Thursday, March 12, 2009


You will notice that there are a few new videos for you to enjoy now.

LITTLE TOBY WALKER---the brilliant bluesman and guitarist who has been much requested on TRADITIONS.

In addition a compilation of videos of EAGLES doing the Jack Tempchin composition of Peaceful Easy Feeling. Unfortunately I could not get a video of the Kate Wolf take on this song since I ran a little contest to see which was the version that is more popular and, as it turned out, as expected, the audience for TRADITIONS voted for Kate Wolf. All said the same thing---that voice. Which made me realize that many times a song such as, say, Julie Gold's "From A Distance" is recorded by, in that case, Nanci Griffith but becomes a hit when a super star records it ---Bette Midler. Good thing for the composer but I will still take the Nanci Griffith version as I would the Kate Wolf version.

Thankfully there are niche audiences and happily some things go to be big hits surely help the composers on the financial side.

Now I have a few more comments but best to go to this site so I don't repeat myself here---hard for me not to do. Scoot over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER and you will see the new videos which represent a tip of the hat to the new feature on TRADITIONS and an explanation about it. As I said, why repeat myself.

As to TRADITIONS I urge you to do a few things--tune in on 3/22 (and every week) when my guests will be BUSKIN and BATTEAU. Additionally please feel free to e mail if you have any requests for RR songs or any other type of thematic material. I will compile them and then in a brief time will air them or it.

There are some RR song requests ready to go for the 3/22 show.

While it is always good to promote the various artists appearing locally and to introduce you to new artists it is still, from your response, a nice thing to look backward as well---and-- above all--make an entertaining radio program. That is what it is all about---or as I say at the end of SUNDAY SIMCHA---"Stick around for THE ECLECTIC WEEKEND SOUND OF WFDU.

Finally, a recommendation for something that may the biggest entertainment bargain around---March 29 at the Fairlawn Community Center in Fairlawn NJ. That day Ron Olesko and I will be the gracious (allegedly) hosts at a concert that will feature Christine Lavin, Tom Chapin, Julie Gold, Gathering Time, Pat Wictor, and Abbie Gardner with Anthony DaCosta. Tickets are reasonably priced at $15.00 and it is a benefit for WFDU. Go to HURDY GURDY WEBSITE and find out more --also ticket availability since they are going fast. I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE ---we take attendance you know.