Monday, December 29, 2008


On Dec. 28 Ron Olesko and I jointly hosted TRADITIONS and presented, among other things, our individual picks for "favorite" CDs for the year. Many would have been joint picks I am sure.

It has to be said that time constraints precluded presenting more than the 10 each we had time for. Here you will see my picks and some mention of those that there was not time enough to play.

I have to say that, while "favorites", "meaningful", "best of" are nice year end things to present it is certainly subjective and it is nice to present older recordings along with the new ones during the course of the year. Some of the artists we present are timeless and have thoughts and music that, like classical music, can be heard over and over again.

It was a delight to be back with the program after an almost 2 month absence and again my thanks for all the kind thoughts, messages, and all the "welcome back" calls on the 12/28/ program.

Now for the 10 that I chose for the show---and the "honorable mentions" that we did not have time to present:

From Southern History to meaningful insights into life and from light hearted Country to Gospel each album --and this is the latest of some 12 now--is never like another and always pleases and surprises. This album has plenty of surprises with some great guest artists including John Prine and Nanci Griffith

Just as Kate Campbell so many recordings over the years and none disappoints. I, personally, felt this the best one yet---insights and metaphors to be appreciated and can be personally related to. The closing track sums up in a most nostalgic way a long and on-going career.

Andrew Calhoun was my guest earlier in the year and this recording is a true gem. Melodic and historical along with some great liner notes in a well produced booklet make this a "must have". The picture on the cover (on the left) alone is worth the price of admission---it should be framed.

Daddy's Little Girl is the name of the CD and from a touching opening track about fatherhood and relationship to the last track of Tikun Olam you will be moved by the thoughts and musicianship

Kate Long's voice is haunting and Robin Kessinger's musicianship is awesome.
You may recall her from an earlier album with two particular tracks that have haunted me for a few years---Corinthians and McNamara's Tear. This CD has a whole new dimension. It is a live performance and features that haunting voice in not only music but some wonderful story telling by Kate and both their interactions with a most enthused audience.

Jewell Ridge Coal tells some wonderful stories of life in Appalachia and done with such wonderful harmony you just want to listen to this work over and over

It is also a CD with such great cover art it should be on display on your coffee table with the music playing on your CD player.


This 3 CD set which has been released through Time/Life is a set of unreleased recording that were being thrown out by WSM some time ago and now finally see the light of day. Hank Williams, as many of the other Grand Ole Opry performers had week-day radio shows which were more lucrative than the GOO and also allowed them to be more well known. Many of the programs were pre-recorded so the artists could tour during the week. WSM had not rights to re-air or distribute the recordings which was the reason for their disposal.

If you are Hank Williams aficionados you will revel in these recordings. Unlike the MGM recordings with their production values these are live un-enhanced performances of some popular songs and some you will not have heard on recordings before.

In all honesty it has to be added that if you are not a real aficionado you may not find this to your liking.

Another piece of work from one of the great poets who can translate inner feelings about life and life stories into the most beautiful music. Taking some of the most simple thoughts and feelings we all have had this CD, as all the past ones, capture things we all have felt and could not express as lyrically as this artist.

A number of years ago I interviewed Jack Williams and was in awe at his guitar fingering when he played just a few inches away from me. Now I am awe struck by his latest CD. He captures the feelings of "folk", "pop", "jazz" and any stops in between with great renditions of such pieces as ---The Heart of Saturday Night, Biloxi, That Lucky Old Sun, Lovesick Blues, and a lot more in this great mix of genres. The best description is---eclectic music by a master.

Another winner from an artist that is making---actually has made a wonderful name for himself already. A master of many different guitar styles (and guitars) with a wonderful and versatile voice this CD has some really wonderful and thoughtful songs. Highly recommended are "Whiskey Vacation" and his interpretation of the Phil Ochs' classic "Changes".

Both Ron Olesko and I picked this as one of the CDs not to be missed this year. Produced by someone who is close to Pete Seeger (and a person I feel real kinship with) David Bernz (also a founder of Work O The Weavers) he has created a work that can be listened to from beginning to end as a story of a still on-going life with more tales and interests to come. It features appearances by The Sloop Singers, Work O The Weavers and more.

As I said on the air---"...Pete Seeger is someone who shows us all that doing what you believe in will create your following----or as the line in "Field of Dreams" says--''build it and they will come". They have come for Pete many times and this CD is a perfect example what "they" came for.

NOW for the names of a few CDs we did not have time for and a few comments:

RED ROCK RONDO It just came in too late to include on the air but you will be hearing it for certainty on Jan. 11. A wonderful piece of work that captures the feeling of Zion Canyon

GATHERING TIME --SONGS OF HOPE AND FREEDOM also late entry due to my not being available for a time and also one you will be hearing this year. Harmonies that are reminiscent of an early Peter Paul and Mary but transcend them in a later style.
EMILY KURN---I'm Just Like You Emily has a voice that will just grab you and you will not be able to turn off the music in your mind for quite some time

THE YELLOW ROOM GANG--Happy New Day This came in after the show was mapped out but I am sorry we were not able to play something from it. As said before---you will hear this nice piece of work. What a wonderful feeling to have the sense of sitting around with old friends and hearing some great songs---which is what this CD does. The Yellow Room Gang is a group of artists that we have played individually on the program and some that have been in for interviews---David Tamulevich, Michael Hough, Kitty Donahoe, Matt Watroba, Annie Capps, Jan Krist, David Barret, Jim Bizer.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


But I'll tell you anyway.

TRADITIONS: I am planning on returning to the program for our year end program wherein Ron and I present the recordings of the past year that we found very meaningful. While we will also recall the people we lost this year I will offer my thanks for not being among them and also offer thanks to all of you have kept me in your thoughts and prayers. The letters and cards more were touching and meaningful. I do notice that with the poor auto sales none of you rushed out to buy a bargain gift for me.
In all honesty; your thoughts and cards were more meaningful. I was not able to drive for a time in any case.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: All of the above. You may have noted that since the end of Oct. the programs have been "encores"---fancy word for "repeats". Starting Dec. 14 the shows will once again be new. Don 't forget we have to have a Hannukah (spell it anyway you like) party. So get out the dreydls and lets place a few large wagers.

Finally, please look at the new videos on the right. My sincere sense of loss with the passing of Odetta. A few nice videos of Junior Brown brought to mind by one of our listeners to whom I promised more of him last time I was on in October

Thursday, November 20, 2008


First off, my sincerest thanks to my co-host, Ron Olesko for his caring and concern for my illness and for covering the program he created these many moons ago. Also my thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and concerns--- as Julie Gold wrote to one of my doctors---"...he's got a good heart, no wonder he needed a brain adjustment"

I am in good company---thankfully, Reggie Harris is recovering, as is Odetta. Also, yours truly.

I expect to be back at WFDU in about a month. Meanwhile I will recuperate at my daughter's house, and spend quality time with my kids and grandkids.

Again, my thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts==especially my daughters who insisted on my going to the ER and finding out why I had this ongoing headache. Turns out it was more serious than I thought and my surgeon was an amazing artist-=--hell, I never played the piano before---and still don't (I guess my surgeon wasn't that good).

Seriously, this is a life changing experience and really puts life and its meaning into perspective. Luckily, I have no diminution (like that $5 word?) of motor skills and am counting my blessings. Now, I finally have something impressive to say at the thanksgiving dinner table.

See you on WFDU shortly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The program I mentioned for airing on 10.28 has been re-scheduled for November 8.

Village Liberation w/ Bill Hahn of WFDU
Tues, Nov 8 12 noon

Join us to celebrate folk radio in North America with The Village Liberation. XM15 will bring you the best folk DJs in the US and Canada as only Satellite Radio can do. Travel across the land right with your favorite folk DJ from the comfort of your coffee table. This week (11/8) at 12 noon: Bill Hahn of WFDU!
Eastern Time:
Tuesday Nov 25, noon,
Friday Nov 28, midnight
Pacific Time:
Tues Nov 25, 9 AM,
Friday Nov 28, 9 PM
2 hour

Thursday, October 23, 2008


First an invitation---to tune into XM Radio on October 28 at 12 Noon (if you have XM) for a 2 hour version of TRADITIONS. You are able to get a free trial subscription at the XM Website.

The second invitation is to scoot over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER and have a peek at some telling topical videos.

Now, What's In A Name? It has struck me over some time that the name Kate seems to belong to a lot of truly wonderful singers and composers. Think of three that come to mind to me immediately---

KATE WOLF---much has been written about her in previous postings; along with some of her videos. Truly another one of the unique "Kate" voices with unique "Kate" thoughts.

KATE CAMPBELL who, as many of you know, was my guest on TRADITIONS on October 19 which coincided with the release of her 12th CD. Kate had not been on the program since 1998. The response to her appearance was just great. Besides great music---read my earlier review of the latest CD---she is one wonderful teller of tales and surely offers us great insights into what her muse is and her deep feelings about the things she writes about.

Best of all she is still awed by her peers. You may recall her excitement when she mentioned in the interview about her opening for John Prine soon. Also her thrill of having him on her new CD; and how it came about.

KATE LONG who you have heard many times on the program. Her unique voice brings the most emotion in to the works she has composed or covered. You may recall her wonderful version of "Corinthians" and, most moving of all, "McNamara's Tear".

Speaking of "McNamara's Tear"; through the good offices of Julie Gold who has been so taken by the piece after I sent it to her she has gotten her friend Nanci Griffith to take a good long listen to it and it is hoped recording of that will come out at some time.

Kate has a new CD out now with her musical partner, Robin Kessinger---"What We Do". You will be hearing pieces from it on November 2. Just brilliant work---amazing picking by Robin Kessinger, the unique voice of Kate in this live album from a concert in the Appalachian area from which they hail. One particular piece I am saving to play near the sad anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Well, there you have it----Kates. Three of them. Surely there are more. So, what's in a name? If you have any Kates you know of that I have neglected let me know---but please do spare me Kate Smith since the moon came over the mountain many years ago.

By the way a trivia question since Kate Smith came up---her announcer on radio (and more perhaps---mgr.?) was Ted Collins---anyone recall the slogan that started her daily radio shows in those long ago years? I do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This Sunday afternoon on TRADITIONS it is my pleasure to say that KATE CAMPBELL will be visiting the program She wrote me a day of so ago and suggested stopping by. We had last done an interview some 10 yrs ago and she felt this a good "anniversary" time for this.

Our first encounter was when her 3d album was released--"Visions of Plenty". Now---her 12th is here--"Save The Day". You can read my comments on that below

Rest assured she will, as always, prove to be the wonderful story teller she always is and also give us some insights into her life and career. Truly an artist not to be missed.

So, as the title of her CD suggests--"Save The Day"---October 19 from 3-6 PM. Or join us on the web at

Saturday, September 27, 2008

KATE CAMPBELL --The Star Keeps Rising

I guess it was back in the late '90s when I first met Kate Campbell when I met her a New Jersey hotel for an interview. Her CD "Visions of Plenty" had just come out and it just blew me away. After viewing the cover of the CD I admit to trepidation because of all the tattoos on her hands---which she explained were just Red Henna.

We talked, then, of her southern roots and all the wonderful songs she had been composing about southern history and also how she had taught that for a time as well---at a college. Up to this point, if my count is correct, she has released 10 albums. She now gives us the 11th. It is another brilliant piece of work with some of the "greats" in this genre joining her. Among them---Nanci Griffith, John Prine,Pierce Pettis, Tom Kimmel and more.

Let's talk of this CD in a moment. A reminiscence, if you will, of her earlier work. From the recordings of Visions of Plenty, Moonpie Dreams, Monuments, and more her work has always changed---I won't say evolved. It is not better it is always excellent and different. Unlike, say, some novelists who write, basically, the same story she always offers us new insights and totally different thoughts and words. She knows how to paint word pictures ever so well--from things like Bus 109 and Funeral Food (Visions of Plenty) to a moving tale of a man who purchased Joe Louis' Furniture (Monuments). From religiosity in "For The Living of These Days" and "Wandering Strange" to the joyful "Twang on A Wire" (my own opinion---her composition was the best on that disc)

The latest CD--Save The Day--is a piece of work to be savored for every individual track on it along with the insights and stories they offer. The booklet gives some insights into what her inspirations were for the songs she has composed; and I am still amazed at the volume of songs she has composed since the time I met her and before. Volumes of songs and not just quantity---quality.

From her opening track on this CD--Save the Day to the very last one Sorrowfree there is not a moment that one is not hooked on each piece and the story it tells. How many people knew of Henry Ford's strange vision of a city in South America to supply rubber for his cars--Fordlandia-- explains it all. The duet with John Prine--Looking For Jesus--is written (co-written w/ Walt Aldridge) is a true winner right up the alley of John Prine fans--of which I am one. Whereas, he writes simple lines that make a subtle point Kate writes longer lines that paint a great word picture. On the order of looking at a Matisse or a Monet and always seeing something new in there.

I will surely be featuring her newest work the next time I get to haunt you on TRADITIONS (10/5) but in the meantime you might want to visit her website and see about getting this recording---you really do need a Kate Campbell collection to go with the collections you may already have. Think about this---different genres of music have different stellar artists. In the classics one has to always think of Bernstein---or Lenny. Well, in this genre---let's call her Kate.

The website for Kate: . Pretty original--right?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Topical Topics Continued---along with an ANNOUNCEMENT

We will let the announcement go for the end.

In the previous post you noted a link to a video on Sarah Palin on The Almost Daily Rooster. The video is from YouTube.

On You Tube one is able to make comments about the videos being presented---and some are truly awful ones submitted by people with, I assume, either a lot of time on their hands or really huge egos. Yet, there are some great ones---entertainers, programs, and all kinds of interesting material from the past and the present. Sorry--the future is not there yet--who knows maybe they can do that as well soon.

Sadly, there is a bit of censorship going on. I don't mean about obscene material because that is properly banned---though there is one piece labeled "Sarah Palin" that did get through--shamefully. The censorship comes from a video of her acceptance speech at the RNC. Many comments---all favorable. Any comment that would be negative (I tried) does not get posted. This is exactly what the Chinese Government does with Internet access. Albeit this is on a smaller scale. Another video is one submitted by CBS featuring Matt Damon---complimentary comments on Mr. Damon are posted. All others are not and the note on top says that the site is not accepting comments. Matt Damon, by the way, was negative about The Huntress. So who it is that denies negative comments I cannot say. What I can say, however, is that the ultimate responsibility lies with the purveyors of YouTube---and, yes, they are a part of Google as is this site.

If you have been waiting for the announcement---I sure know how to make the headline the sub-text---here it is:

XM RADIO--on October 28 I have been invited to air a 2 hour version of TRADITIONS on their Channel 15 (The Village Liberation). I believe it will air at 12 Noon Eastern Time. Best check on the web if you have access to XM and if you are interested. If you are not interested I fault you not---we'll still be compatriots in this area of niche interests.

Topical Topic

Always intrigued when people can write great parodies and even more impressed when they address some topical issues.

Click on the right side for The Almost Daily Rooster and see one of these brilliant pieces.

Nice and brief today---as Shakespeare once told us "brevity is the soul of wit"--strangely it was said by the one character who never kept his mouth shut. Anyone recall (without Google) who that might be?

OH--kids just don't dress that nicely anymore!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thinking about the segment on the program of late regarding the WPAT program of the 1950s (and late 1940s) by Dave Miller---slogan Thrills of The Hills, Tops in Pops, and Best in the West I got to thinking of something that I wondered about when cigarette advertising was going to be verboten on radio and TV. What would replace it? We surely have found out--we own luxury cars, our breath must be better, our sexual functions are enhanced, and our teeth are ever so much whiter.

I found this great clip on YouTube that I really think you might enjoy as a look at the past and how advertising could make us believe all that great scientific evidence ---through double talk---about the healthy attributes of tobacco. I also, then, was a believer.

A little nostalgia with Perry Como, Hank Snow (best part of the program) and the main reason for this the commercials.

We had the country, Perry Como, but most important how advertising insinuated itself--and still does---into our minds. I hope your Chesterfields gave all the ads promised---other than emphysema. Well, they did not promise that anyway. Truth in advertising.

Might I know urge you to scoot over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER by clicking on the right side of the page and we can talk of other things not related to the radio program(s).

Sunday, September 7, 2008


On TRADITIONS today I promised to post a link to a wonderful video having to do with Michael Palin vis a vis the other Palin---Sarah.

If you check you will see my thoughts on that. I have to admit that this encapsulates it all--a brilliant piece of comedy and editing that should make us all perk up a bit and think about the presidential hopeful's choice of a person a heartbeat away from him.

OK the link

You will not be disappointed. If you listen to NPR and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me you know that they think that a nice touch would have been for "Pistol Packin' Mama" to shoot an ACLU member and stuff him.

Any other thoughts from me on this should really be read on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER--perhaps I should add to some to already there---OK I will Come on over--or as that great old commercial for the now long gone airline National said---Come on Down (that was to get you to fly to Florida). Of course, once in Florida---God's waiting room--hosted by the late optimist Ponce De Leon---they had another commercial for that market---"Come on Up".
Nothing like NYC in the winter and nothing like Florida in the summer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Program Notes---As The Title Says

A few comments regarding some of the features of late on TRADITIONS. I started as a one time thing a sort of nostalgia trip, if you will, a reminiscence of a radio program from the 1950s---The Dave Miller Show---that had the slogan "The Thrills of The Hills, The Tops in Pops, and The Best of The West". It was only supposed to be a one shot thing and it took about 10 minutes. It seems that it has caught on with our family of listeners and so I have been continuing it in approximately 15 minute segments. It is a blend of Country, Folk, Pop, and pretty much anything from a bygone era. An era when people wrote in requests to be played.

If you want requests you too can write in and now it is instantaneous---we have e-mail. No postcards to mail in. Sort of like the tag line on The Lone Ranger---" the land of yesteryear".

I can tell you in advance that this week you will hear---just a sample--Marty Robbins, Elvis Presley, Mr. B (you figure it out).

One of the big surprises was the reaction (all positive) to Tommy Edwards.

TRADITIONS is program that plays traditional music. Traditional music and new music that we hope will be considered tradition in years to come. Seems that music of that past era---not from some front porch but from a new electronic age---is now also in the tradition. So to speak.

So there you have my thoughts on that and if you have requests for any of these musical genres please do e mail me at . You can also make requests for Calypso which I am trying to have people recall because of the rhythm and the great political content. I thank Smithsonian Folkways for supplying me with some great archival material by some of the greats---Lord Invader, Mighty Sparrow, Lord Melody, and so many more.

A final thought which is not a musical one and should not be on this page---scoot over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER by clicking here or going to the right side of this page.

You might also enjoy some of the new videos that have been added.

One last thought and a mention of a person who many of you do not know. Many times we mention and mourn the loss of some famous artists---Kate Wolf, Erik Darling, etc; A few weeks back I started the program with a commemoration of Dr. Morris Dunkel. People like him are the supporters that keep this music alive and I want to say that he is missed, it was an honor and a pleasure to spend time with him, and my sympathy and hope for healing go out to his wife Marilyn.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I know that some of you are, as I am, fans of John Prine. You will, hopefully, enjoy some videos of him now available on the right of this page. You will, I hope, notice the similarity to Hays Carll in the sound and thought. You will recall that I did a bit of a contest on TRADITIONS about that and we had a few folks who picked up on it. As to the videos---check that bottom one out---very clever.

On the subject of videos on this site. There are 3 pages and on each one (which can be found by clicking on the right side of the screen) you will find videos germane to that page and ones that will make you either reminisce, discover something new, or just say--oh, s++t. In any case try them out--tell your computer savvy nerd friends to join you--have a few light hearted, serious, or nostalgic moments if you like.

This coming Sunday I believe you will find some things of interest on TRADITIONS and on SUNDAY SIMCHA.

TRADITIONS: Once again a dip into the archives of things we have not heard in a while, some new political material, and we continue a brief visit to Calypso (again my thanks to Smithsonian Folkways). Political material will not be ignored since the Democratic convention starts on Tuesday---fait accompli as opposed to how it used to be.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: It is said (does that sound biblical enough---as opposed to "they said"--who are "they" anyway?)that a picture is worth a thousand words so here is one:

You will also get to hear about how I managed, to my great chagrin miss the last concert at Tanglewood--- an event never forgotten by my companions that fateful day.

I hope that some of you were able to see the wonderful documentary about "Lenny" recently on PBS.

As to TABLETALK You may be aware that one of my recent guests was David Amram. The latest issue of the Fairleigh Dickenson Newsletter (magazine) features a quote by him about this radio station. No more little fish big pond for us---after all he does swim along with the big whales and sharks in the big ponds.

One last personal item. The other day I viewed an HBO special of Billy Crystal. It was done in 1986 and, amazingly, featured "Brother Theodore" in it. It was a joy to once again re-visit this great performance artist that I had the honor and utter delight of visiting with in his apartment for an interview for TRADITIONS back in , I believe, 1998. THEODORE passed away a few years back at the ripe old age of 94---still performing. He was in the same league as ANDY KAUFMAN (or Andy was in his league)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Misc. Program Notes

A number of listeners to SUNDAY SIMCHA have requested more Ladino music. Ladino music is, as many of you know, the music of the Sephardic Jews and while we have played some pieces by Robin Greenstein and Joe Elias I have been in contact with Dganit Dado who will be touring Canada and the Northeast later this year. She is an Israeli and brings a whole new sound to Ladino music---and, I suppose, a look as well:

A picture is worth a thousand words---I heard that somewhere. To get a sample of what her music sounds like just click on the right side of this page and scoot over to the PLAYLIST page where you will find some videos of her and her group in a very lively Ladino performance.

As to TRADITIONS I want to thank, once again, Smithsonian Folkways for all the wonderful Calypso material they have supplied. Smithsonian Folkways has truly kept and is keeping so many genres of music from being relegated to the dustbin of history. Reissuing, in wonderfully restored versions, so many genres---blues, traditional, calypso, folk, etc;.

I am also delighted that many of you have called in or written to request pieces for that segment Thrills of The Hills, Best in The West, and The Tops in Pops (term coined by Dave Miller of WPAT in the 1940s). While we won't do more than 10 or 15 minutes as a general rule I will try to get to as many requests as I can. A picture of Dave Miller would have been nice to put here but I suppose he had a face for radio---none available. So I guess we can just end with a picture of the WFDU transmitter located in Alpine, NJ and is quite historic in its own right---the birthplace of FM broadcasting and named after its creator---The Armstrong Tower.

Being a resident of Rockland County (near the Alpine location) I am always amazed when I realize how few people who drive down the Parkway never realize the historical significance of this structure. I had written some papers way back in school about it and FM broadcasting so perhaps my knowledge if it is expected but, still, one would think such a massive structure in that particular location would cause people to research it a bit. OK---time for all those folks to do some GOOGLING---a new verb.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Program Notes as the Title Says--And Some Other Items

First off a few updates on the up-coming programs:

TABLETALK: Since we had a nice scoop with my interview with Susan Quinn about her book FURIOUS IMPROVISATION and NPR a few weeks later raved about it as well we shall, this Sunday (8/10)have an encore presentation.

Here now are a few comments that describe the book and, frankly, our discussion of that and events occurring today might be found quite interesting---or perhaps not. Best to tune in at 8 AM Eastern Time (or on the web)---

In Furious Improvisation, Susan Quinn brings to life the challenges of this desperate era when Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and the tough-talking idealist Harry Hopkins furiously improvised programs to get millions of hungry, unemployed people back to work. Quinn’s compelling story of politics and creativity reaches a dramatic climax with the entrance of Martin Dies and his newly-formed House Un-American Activities Committee, which turned the Federal Theatre Project into the first victim of a Red scare that would roil the nation for decades to come.
Furious Improvisation is a vivid and engrossing portrait of the turbulent 1930s, rich in humor and anecdotes which combine to tell not only the story of the theatre project but also of the Great Depression and government intervention in a time of national peril, a time when the still-pressing issues of discrimination, injustice and the meaning of liberty commanded center stage

SUNDAY SIMCHA: As always a few surprises in Comedy Corner and also a visit to the dusty archives that seem to be so popular---but also the newest in what can be termed "Jewish " music---of music in a Jewish vein---not a Jewish artery since that is clogged with chicken fat.

TRADITIONS: The segment about WPAT in the 1950s---The Dave Miller Show show has proven quite popular amongst listeners so who am I to cut it short (Oh those "Thrills of the Hills, Tops in Pops, and Best in The West")---we do an extended version this Sunday---have you heard Moon Mullican combined with Jo Stafford (that was a request by the way--Temptation)? In addition Smithsonian Folkways is a true treasure trove of wonderful archival material and they have, graciously, sent over recordings that will represent some of the great Calypso material :

We shall also commemorate the sad passing of Erik Darling. Ron Olesko will have a more full commemoration the week after given his interviews and personal contact with this wonderful artist.

For the segment about stories (novellas) in under 5 minutes or so---there is a new person you have to hear. I then await your comments as to who he reminds you of. If time allows in that segment the master story teller will once again be on the air.

As to other "items" I think it best you go to the right side of your screen and click on The Daily Rooster and find out a few other items that, perhaps , you will find of interest. This is not really the place for them--they are, however, "G" rated.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bruce Adler---Sad News

For those of you who might follow the playlists on Sunday Simcha I am sorry to say that I was informed last evening of the demise of Bruce Adler. Too late for me to commemorate the sad event on this week's program since it was already recorded. Next week I do plan to devote the last half of the program to Bruce Adler. I do hope you tune in at 10 AM Eastern time.

Mr. Adler was a brilliant star of both the Yiddish Theater as well as Broadway (i.e. American musicals). The son of prestigious Yiddish performers and related to many legendary artists in the genre he performed since his earliest childhood years with some of the legends---Molly Picon, Irving Jacobson, etc; He was also the recipient of Drama Desk Awards for some of his work in the Broadway arena.I was delighted to have met him a number of times and amazed at his versatility. The last time I saw him perform was doing a Cole Porter Musical in New Jersey where he resided until a few years ago. He was also a guest on WFDU a number of times before I hosted the current program.

He will be sorely missed by those who appreciated his great talent and, mostly, by his family, since he recently was blessed with the birth of a child.

The clip you will see below is just what one might call the tip of the talent iceberg. It is from the Cole Porter Musical "Anything Goes" which I had the delight of seeing him in a number of years back at the Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey. That is Chita Rivera with him.

Seeing him backstage afterwards I was enthralled by the warmth and sincerity of this man. Unfortunately I do not have a video to place here showing his Yiddish talents---tune in to the program on August 3 and you will hear some of that.

Bruce Adler was 64.

Monday, July 21, 2008

CALYPSO--Not the Boat

TRADITIONS is, as you know, a "folk" music show. Folk encompasses so many genres and is not relegated to just our nation---or our singer/songwriters.

Reggae is an off-spring of Calypso, as you may well know. You may also know that Calypso had a large political content---Harry Belafonte not withstanding. Each year in Trinidad (the home of Calypso) there is a wonderful contest of Calypso music performers during Carnival. There are performers with amazing talent and names---some long gone now---Lord Invader, Lord Kitchener, The Mighty Sparrow, and so many more.

If you check the videos on the right and also on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER you can see more samples of their work.

Now---your input is needed. On TRADITIONS --do you think a segment of Calypso to add to the other features---you know, The Dave Miller segment (Thrills of The Hills, Tops in Pops, etc;), Novellas in song in about 5 minutes, this would be something you would like to hear---some great rare recordings that preceded our current political songs?

Please e mail me at if you have a thought on this. You can also leave a comment here.

Check out some of the videos and enjoy some of the music and also do not forget to join me this coming Sunday when Roy Zimmerman joins me--Roy Zimmerman---a great satirist and raconteur.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Satirical Appearance Update

Having just received an e mail from Roy Zimmerman I felt it incumbent upon me to let you know that he will be appearing at The Becton Theatre (on the grounds of Farleigh Dickinson Univ.--right next to our studios) on July 27 at 7 PM. I anticipate that he will also be my guest on TRADITIONS that day.

Roy, at another point in time, organized a group known as THE FOREMEN. Those of you who have been TRADITIONS listeners know that I have played muc of their great satirical pieces. Here you will find one of them from You Tube and that also has been aired on my program.

Roy will be featured on SUNDAY SIMCHA and, hopefully, will be with me on TRADITIONS on July 27 before his appearance at Becton Theatre. As to Sunday Simcha--hey---Yiddishkeit comes in all shapes, sizes and colors---which is why you will also be hearing Paul Robeson and Nina Simone.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Campaign Music

Tough choice to make. Place this brilliant parody here or hope you will click over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER. I made an executive decision after consulting with myself--nice chat I had there.

This is a great parody of a Dylan piece that Jib Jab has created and I guarantee you will laugh with this. You may want to share it with friends so you can either go to the Jib Jab page or send the link to mine to your ---as Hank Williams used to say---"....friends and neighbors".

Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Forgetting Program Notes and Folk Music--heaven forefend but there is more---I suggest a slip slide over to The Almost Daily Rooster (link on the right--or just click on the link before this).

I think you will find the video and the comments appropriate to the times we have evolved into.

Enough said---hope to have you join me this Sunday on TRADITIONS when my guests will be HUNGRYTOWN and also on TABLETALK when we exclusively air the CAPITOL STEPS quarterly topical revue.

On July 20 I am delighted to welcome Susan Quinn to TABLETALK. We talk about her wonderful work on the book Furious Improvisation---a history of the WPA and the Federal Theater Project. Ever so readable and educational. The website for FURIOUS IMPROVISATION

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It has been sometime since THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER has made some comments. If you check there I think that you will find some interesting material, enjoyable music, and some comments about separating talent from politics.

NOW: A few program updates----

TRADITIONS: On July 13 I am delighted to welcome into the studio HUNGRYTOWN. Their sound is truly a think of joy and my comments are on their site--along with where you can see them and listen to some samples.

TABLETALK: July 13 brings us the quarterly review aired exclusively in the NY NJ Metro area of THE CAPITOL STEPS. Good thing to start your day with a great laugh and some wonderful political humor.
July 20 SUSAN GROSS the author of a most readable book about the Federal Theatre Project and the WPA joins me for an in depth interview about her work and this amazing book that brings Harry Hopkins, Halley Flanagan, FDR and a myriad assortment of characters to wonderful life again in this insightful work. The book---FURIOUS IMPROVISATIONS--will bring all those people to life for you along with Orson Welles, John Houseman, and ever so much more.

Tabletalk airs at 8 AM ---you can always go to NPR after those 30 minutes are over and you will not miss their puzzle. Promise. This is an interview not to be missed---and a book that must be read.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: Besides a few more surprises comedy-wise we are anticipating the airing of some of the material from the original cast recording of SHLOMO. The show resumes in August and I suggest you check with the Museum of The Jewish Heritage for ticket availability prior to its move to Broadway.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Program Notes as the Title Says--And Some Other Items

Let us leave the world of music for a moment and recall the brilliant wit and wisdom of George Carlin. Like Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, and other such artists he advanced comedy to a whole new level. There are those, and I know a few, who could only see the obscenity that he used and hated his work. The same, they say, about Richard Pryor (and Lenny Bruce). The point they all miss is that none of them used obscenity for a shock effect as so many of the alleged "liberated" comics of today do. They made points with it. When it was not called for they did not use it. An example will be below.

Jerry Seinfeld had a piece in today's New York Times which you may have seen. I think it truly encapsulates Richard Pryor. Only one problem with it---the ending--I bet he did not want to beat Jerry Seinfeld to it.

Carlin knew the language and he could make great points---"...cops are crime fighters, firemen are firefighters, what the hell are freedom fighters". "..two planes don't collide---a near miss. Hell no, a collision is a near miss".

The days of the Catskill Shtick have been so wonderfully advanced by a master of the universal humor and he will be sorely missed.

Amazing piece of work---like a musician going through some fast "riffs".

As to the program notes:

SUNDAY SIMCHA: In August "SHLOMO' the musical will once again be appearing at the Museum of The Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan--prior to its Bway. incarnation. In July it is anticipated that the original cast musical will be finished and you will certainly hear it on the program. Not all of it--can't give away the store you know. Where did you hear that before?

JACKIE MORRIS is a singer and songwriter who you will be hearing on TRADITIONS but there is one piece you will hear from her on SUNDAY SIMCHA. A beautiful piece she has composed about her father and his escape from the Holocaust.

TABLETALK: I don't know how many of you have tuned in to TABLETALK over the years. It airs at 8 A M Eastern Time. I have to say that some of my guests have been outstanding writers, artists, and world renowned filmmakers. I am honored.

Let me tell you what is on tap for July:

July 6: The quarterly exclusive airing of The Capitol Steps political musical punditry.

July 13: The author, Susan Quinn, joins me for a talk about her brilliant history of the WPA and WTA. The book--FURIOUS REVOLUTION.

I can tell you that many books come in and many get skimmed---not this one. It is a grabber. If you were around then--you will be happy to recall the times that this book brings to life---FDR, Harry Hopkins, Hallie Flanagan, Orson Welles, John Houseman, and so many more. If you were not around then you will be amazed by how this history is brought to life---better than a TV soap--by this author.

TRADITIONS: This week we will once again visit some of our features--you know if you listen---the novellas under 5 minutes, the tribute to WPAT in the years of Dave Miller, some good ole gospel, and also a few surprises. As always. On JULY 13 I will be joined in the studio by two artists who's latest (and earlier CDs) have really blown me away. Recovering from that incident I returned and they will be joining me. That is HUNGRYTOWN.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Comments and a Profile of a Wonderful Artist

Quite a number of years ago NINA GERBER released her first solo CD, "Not Before Noon".

Those of you who have been long time listeners to TRADITIONS when I am hosting know that one of the artists I admire and play quite frequently---and have had many requests for--is KATE WOLF. This brings me to the reason for this little commentary and also what jumped out at me in Nina's first CD. In it there is a song---sung by GREG BROWN--"Kate's Guitar".

If you go to Nina's website (linked above) you will find her bio., but, briefly, Nina, as many of you know who listen to TRADITIONS was a student of Kate's, then later performed with her, and the friendship and bonds became stronger. Upon Kate's untimely passing and at such a young age she willed her guitar to Nina.

Some years later Nina was instrumental in the founding of the Kate Wolf Memorial Festival held each year in the beautiful countryside of Sebastapool, California. Some of our listeners have attended and have raved about it to me.

Recently I have been in touch with Nina and, if you have checked my playlists, you will find works from her on both TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA.. She has 2 CDs she kindly sent me. "Sweet Dreams" , a beautiful album of lullabies for guitar and lovely Jewish ones along with music in the American and World Tradition. The other album, "Nina Gerber Live" , is an album of music recorded live at the Kate Wolf Memorial Festival and features some wonderful artists.

Nina is one of those people you don't know much of because she has been a back-up musician for so many people. People we all know ---Laurie Lewis, Nanci Griffith, Bob Franke, Kristina Olsen, and of course Kate Wolf. To name just a few.

Please click on the right side of the screen under Memorable Moving Moments and enjoy a few minutes with her and Kate Wolf from some videos from an Austin City Limits show so many years back.

----------------------------------------KATE WOLF------------------------------------


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Since the site is about "Program Notes" let me tell you about a few of the things coming up on the various programs I host and feel you will be truly interesting to you if you tune in to WFDU for any or all of them.

Let us start with SUNDAY SIMCHA: This coming Sunday you will, once again, be regaled by some Allan Sherman material you probably have not heard before. In addition there will be some rarities as always. The week after, on June 8, a treat is in store.

A new CD just released by The Jewish Music Group which features some of the all time favorite musical pieces as performed by current artists that you might not expect to be doing them. There will be a question for a randomly selected CD ---can you name the artist you are hearing? The first 2 correct e mail responses will receive the CDs. You will be surprised by some of the artists---and you will recognize some of the voices. You will be quite surprised who they are.

Moving on now. TABLETALK. A well in advance heads up now. On Sunday, June 15 the writer, creator, and narrator of a truly interesting film--HOME will be my guest and we shall talk of how this film came to be and how he was able to get the interesting people he did to talk of their love for New York--people like Liam Neeson, Frank McCourt, David Amram (you will recall he was my guest a while back) and so many more people of lesser fame--the New Yorkers so to speak.

If you want a copy of this film prior to its major release you can write to:

The Home Film Company, Inc.
PMB # 140
3602 Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY 11234
or you can e mail:

I do hope you will be tuning in for this conversation and some insights into what makes a film like this come into being, how all the people in it agreed to appear--from celebs to "us folks", and also about the brilliant cinematography you will see in this film. I am not a reviewer but can tell you from a personal note---it blows the mind. It is not a travelogue with a helicopter over New York. It is the "on the ground" filming of faces, places, and scenes.

Looks like we are finally up to TRADITIONS.

I had hoped to be able to bring HUNGRYTOWN to you and talk of their brilliant new CD but scheduling and some technical issues will preclude that. Their work will, however, be featured in the next few weeks.

Father's Day will, as always, not be forgotten here---and Groucho will once again make his annual appearance. Along with some other pieces of interest. I am sure one of those will be a Harry Chapin thought on that.

If you have any music that you think appropriate for Father's Day and you find meaningful to you---please e mail me the request and also any personal story you would like told with it. Please send it to I must have those prior to June 3---you have to prepare you know.

One last thought--as always---stay in touch and stay well.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It is always such a thrill to know that some of the people that have graced TRADITIONS over the years and, sometimes, were just starting when they came on the program. People like MARY GAUTHIER, PAT WICTOR, RED MOLLY, MODERN MAN,and a bevy more.

A short while back those of you who had tuned in will recall that my guests were a new group :


(pictured here)

They are now, I am delighted to say, progressing and garnering many appearances in the area. Shortly they will be opening for AZTEC TWO STEP at The Minstrel Coffee House in Morristown, The date is June 20.

Rather than put a video of them right here in the dead center as I have done with Kate Wolf I thought it better to give a sample of their work that gives a few samples. If you click on the right side of the screen---they will have replaced the brilliant group The Foremen for a while in the hopes that you will get more familiar with their wonderful harmonies and material. It has to be said that the sound quality may not be the best due to technical recording reasons but, surely, worth a view.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Those of you who know my proclivities on TRADITIONS over the years in presenting artists know full well that there are some wonderful new artists that we are priviliged to present. CHeck the right side of the screen to see an example.

You also know that this page was intended for thoughts on programming, items of interest in the radio programs I host, and some personal things that you might find interesting. I hope you find KATE WOLF as meaningful and as interesting as I do. You will recall that a number of years back I had the delight of having her children as my guests on the program to talk of her life and her work. You will further recall my sentimental attachment to NINA GERBER and her music about Kate's Guitar (Song Title).

Let us now enjoy a few musical moments with the wonderful and sentimental voice of KATE WOLF and Nina Gerber thanks to the wonderful age we now live in---that, sadly, she is no longer a part of. I also know that she is one of the most requested artists on the TRADITIONS program.

This is from a 1985 Austin City Limits Program and posted on You Tube by another caring person for the late great Kate Wolf.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Why not click on the right side of the screen where you see the link to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER. I think you will enjoy what you see there while also enjoying some music from some very charismatic artists.

I would also urge you to tune in to TRADITIONS on Sunday May 18 when my guest will be ANDREW CALHOUN. You will recall, hopefully, that he is the creator of the wonder project that I have aired featuring the music of the Gullah people and also an appearance of him and is group which you can see on this very site---just scroll down.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Once again---the beautiful cover of the CD I described in an earlier post and will not go into again. Scroll down and you will see my comments.

While the video you will see does not do the CD justice photographically I do believe you will find the feeling of the CD and what a concert with Andrew Calhoun and Campground feels like.

I am also happy to say that Andrew Calhoun will be my guest in the near future on TRADITIONS so we can discuss this terrific work at more length and also re-visit some of the tracks on it. For ordering info on this terrific piece of work just go to WATERBUG RECORDS .

For now get a small feel of what this music feels and sounds like from the first live concert the group has done since this work came out:

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Critique and A Heads Up

OK--this is not Tevye it is the late Shlomo Carlebach aka the ordained Rabbinical Jewish Rock Star. I made that up.

On May 4 on SUNDAY SIMCHA you will be regaled with comments and music from a wonderful new musical now playing a limited run--SHLOMO THE MUSICAL-- at the Museum of The Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan (in a setting that boggles the mind). It is also fitting that at this point it is being performed in a limited engagement at this venue which is in sight distance of Ellis Island. More on that later.

I have the distinct honor of having Daniel Wise, writer and producer of this work on TABLETALK with me on May 11 where we speak of this terrific piece of work and also on SUNDAY SIMCHA May 4 with some music from the show.

While this is a limited engagement at the Museum (after many successful presentations at various venues--Folksbiene among them) a Broadway production is planned in the autumn of this year.

My radio program(s) cannot possibly encompass the program and what one can get from it visually. It behooves me, then, to try to mention and describe some of the visual things that make this an "event" one would not want to miss. Note I said programs. Reb Carlbach encompasses both the Jewish tradition and the folk and music of peace you all know I have featured many times on all programs---from Pete Seeger, Peter Paul and Mary, Phil Ochs--to Rabbi Kligler and Kim and Reggie Harris---and NOW the music of Shlomo Carlbach as done by him (later) and by members of this brilliant cast.

Without giving much away I have to relate a great bit of business from the show. An agent who represents, among others Peter, Paul, and Mary approaches Carlbach to offer him his services by telling him that he represents PP&M---Carlbach replies that he is sure that is good but that he, Shlomo, is not well versed in the new testament.

The interviews you will hear if you tune in to the programs mentioned before will be with Daniel Wise--book/producer--of


Putting on my "reviewers" hat now I can tell you that this past day I went down to this wonderful venue and viewed a show I thought might be interesting but not more than that. There I was, once again, wrong. Not to compare shows but to give you an idea of the quality---think Fiddler on The Roof combined with Al Jolson as the Jazz Singer.

Do you like Gospel Music? I do. Do you like Jewish liturgical music with a beat? I do. This show has it all---let us say Jewish Gospel and also the Nina Simone connection.

Dance. You cannot want more. Talisim used as both, Talisim, Flags, Shawls, Color, you name it.

Is there a fault? Sure. My only problem was ---sitting close--realizing that some of the "male"dancers were women with fake beards--who doubled as the female congregants. They were good but the sad fate of sitting too close is seeing that blemish. You won't notice it after Row J.

The performers were an amazing group of Tony nominated artists and I just want to single out 2 here---even though the entire cast is laudable:

Thursday Farrar who played the part of Nina Simone.. Yes, Shlomo Carlbach was a compatriot of Nina Simone prior to her rise to fame and rose to fame along with her. Ms. Farrar brings a great gospel sound to the show---though a bit miscast in an early scene with "Chassidic" hat.

David Rossmer as Shlomo---you can believe me he does not look like that in the show---look at the top and you have him as Shlomo. Having appeared in many productions, he has also been on Law & Order SVU--and who has not. An industry unto itself.

At this point I just want to add the name of one other performer because, while I cannot mention them all I single her out for her involvement with the works of Eliz. Swados ( my guest on TABLETALK--and how it started years back). That would be Josie Di Guzman (mother) who created the character she portrayed years ago in Swados' RUNAWAYS and now does a brilliant piece of work as Shlomo's mother.

If you can see this show prior to its ending of the limited run on May 9 I believe you will be delighted. Hopefully, a Bway run is planned for late fall.

A few sidelights now regarding some personal observations and---call it an essay. I do hope you speak Yiddish---I will translate the end.


How fortuitous that SHLOMO,THE MUSICAL is being performed just across the street.

The other day I had the pleasure of spending the day with my daughter and grandchildren going to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (more interesting---enough said) after enduring the over 2 hour wait (normal procedure) to view these wonderful historical sites.

My compliments to the Park Service, the Boat operators, and all involved with the operation for their patience and courtesy---that includes the most pleasant security screeners (who really are efficient)you meet prior to embarking for the Statue. WOW---Embarkation. Seems like my embarking for the USA those many moons ago went faster.

So, a few brief thoughts. The statue was, as always, an impressive sight which, now, one cannot really enter anymore. Ellis Island, to me, more interesting with the great renovation and historical presentations offered.

Now a tale of something that has "bugged" me since being there---and which, to some extent, SHLOMO, The Musical addresses. Follow this shortened story:

Ellis Island. 4 PM Film on the history of immigration to the USA. Doors Close
4:10 Knock on the Door to Auditorium
4:12 Pounding on Door
4:15 Viewer of film opens door and in stream some 30 or so Hasidim. Lights go on. Seats grabbed and people stepped on.
4:20 I say--Turn off the lights --the show started 2omin. ago.
4:20 (response) We don't care--we want to see it--its a free country.
4:21: (me) Since I am Jewish you will understand this---"it is free no thanks to you---you are "grob Yidn" and should be ashamed of yourselves".
4:22 I and my family left.

The thought here is twofold---the Ranger Service should not leave the theater unattended --they do a really great job in all other areas. The other thought is that this is exactly the kind of situation that brings about the generalizations that lead to bigotry. Black or White. Jew or Gentile. I am sure, hopefully, that these boorish representations of Hassidism are not the norm.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


As we all know we are living in a different world since September 11, 2001 ---let us forget this 9/11 code word. Slogans relegate things to dustbin of history---Remember The Alamo, 54/40 or fight, Remember the Maine, etc; Say it in its entirety and we will keep in our minds in a more meaningful manner. Which brings me to what this is all about.

So many rules in this nation have changed. One has to question the constitutionality of some and also wonder if, perhaps, we are involved in overkill in others. Here I speak specifically about the visas required of performers to perform in our country---a country that has for some time believed in cultural exchanges. Think ping pong if you will. Think ballet, symphony orchestras to N Korea, Russian Folk Dancers, and more if you will.

Today I find that Eric Bogle will not be returning---ever---to tour in this country. He will be doing a farewell tour in Canada since their visa restrictions for known artists are less draconian than ours.

Sort of a symbolical shot---think you not? Below you will find the comments regarding the reasons he will not be returning. Granted, his age is a factor in stopping long tours but, as he says, he had thought this year would have been his farewell U S Tour---turns out it was the last one.

Basically, no longer can his agent request and receive a visa for him. He now needs an attorney and many other expenses and no guarantee the visa will be approved. Canada does not have this stricture so his farewell tour of Canada is not cancelled. You can read his comments below.

My thoughts go to wondering how many artists will we be deprived of seeing and hearing because they cannot and, frankly, should not have to go to the expense and red tape to come to this country. Illegal immigration seems an easier thing to pursue than legitimate performers going through the visa process due to the Xenophobia that this administration has foisted on the public. The results are, of course, a return to the insularity and closing of cultural interchange that has benefited all sides for many years.

Please read Eric Bogle's own comments on the subject from his web-site ---but an excerpt is below:

I’ve received quite a few e-mails from folks in the USA asking me when I’ll be touring there again. Well, unfortunately, the answer is probably never. And not because I don’t want to, I hasten to add. I’ve enjoyed every tour I’ve ever done there. But changes by the INS service in America have made it extremely difficult and expensive for musicians at my level to obtain a work visa. Previously my agent in America could apply for a visa on my behalf, and to date the visa was always granted. Now, however, to obtain a visa I have to go through a visa attorney or a visa processing firm, my agent can’t apply on my behalf any longer. This option is very expensive, and with no guarantee that a visa would be granted. Also, the U.S. Congress has slashed the number of H1 visas to be issued every year, and now unless you apply well over a year in advance of any proposed tours, your chances are virtually nil. It’s all too hard now, too much hassle, so that’s that I’m afraid. I had hoped to do my (probably) farewell tour of the USA this year, but itlooks like I actually did it in 2005. I blame Osama Bin Laden mostly........and George of course.
However, Canada still has reasonable requirements as far as work visas are concerned, so John and I are still heading over there in November/December to do a tour with John McDermott.

So, there you have it. Dubya would have one believe that unless you agree with his policies and directives the, as he says, terrorists win. One has to wonder.

For the history questionnaire now---can anyone name a more damaging president for this nation in all its history? Question two---does brush clearing on a non- working ranch that is a summer home count as being a great outdoors man---or hype as one? Question three---How does one reconcile the thrill of fighting in Iraq (as he has done for his misguided war) with avoiding Viet Nam. Probably best to ask his VP.

On another note now---SUNDAY SIMCHA for April 27. While it is the end of Passover it is also a few days before Yom Hashoah (5/1) We end Passover with some wonderful pieces by Kim/Reggie Harris, Rabbi Johnathon Kligler, Pete Seeger and a cast of---well, not thousands. Then---you do not want to miss this---a a 13 minute description of Buchenwald by, arguably, the greatest news-person of this or any century---EDWARD R. MURROW in a rare recording of this sad and yet so poignantly described event.

Where else but on WFDU will you find this kind of material?

And so we leave this commentary with a shot of the lady who used to welcome people here---including myself.

Perhaps that time will return once we all find a mature way of dealing with each other---which many writers, singers, artists, and dramatists try to tell us about. It was easier for them to communicate these sentiments prior to the insularity that this administration has foisted on us in the name of national security---a national security they have put in jeopardy with the misguided (to put it kindly) policies of the past 8 years---with Iraq at the top of the list.


Usually you will find this on the PLAYLISTS PAGE. Due to a technical glitch the playlist is here for this day.

Any comments, queries, requests, and general kvetching please e mail

Today's program was our Passover Program to a great extent.

In the putting a face with the voice department:



A Redl & A Volich (Theme)
Margot Leverett & The Klezmer Mtn. Boys

Seasons of Joy

Adir Hu
Seasons of Joy

Las Cuatro Preguntas
Herencia Judia

Ma Nishtanah
Reggae Passover

Ma Nishtanah
Seasons of Joy

Ma Nishtanah
Jewish Israeli Holiday Songs

Reggae Passover

Herencia Judia

Seasons of Joy

Narration/Chad Gad Ya
Seasons of Joy

Simcha Rabba
Jewish Isaeli Folk Songs

Betseit Yisroel Mi'Mitzrayim
Jewish Isaeli Folk Songs

Camp Granada Revisited
45 single

The Ballad of Harry Lewis
My Son The Folk Singer

16 Tons
Greatest Shticks

Ofn Veg Shteyt A Boym
Two Faiths One Voice

Los Guisados de Berenjenas
Two Faiths One Voice

Luys Zavart
Two Faiths One Voice

Adir Hu
Two Faiths One Voice

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The thanks have to go to our wonderful performers---MODERN MAN for the, as always, great program they put on at the Orangeburg, NY Library this past Sunday afternoon.

Of all the programs we have offered so far this program was, by far, the best received and, frankly, the warmth flowing between the performers and the audience was palpable.

Seems like the old saw--or song--that says "...the best things in life are free" is correct since the show was free to the attendees. Hell, we did not even have to offer discounts at that price.

Check the videos on this page and also on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER to get a small feel of what their program is all about. These videos are not from this concert but from some fans that posted them on You Tube---no privacy left. What a world. And they were supposed to turn off cell phones.

Finally a heads up for TRADITIONS this Sunday (4/20). Besides some wonderful new material that has come in we will be having some themes of interest--from Passover (w/ Kim & Reggie Harris and Rabbi Jonathon Kligler), our story songs revisited in a different way and also a brief tip of the hat (via old 78s) to the Dave Miller Show of the 1950s on WPAT---you know--"the thrills of the hills, the tops in pops, and the best of the west".

SUNDAY SIMCHA will commemorate Passover with you with so many versions of Dayenu that you can truly say---"It would have been enough"---or is it "Enough Already"