Monday, May 12, 2008


Those of you who know my proclivities on TRADITIONS over the years in presenting artists know full well that there are some wonderful new artists that we are priviliged to present. CHeck the right side of the screen to see an example.

You also know that this page was intended for thoughts on programming, items of interest in the radio programs I host, and some personal things that you might find interesting. I hope you find KATE WOLF as meaningful and as interesting as I do. You will recall that a number of years back I had the delight of having her children as my guests on the program to talk of her life and her work. You will further recall my sentimental attachment to NINA GERBER and her music about Kate's Guitar (Song Title).

Let us now enjoy a few musical moments with the wonderful and sentimental voice of KATE WOLF and Nina Gerber thanks to the wonderful age we now live in---that, sadly, she is no longer a part of. I also know that she is one of the most requested artists on the TRADITIONS program.

This is from a 1985 Austin City Limits Program and posted on You Tube by another caring person for the late great Kate Wolf.

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Dave Rapp said...

Hello Bill,
On your Father's day show, you said nobody answered "Paul Shaffer" on the Joe & Paul quiz. That tells me that somehow you didn't receive the 2 emails I sent on June 8th (not via this blog spot, but directly to you). So I thought I'd re-send both of them now...

Post Script to earlier email (below):

Oy, of course. Richard Belzer. Aka (to other stand-up comics, at least), as "The Belz." No, not the shetel-eh of the same name -- just "The Belz". But now that I think on it -- did his forebears come from there, and so possibly took the town's name? Then how about a series called "SBPD Blue...& White"?

Dave Rapp
thanks for playing such good stuff.)

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Dear Bill Hahn
They were Paul Schaefer of the Letterman show, and the guy with the tinted glasses who plays a detective on that cop show. I saw them both do it a few years ago on the latter's HBO Comedy special. (He also did a shtick about Bob Dylan's Bar Mitzvah haftorah. There's probably a dvd.

PS Triumph the Insult Dog is Robert Smigel

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