linger---and the taste of great food. And, great music.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Currrent Events Today---and a Mention of Radio

Now here are two smiling faces. Granted, for truth in commentary----they are not from the same event. The top one is from the conviction of Mr. Libby. The one of the photogenic VP is from a different, surely, happy event.

Might we say that the latter's expression can shed some light on his thinking on the former event. Seems that the people that are involved are always the lower echelon. Would that the true target were indicted. His smiling face is on the left. Well, don't run any benefits for Mr. Libby yet. Financially he probably came out of this OK. Politically he protected his "handlers". As it is said---"
..ain't loyalty grand". I think "they" said that. Whoever "they " are. Our hero---GWB--commended the decision and felt justice done. But, saddened. Would that he felt that way about other matters that have made his administration the biggest mistake this republic ever had.From Iraq to the scandals at Army Hospitals (which house veterans of his ill conceived war), to tax breaks for the wealthy, from "no child left behind" to denials of the quality of the education in the nation, and, finally, though there could be more, from visits to disaster areas after the fact to visits there later for photo-ops.
So--to move into a positive mode. We seem to have some pretty good alternatives these days. Time was--I date myself now--when new candidates were picked at conventions. Now---we seem to start 2 years ahead of time and it is a foregone conclusion at convention time.
So we do have the choices that will, hopefully, bring us back to what this nation is about---or is, hopefully, still about. Perhaps some people that still have idealism. I have to say that they are all on the Democratic side of the voting machine even though I would like to choose the one who is, to me, the most fitted for the position. Here are a few choices that seem to have the "chops" and the diplomatic and idealistic skills required---and ,yes,in order of preferance:
You will notice that I put Hillary at the bottom. Frankly, I admire her. I also think she is just a politico and handles it day to day---and Bill will pull her out of any problems---as was shown in the Selma incident. It would be Bill's 2d shot
not a bad thing. But our rule of law does not work that way.
We are blessed to have our "rule of law" and the ability to say goodbye to GWB and DC in a pacific way and move on from the disaster and ignonimity they have inflicted on this nation with relations to the rest of the world community. Sadly, much of the rest of the world cannot partake of such positive things that have been passed down to us by the "founding fathers" and upheld by most administration.
Well---we have moved far afield from the "folk" and "radio" content for this site. So===how about a few shots of some up coming guests on Traditions, Simcha, and Tabletalk

Noel Paul Stookey Rabbi Johnathan Kligler Kim & Reggie Harris
They will all be on Sunday Simcha---except for Mr. Stookey. He will be joining me on Traditions and also,hopefully, on Tabletalk. Do not forget our wonderful Sunday Simcha featuring Kim and Reggie and Rabbi Kligler.

Monday, March 5, 2007

A Few Program Updates and Recommendations

TRADITIONS: Admittedly the same picture---but such a beauty is this class of locomotive. On the 3/11 program I will be devoting much of the 4 PM hour to RR songs---from the classics to the ones you do not expect. There are, in fact, many kinds of trains. Some you do not expect to think of when thinking RR songs. We will end it with what is, to me, the greatest RR song ever written and performed by the composer. I would be curious if you agree---let me know after the program.

SUSAN WERNER : She has not had an album in a while and is now back fit as the proverbial fiddle with a really wonderful piece of work.

I think blending this with some other meaningful Gospel will be a revelation to us all. Trust me---this is meaningful and not "proselytizing" material---just great work with much meaning to us all in this time we are living in. It shall be combined with "traditional" Gospel---so, as Hank Williams said---"...friends and neighbors--it is Gospel time" You don't get the dialect on the computer-tune in---I will do my best.

Frankly, this is so different from what I have heard from Susan Werner in the past and deserves much attention.

Another repeat picture.:
You all realize how important I felt this wonderful new CD that Noel Paul Stookey produced. I am happy to say that an conversation with him is being arranged and in it I hope we will be able to cover his many social and humanitarian interests. And his music as well.
To separate this from my radio programs:

Now to update a few comments from earlier regarding the sad situation that we find our returning veterans in.

Heads seem to be rolling and that is all to the good. The questions that must be asked are about how such a sad turn of events came to pass.
During the Clinton years the V A became one of our first class deliverers of medical care. It is so noted in statistics, network news shows, etc; Now it is still delivering such care with one hand tied behind its back---financially.
One has to again ask the question of how much spin this administration can put on all the events that it has--frankly---mislead the public about.
I notice that, in today's news, the VP had a problem in his leg. Went to his physician and it is being properly treated. Not that I truly care. Would that our service people also got such prompt attention once back in the U S. I say that because I am certain that our field medics are doing all they can.

In all the wars that this country has been involved in medical issues were never (I believe) a matter of contention. Was the war right or wrong was. We always treated our armed forces with the quality of medical care they deserved.

Interestingly and sadly this war was brought to us on false pretenses, fought on the " cheap", no understanding of the underlying conflicts in the areas we invaded, and then this administration has neglected the sad fallout of this war that is being fought by people talked into a "career" and "contractors" who are getting rich at the expense of their maimed and dead employees.

Well, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are neighbors in newly acquired properties in a posh area where they can think and chat of all their idealism and successes. Perhaps they also might think of the great medical care that is being given---just like theirs---to the folks that they have put into "harms way" under their false pretenses and profit making possibilities.