Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Many more people seem to read the Playlist Page but I do hope you will take a peek at this---or as might  be said in Yiddish Theater---gib a kik ahier.   You have only a few days left to see THE GOLDEN LAND at The Baruch Ctr For The Performing Arts (25th St./Lexington Avenue).  Go to  for ticket information.  The show ends its limited run on 12/2 I believe. One can only hope it once again gets revived.   The history of this particular Folksbiene project dates back to the 1930 when it started as a concert piece and finally evolved into a full fledged musical stage production.  This version has been updated to reflect the current time and still give the history of Jewish immigration through a great cast of 6 performers who make you thing that there are 18 people on the stage---or as Zalman Mlotek, the creator said to me on SUNDAY SIMCHA--"...they are all triple threat---singing, acting, and dancing...".   You will love the music and there is one particular piece that jumped out at me for which I offer this trivia query---who wrote the piece "BREAD AND ROSES".   No Googling---and the question is a bit tricky.  Let me just say the Playbill is partially correct in its credits.  Partially.   The first person to comment here with the true story gets a CAPITOL STEPS CD.  Now, take a peek at the trailer for this production---you know---gib a kik ahier---

Now for a few radio updates.    TRADITIONS on Nov. 25 has some wonderful new material to offer you as well as slightly belated Thanksgiving theme---though I do believe the best way to start a Thanksgiving program is with Loudon Wainwright and his take on that subject---I too am a cynic. BUT, after that opening you will find your old favorites, the features, and some Thanksgiving material and at the very end a story song with a story about it from the "its a small world department".   As to the wonderful new material that flew in over the always open transom---Kim& Reggie Harris (brilliant) , Anne Hills (ditto), Debra Cowan, and a few more surprises for you.  You can always catch the program on if you cannot receive us over that free thing called air.   Which means that the fellow who is on after SUNDAY SIMCHA now---Ghosty--has it right.  As he says---catch him on your listening device.  Don't fret, I am stealing the phrase for future use but I have to admit that he is the best thing to come down the WFDU trail in a long time.

Since mention was made of Anne Hills and her album of Tom Paxton music and of Kim and Reggie Harris---in English now---take a look---

A few samples that are not truly representative of the new albums but only about the brilliance of the artists.

A few comments now about Kim and Reggie Harris and some other artists.  Kim & Reggie were part of a wonderful Phil Ochs Song Night---and, yes, the name Dylan does not come up at these events for good reason.   The music of Phil Ochs, taken from us too soon (as so many) is eternal and Kim & Reggie Harris did it great justice as did Greg Greenway, John Flynn, Magpie, Pat Wictor, and Magpie---and the audience at the Acoustic Cafe that evening---Nov. 17, 2012.  Sonny Ochs was a wonderful interlocutor.

The weekend was a delight because the day after---Sunday---Priscilla Herdman and her angelic voice performed at the Borderline Folk Music Club in New City NY with a wonderful opening set by Loretta Hagen, Roger Hagen, and Mara Levine (who will be on Traditions in January).  My honor was to introduce them all.  Frankly,  I never understand that.   They need no introduction.  They grab an audience just by their stellar presence.

The final thoughts after that last paragraph are short and to the point---why do people not realize that the best venues are not overpriced arenas but small venues with artists that will meet with you at reasonable prices.   Have I been in my cave too long to know what is real and what is popular?

On a positive note---Thanksgiving is upon us and may I will you all a happy and memorable one.  Some folks do not have a hell of a lot to be thankful for this year after that storm---some surely do.  Either way---have a joyous one and take look at two thoughts on it----Loudon Wainwright after The Berrymans

There you have it.   That is Loudon Wainwright III in the second clip and  The Berryman's doing their own composition which I have played many a time as done by Herdman, Hills, and Mangsen.   My favorite version.   May you have a joyous holiday celebration and do please avoid confrontation and do keep your food down.   Tomorrow is another day.