Thursday, December 16, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.........

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)        The Charlie Brown “I want a dog for Christmas” episode was on the other day and it was a delight---and I am glad to see that Snoopy has evolved and matured and developed into Brian (on Family Guy).

2)        The show for Solstice at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is spectacular and I am sorry that we do not have tickets to offer our loyal listeners of Traditions on WFDU this year. 

3)        You have to wonder how this nation got to where it is given all the self interest when you hear the NPR report on the banks (under assumed—screen—names) buy up real estate tax liens with their bail out money and then dun the homeowners while adding fees and interest.   Henry F. Potter would have been proud---you fans of “holiday schmaltz” will know what I mean.

4)        Speaking of NPR, one has to admire Richard Holbrooke’s last words---and then all the spinning by the pundits.  When were words just words with no other meaning than the ones spoken?

5)        New Years celebrations are coming up and I have to wonder why so many people feel they need this forced gayety and artificial moment of memory which, as Shakespeare said on a different topic---signifies nothing.   Sometimes the comfort of a warm home can be enough---and one’s thoughts.

6)        Lots of commemorations for the untimely death of John Lennon recently.  It would have been his 70th Birthday around this time---well, here is someone we should also recall and remember since he would have been 70 on December 19 and left us way too soon=-=-==PHIL OCHS.

7)        There are always some words that remain in your head like those a prof. at college years ago—“...invest your earnings in real estate in these 1960 dollars because they will be worth a lot more in the 1990s”.   So—how did he know that and I thought that nothing ever changes-----THEN—I see the front page RE ads in the NY Times magazine for condos---1 bedroom starting at 1.5 million.  That is why he was a prof.

8)        Here are some words to live by that appealed to me more---from a long departed aunt who also had some published medical monographs---“...reach outside your own circle to find an answer you are not sure of...”

9)        Have any of you sharing this virtual phone booth not showered today?

10)  I find that most people call the radio program(s) to mention errors---that is good.  Lets me know they are out there and the choir being preached to is alert----great comment from my guest Si Kahn===”.. My father was a Rabbi and he never preached to a Lutheran Choir but he did preach to his choir and if many people do that in an inclusive way we are all home free.”