Thursday, December 3, 2009

THURSDAY --Another Edition of ........

And the weekly flip of the fedora to JIMMY CANNON

Nobody Asked Me But:

. 1) What a delight to look forward to Sat. Evening at the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club in Fairlawn NJ and Buskin & Batteau. Two Troubadours of Total Talent==OK alliteration never eludes me---they are great and I hope to introduce them in a less than modest way.

. 2) Another delight is to look forward to Sunday at the Orangeburg Library and the appearance of Gathering Time in concert there and another never so humble introduction.

. 3) All these delights are probably bad for my cholesterol levels.

. 4) To the dismay of critics the film “The Blind Side” also toyed with my cholesterol levels and not with my tear ducts---too much “shmaltz” does that.

. 5) One can string together a whole bunch of important sounding statements—clich├ęs—that say nothing. Think of some interviews on radio or TV that might go like this:

“Having said that, let me just add, that at the end of the day the results are what I anticipated and will prove to be fruitful in the long run”

. 6) Why do people always say “At the end of the day”? There must be night shift somewhere.

. 7) What a wonderful change in Presidential presentations about war commitments the Obama West Point appearance was.

. 8) From what nether region did Glen Beck arise and become the sage of the “great unwashed”?

. 9) It seems that Orwell’s “1984” was prescient and just a few years off in his description of unending war, electronic surveillance, and total control of populations.

. 10) I recall when a Bway show ticket was $25 for an orchestra seat. Even with inflation $300 on holiday weeks is a bit exorbitant but that is free enterprise for you. So, there must be people able to throw that kind of money around for a fleeting 2 hours.

11) If your tastes run to non-mainstream commercial programs you can have some really great moments for under $50.00. Think “folk”, “coffeehouses”(they really don’t have coffee), and house concerts (they do have coffee).

. 12)Seems like with all the security improvements since the JFK tragedy loopholes still remain if you look right and don’t “appear” fanatical.

. 13) Don’t believe everything you read in Agassi’s book. He hates tennis so much that he still tours in the seniors tour---mucho dinero there too.

. 14) It is a wonderful thing that there are still some places on radio that allow for free wheeling and eclectic programming. That includes most university stations (not all) and NPR.

. 15) Sometimes old TV shows are better and cannot be improved on---think Homicide—Life On The Streets. Still available in re-runs.

. 16) Who knows that Hugh Laurie is a stand-up comic and also appeared in a hilarious Brit-Com prior to his huge hit ---House?

. 17) Any interest in the bargain I can give you on 2009 calendars? If I had 1809 ones I bet you would pay big bucks.